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  1. Ngl this kinda turns me on in a weird, non-kosher sort of way
  2. The real question is who paid for this shitpost? 🤔
  3. Just clarifying this more. Bots werent used to snipe directly. They just track a person's military levels and when they bought a nuke, a bot would message a channel with a link. People were just so fast at clicking the link and spying away the nuke that the person who bought it would go to the war screen immediately afterwards and realize the nuke is not there.
  4. I can't fully explain how much this image disturbs me >_<
  5. This alliance makes me wish SAO was real (sans the fact that they were stuck in the virtual world for two years of course). Good luck to you!
  6. "Draw me like one of your French guinea pigs"
  7. Question: Do you think for yourself or does NPO do all the thinking for you? I await NPO's response.
  8. Congrats @Saxplayer. Make The Horde saxy again!
  9. Yes Yes Edit: thoroughly disappointed that it joined the two posts together
  10. Now that you mention it, they'd be strong enough to protect t$. You could complete the circuit by creating a visually pleasing loop of protection.
  11. Peace on a friday night? No better reason needed to drink the troubles of war away. Congrats to all and let the rebuilding commence!
  12. Can you narrow it down? There are too many options to choose from.
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