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Atlas DoE and DoW

Guest Epi

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Epi, I'm quite surprised by your decision seeing how you haven't even bothered trying to help Acadia right after the war started.

And I haven't even mentioned the times when I served under you when you refused to help a protectorate just because you didn't want to spend a small amount of resources to down-declare.

Hypocritical, I can only say, maybe there's a reason why I, Tushar, Sultan, and Flavee left.

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3 hours ago, Epi said:

On the edge of the Mediterranean, clinging to the Greek coast. City States rose and fell, one stood above the rest in defiance of all gods and men. Fierce in mind and body they fought under their war torn banner proudly letting it’s red and black borders capture the hearts of many, any that opposed them were swiftly defeated granting this proud state the favor of Ares. Challenging Mighty foes and shouting to holy men traveling to the east. They were a warlike people and as such not expected to survive the test of time.

Rising from the ashes bearing a mighty torch to guide the way, another state was born around the same time. They vowed to let the people decide their fate and in doing so grew beyond imagining. Their plight had been seen before and fallen rapidly in other parts of the world, but they were unlike the rest. They had Hope. The Leader of this state was named Dabs and every nation him and his brothers encountered he offered freedom, equality and prosperity. They formed a great alliance of dozens of nation and each nation sent a representative to their great capital to represent their people’s agendas.

Upon a foul morning, Dabs encountered a nation he did not expect, one named upon the lips of the dying, rumored about in ancient volumes. Who cleansed Greece through blood and violence. Epimetheus too encountered someone of which he had heard, a humble man bearing the wishes of many, designing a better world piece by piece. Dabs and Epimetheus did not resort to the usual greetings of either alliance, they did not speak of issues and seek to resolve them, they did not wage war and decide who was the mightier people. Nay, they simply played games and discussed at lengths the interesting happenstance of the world. In time this would unite them.

Upon the hundredth day of their friendship when their two empires loomed across all of greece threatening it’s boundaries to the west and east. They signed an accord, to protect each other and muster any others who may aid them in their goal of world conquest. Men upon the islands for which no name were given stood beside them, men in the north whose rule by the people differed greatly form their own promised they would guard them in times of danger. Together they named themselves the Enclave and through trial and error became mighty.

But as time went on power shifted and they knew not all members of their pact would be safe, Dabs and Epimetheus united upon the idea that they could create an empire to rule all of greece. To expand Democracy, armies and wealth, on the 17th of March 2018 their goals came to fruition and a New Union was born. They proclaimed there creation shall be dubbed Atlas.

Epimetheus as Titan of Afterthought

Dabs as Titan of Forethought  

Dabs and Epimetheus were not fools they knew they would need help to achieve their goals. So they enlisted their greatest generals and dignitaries into the service of their new creation.


Armies must start somewhere and most start with mercenaries however if one doesn’t already have riches this is impossible. In this situation if you wish to form an army you must recruit them. This was Epimetheus’ goal but he needed a man equal to 50 men. On his journey to find an army he stumbled upon a small town at a crossroads. The town seemed to be.. well a ghost town. There were signs of a battle with slash marks on buildings and military equipment stroon about. After seeing movement towards the center of town and the sound of swords clashing Epimetheus rushed to see what was playing out. Once he hit in view he saw who it was. There were three soldiers fighting a berserker from the barbarism to the far north. The only berserker that was in Greece was Dobby and tails of death and despair followed him as he traveled. Not wanting to get involved in the conflict, Epimetheus began to sit but before he could hear the sounds of battle have ended and the three men laid dead before him. The berserker began to walk towards him ready to slay another soldier when something he didn’t expect occur. Epimetheus offered him a job. Dobby laughed and continued to walk towards him weapon drawn and Epi began to walk backwards to get some distance. Moments before Dobby’s blade would meet his throat Epi proposed he join his army were he could slay armies of men and get paid to do so. Dobby paused thought for a moment and placed his sword in his scabbard. Without a word the two began towards the road that lead to the South.

Dobby the Free Elf as Titan of Inner Thought (IA)

Foreign Affairs:

Not long after Dabs began his journey to unite the Greek peninsula under a democratic and peaceful union he stumbled upon a small city state under siege. He noticed the small city was besieged by three larger forces and would surely fall to the larger force soon. Dabs and his compatriots set up camp on the hill overlooking the field of battle and set into camp. They awoke the next morning to a strange sight… it seems the three armies had destroyed each other. Dabs marched his party down to the city and arranged a meeting with the leader of the small city wondering what had occurred. A few hours later he walked into what seemed to be some kind of assembly room with one man sitting in the center. He sat down next to this man they called Samuel and they discussed the events of the past night. According to Samuel’s account he had managed to talk the three armies into attacking one another defusing the threat in one fell blow. Noticing the value of this Dabs asked Samuel if he was willing to join his cause and he agreed unflinchingly.

Samuel Bates as Oracle of Foreign Affairs

Military Affairs:

Epimetheus knew that a good Warrior was only as strong as the warrior behind you. After hearing rumors of a brash but strong warrior ravaging the coast. Seeking this great warrior he tracked him to a small but prosperous merchant city. As Epimetheus entered the city people scattered into their homes surly they knew of his prallious on the battlefield and fled in fear. However he quickly realized there was no garrison which was unusual for a merchant city. As they approach the gates of the fortress protecting the harbor they discovered what had become of the garrison. Somehow the entire garrison was slaughtered by what seemed to be an army of swordsman. As they entered the courtyard they noticed a bony skeleton like figure appeared at the opposite side of the yard. This figure immediately clashed blades with Epimetheus. Impressed by the fact that Epimetheus could block his blow he sheaths his blade and requests to join his forces.

Skeletor as Oracle of Military Affairs

Economic Affairs:

Not long after meeting his new lieutenant Skeletor Epimetheus realizes something. He has too much loot to keep track of he needs some way or someone to watch over it. He heard rumors that there was a traveler to the east going city to city reorganizing there taxes and banking making each city rich beyond belief but for a price. He knew this could be risky due any man would be corrupted by so many riches. He followed the trail of riches and success left by this traveling salesmen. Eventually caught up with him on the island of Crete. He immediately offered riches beyond belief to the man but he responded with two words “not enough”. Confused and angry Epimetheus offered more and more until he had nothing more to offer yet the man still said nothing accept “not enough”. Finally Epimetheus asked him “What is enough?” and he simply responded “excitement”. Epimetheus then offered him the one thing he knew would please him a spot on his council. This was all the man wanted and they began towards the port to head to the mainland. Epimetheus then asked “I never caught your name? What is it?” He responded “Duy”

Duy as Oracle of Economic Affairs


As Dabs’ Union grew so did trade and immigration. With more people living close to one another crime rose steadily. Dabs’ court squabble over solutions and possible causes but nothing was done. Months passed and conditions worsened and organized crime began to form rapidly. With the garrison overwhelmed the people became hopeless. One day the head of a local mob was found dead with a blindfold over his eyes. This happened repeatedly until almost all of the criminal elites were wiped out or sent packing. Then small time criminals started showing up dead wearing a blindfold some even holding what looked like a scale. Even though this unknown killer was targeting criminals he was a killer. Dabs sent his elite guard to search for and capture the unknown vigilante. They eventually discovered the identity of the man to be Zach Horning a local scholar of judicial ethics. Dabs with his personal guard went to Zach’s home and captured him. On his way to the prison he yelled “Look at your city sir look at how it shines with hope once more” and he knew Zach was right. He immediately released him and proclaimed him his Chief Justice of his newly established court.

Zach Horning as Chief Justice

Atlas announces it’s existence to Orbis



Immediately after forming a conflict broke out not too far into the distance. From our vantage point we could see the House of Stark to the North battling The Inquisition alongside such armies as The Knights Templar and Rose hitting their flank while the Templar charge the Black Knights. The Inquisition was under siege with little reinforcements until what seems to be a large calvary unit charged directly into House of Stark. Seeing such a valiant display of comradery we realized that we can not stay neutral in this war. Seeing an opportunity to cease or at least stahl Rose’s charge upon The Black Knights a long time ally. We charged down the hill we stood upon into their legions. For Atlas and our Allies!

Atlas formally declares war on Rose

*Credit: Samuel Bates and Epi helped :P

Bon Voyage Upper Tier, you will be dearly missed - Love Econ ministry

No, no, no need to reply to this but um, how long did it take to come up with this?

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4 hours ago, NewOttomans said:

Hypocritical, I can only say, maybe there's a reason why I, Tushar, Sultan, and Flavee left.

Nah, i left cause i wanted to, nothing related to this. We still talk and you can find me lurking in Atlas server :P

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