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  1. You’re going to need one too.
  2. Says the one who blocked sunset and keeps leaving the server
  3. You made a fool of yourself by shitposting in the public channel, your own AA had to come apologize on your behalf. If anyone deserves an apology it’s Typhon for putting up with you.
  4. Play stupid games win stupid prizes
  5. IQ is now #2 in poor blitzing, congrats to WU for quickly taking her place
  6. Mainstream news sources would be jealous of this fake news
  7. Can't wait until you post the damages Terminal Jest has taken from Who Me's 62 launched nukes
  8. Hi all, my name is Nikoli. I am a member of the Black Knights currently enrolled in the BKU. I hope to meet and talk with the many people that make up the forums. With that being said, I wish all you good fortune! ~Nikoli
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