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  1. As much as I respect you, I'm going to have to tell you to check your math. Reason? You can't have more than 100% chance of anything happening. I don't know what formula you used (By the looks of it, you just simply multiplied the percentage per turn by the number of turns in that length of time), but it's definitely not right. Since you're finding the chance that at least one nuclear meltdown occurs, you could calculate that by subtracting the probability that no meltdown occurs from 100%. How do you calculate the chance that no meltdown occurs over a year? Let's instead simplify it and ask how we calculate the chance that no meltdown occurs over three turns. Given that with 60 NPP, the chance of no meltdown occuring per turn is 99.976%, then the chance of no meltdown occuring over three turns would be 99.928%, or a 0.072% chance of a meltdown occuring over three turns, because .99928 = .99976*.99976*.99976 . Using that idea and given that a year is 4380 turns, and we have 60 NPP, the chance of no meltdown occuring is (.99976)^4380 = 34.952%, or a 65.048% of a meltdown occuring. That's still not good odds, but a long way from a beyond certain chance. That was nerdy, but those misleading numbers are causing hysteria, especially since a nuclear meltdown is planned to remove cities entirely.
  2. So nowadays, the only strat that most alliances come up with when they fight wars involve pummeling air. It can be awesome when you're winning, but it isn't as fun if you end up on the receiving end of a blitz. Yes, there's the possibility of getting ground control, but really doesn't do much if you already lost a majority of planes. You'd still be stuck demilitarizing or doing "hit and decomm" if you didn't want to get your tanks airstriked by enemy planes. If spamming planes is the only good strategy in alliance wars, then politics and war wouldn't be much of a strategy game. To counter this, I propose that we replace the current ground control mechanic with a level system. This level system is somewhat like how you used to have to get 6 ground control victories to beige, but instead of the levels being progress toward victory, the levels would represent how much airfields have been captured. I propose six levels with each level corresponding to the percentage of the "airfields" of your opponent that you control (i.e if you are at level 2 control, this would mean you control 33% of your opponent's airfields, which means your opponent can only use 67% of their airforce). The levels of ground control would be 17%, 33%, 50%, 67%, 83%, and 100%. At the last level of ground control, your opponent can't use airforces against you at all. This would also mean that if your opponent has air superiority, then they lose it. Each immense triumph ground victory would result in an increase in one level of ground control, and if your opponent gets a pyrrhic victory, a moderate success, or an immense triumph while they are under ground control, then you lose one, two, and three levels of ground control respectively. If someone else gets an immense triumph over you, then you would also lose a level of ground control over all your other opponents. Those are the basic mechanics. I also propose additional mechanics that may or may not come with this proposed change: 1. Modify the blitzkrieg policy so that instead of allowing you to deal extra damage (for a limited time), it will instead allow you to gain two levels of ground control instead of one on the first attack you make during a war. The downside would be that during the first attack, tanks will have an additive combat value modifier of -20%. (All you need to do to counter blitzkrieg is to have massive amounts of tanks, just ask the Russians during the Battle of Kursk) 2. In the event you make an attack where after the attack, your opponent no longer has any ground forces (soldiers and tanks), whether this is due to you wiping out their ground force, or them not having ground forces in the first place, then an immense triumph will add three levels of ground control instead of one. I acknowledge that this new mechanic may make ground forces too OP, as airforces are right now, so there could also be a similar system with air superiority.
  3. I don't really count people who didn't really fight as "war deserters". I was going to say AGAINST because we all know how IQ sphere did in Ayyslamic Crusade but it's risky lol.
  4. Welcome the Imperial Guard! An alliance that's totally not a command economy alliance. We’re also founded by not one, not two, not three, but FOUR kebabs. Wonder why KT hasn’t done anything. Oh wait, they’re still getting laid. And... they have a kebab in their alliance. A COMMIE Kebab. Who knew that would be KT. If you haven’t realized that we’re themed after the Imperium of Man, then you must either be a micro runner (i obviously mean ones ran by noobs) or brain dead (or both maybe because they are interchangeable words). Disclaimer: We aren’t in any way associated with the old alliance “Imperium of Man”, they’ve been gone for a while (although I myself knew quite a bit of people who were in that alliance). Emperor: Aurora High Lord: Denia Primarch of Foreign Affairs: Kebab Primarch of Propaganda (recruitment for the basic minds): HaxBaba Primarch of Internal Affairs: Iteo Primarch of Military Affairs: Longsilver High Commander of Foreign Affairs: Agamemnon High Commander of Propaganda: Deadpool (literally all he needs to do is copy and paste ads) High Commander of Internal Affairs: Shadow Auditore High Commander of War: Yami We’re protected by the entirety of IQ, except for that one alliance that always goes “aloha snackbar” (or more famously “ayy lmao”). Nuff said.
  5. I'm pretty sure I've seen him get reported and banned for multis. So yea, this is technically a reroll but he's still a noob.
  6. We do cuz we're efficient at planning. Plus, how would you know who would be in who's range without militarization?
  7. Hmm... I guess an increase of 19k alliance score over the past few weeks means we're planning to attack someone. *cough*cough TKR went up 100k alliance score over the past few weeks.
  8. Haha! You guys are good at making up false excuses to declare war. As you can tell, we weren't prepared for war at all. No matter, let's dance.
  9. TRF calling themselves commies? Ha! NPO and BK with their command economy are the real commies!
  10. You're right, those stats aren't a point for me. But even then, it's better than what any IQ guy could muster.
  11. @Esentia Wow, you did 400 infra damage congrats. Definitely not better than getting 2000 infra shitted by one guy.
  12. Also, don't forget IoM and AO both singlehandedly defeated all of IQ (plus Acadia and OWR). It's no wonder that IQ paid $500 mil to get IoM and AO to leave them alone.
  13. @PheonixYou're the only person in the entire BK that is even following this strat. Look at all of your idiot friends. They actually tried to beige! Heck, one guy even attacked a second time because he was salty. Suck it! You're bad!
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