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Joint Declaration of War on Arrgh!

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The alliance known as Arrgh have preyed upon free and orderly alliances for too long.  Too long have they pillaged innocent nations from without our protection. They have hounded us without end. Yet n

Since I don't go to that bad place called slack and I was messaged about this only 30 minutes before the war I can only speculate about how this was planned but I think was something like this

Enjoy IQ, TKR

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1 minute ago, Kastor said:

Not a single war by TUE or Cerb lol 


but aight guys o/ have fun.

all these f*@$ers are out of my range ;( send hugs and warm coffee plz

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Just now, Mikey said:

I'm coming back for round two @Verin and @Boki

oh god, mikey coming in to save the day! @Mikeydeclare on me plz so i can fight you

1 minute ago, Alexio15 said:

Well best if luck to Polaris and to Arrgh.

Can't say I am overly shocked by this move from TKR. Seems like the true reason for dropping all your allies is slowly coming to the light. I hope you enjoy your place where it seems you always end up at NPO's feet. I'm just curious if it was worth throwing away everything you held dear? 

Oh well have fun.

i think you need to learn what the definition of game is, and maybe get a little less salty about it thanks

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Just now, Buorhann said:


Polaris, TUE, and Cerberus needed TKR to join up with them against Arrgh?


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