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  1. I would say that this has been a long time coming. Happy hunting
  2. Baseball is played in Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, and all across the Americas. The national game of Finland is Pes├Ąpallo which is a more condensed version of the game with an extra base. Baseball was even an Olympic sport until 2012 when it was deemed "too American" even though the US only won a single gold medal and two bronzes. Cuba won 3 golds while it was an Olympic sport. Sheepy went with baseball because the stats are easy to code. Each inning and frame have relatively easy algorithms to determine outcomes. A single pitcher vs a series of batters every inning wit
  3. I'm glad to see you were willing to adjust the new implementation. I had no qualms about you changing the system, but am glad you have decided to change it in a manner that was not hurting our sphere. Many are very quick to knee jerk to anything changes you make, but overall I think that you have been moving the game in more or less the right direction.
  4. This was actually very courteous and in good faith. Glad to see this go over well and not turn into a giant fiasco.
  5. You mean the bombing that the Democrats raised over $13000 to help repair damages?http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/301270-dems-launch-campaign-to-raise-money-for-firebombed-gop-office
  6. And thay is what makes the announcement so surprising
  7. I imagine Placentica with the way that all his allies are still allies
  8. Holy shit this was more Savage than the brutal slaying of Partisan's sneks. tC are the real casualties here.
  9. tbh I had forgotten that R&R had an alliance over here until yesterday. At least you guys are doing something i suppose
  10. Please respect the sovereignty of snakes every where. The Holy Bagels of the Kosher Deli support Exodas on your Holy Snek
  11. This is the day that none of us ever thought would come and yet here it is.
  12. on tanks, I say we keep the price of tanks the same, reduce the total number of tanks you can have, but increase their strength. That makes them cheaper over all and more cost effective.
  13. I can't really blame him on that
  14. I liked War of The 4 Steve's at it is largely non-biased, it's clever, and doesn't sound stupid to say 3 times.
  15. Alright I just bought infra and compared the projected total cost to the actual cost and it was correct. Nice job Alex.
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