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  1. MTF bradleys right nut, reporting!
  2. my intro is about 5 years late. I've just been nervous you know?
  3. im verin I like anime thighs and writing bots to spy on people. Also we've been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty. This will be our final attempt.
  4. Xaria doesn't like changeup? @Changeup lets put our differences aside and hate xaria together.
  5. For legal reasons you are legally dead
  6. as well? did you just admit to breaking rules?
  7. exactly, no work was put in. Was ,likely all photoshop. Why would somebody put in that much work to make an april fools joke they wouldn't. You could answer the question for yourself if you took a minute to think before speaking.
  8. I propose that we cap alex's suggestions
  9. How exactly have the resource values been determined? Is there some formula that is used
  10. you are an idiot. saying you are not an idiot does not make you not an idiot. God I need to check the forums more often.
  11. rp is for the gay. Ban role playing tbh
  12. Yeah what exactly does that have to do with it not being a real coup
  13. well you've analyzed wrong. The conclusion that has been reached is that you're retarded. The sole reason you're jumping to the conclusion alex is akruyos pet dog is because he has yet to do as you have asked. And he will probably continue to not do as you have asked because you have no authority here and your opinion is worth as little as dog shit.
  14. That statement makes no sense. Clearify? If you're trying to say that the review having been posted before this somehow means that the statement in the review is correct. I must inform you that's not how that works
  15. Them "acknowledging" a connection between them and and there actually being a connection are two completely different things
  16. I'm fairly certain that person leaving the review is someone just like you. They got pissed, demanded action be taken, Alex did the opposite of what they wanted, probably because it was an unreasonable and pointless demand, and then they decided to take to leaving a review claiming Alex was akuryos pet dog. The review is irrelevant as it holds no factual basis. You're only posting it because you for some reason think it's going to serve as evidence that you are in the right
  17. Interesting. I'm fairly certain the apps bad ratings is because it's just a poorly designed embed of the mobile site. Honestly should just get rid of it, perhaps less people like yourself will show up. Ah wouldn't that be peaceful
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