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  1. The bank may be empty but the salt mine out back appears to be doing a roaring trade
  2. You neglected to auction off your destruction, giving it away for free! You know what they say, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free
  3. Ahh but have you considered that if you bid say, 1 billion, that is at least 2 billion in damage? If you bid 2 billion that's 4 billion in damage, which is serious damage!
  4. The stagnation is due to the constraints on sovereign action that bind alliances. Non aggression pacts are one such constraint, but so are blocs and all treaties especially mutual defense treaties. Every time you commit to mutual defense you give up some of your sovereignty, and people with more than two allies basically no longer have control over their foreign policy. The root of this is naturally a combination of cowardice and an aversion to the responsibilities that entail being a fully sovereign alliance. Why do all that thinking about strategy and goals when you can just hitch your wagon to someone else to do that. The problem is when everyone does that, the wagons are hitched in a circle and can no longer move.
  5. Bid to beat currently is a three way tie at 500m
  6. I know very few people actually play this game in any meaningful sense, but just the top 25? I see how it is
  7. War name already decided, forums irrelevant
  8. Arrgh doesn't really have a stake in the broader geopolitics of the war. There are various people on both sides who would prefer we were dead, and there are also various people on both sides who are friends or ex-captains including yourself. Our primary motivation here is to reclaim some of our role as an active player in Orbis politics, and have some fun violence, pillage some loot, pad some stats, and fight with some new and interesting opponents. Fighting on the big side doesn't present many opportunities for either glory or even much in the way of loot.
  9. This is why I do all my banking buried under deserted islands
  10. A man can only consume so many beverages at once
  11. Since time immemorial man has suffered from thirst, and thirst takes on many forms. Thirsty for rum, thirsty for booty, thirsty for blood, it parches your throat. Here at Arrgh!, we are always on the lookout for opportunities, and we are reasonably certain a non-mirage cool drink lies on the horizon, within our grasp! And boy oh boy are we thirsty. In the interests of thirst quenching refreshment, Arrgh declares war on Oasis!
  12. There are plenty of micros out there that are well armed and are rarely successfully raided, and there are top 20 alliances out there that are raided constantly The real issue here is that you want to be able to farm in peace with minimal military and not get raided, and that some other force (your protector, an ally, the anti-piracy police) will fend off the raiders for you. In some eras of Orbis history there have been hegemonic powers strong enough to enforce something like this, but this is not one of those eras. Build military and learn how to fight.
  13. Arrgh is protected by the chaos gods, it cannot be killed
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