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  1. Ogaden

    peace talks

    The thing about war is it's all about the victory conditions. You might think you've beaten somebody, but until they agree with you, you haven't. Some people are plain crazy and will never admit defeat.
  2. You have 2 mutual defence pacts, you no longer have a foreign policy, you are an auxiliary force
  3. My biggest issue with GOONS at the moment is they appear to be mostly Chapo reddit rather than Chapo twitter, and as such must be purged
  4. This is the fifth war system this game has had. They had to get rid of the other four due to Arrgh
  5. This must be what passes for a witty rejoinder in GOONS.
  6. Well in that case we shouldn't be any trouble to deal with, after all how many threads do alliances start about a trash mob? A mere 2, 3, 10 threads? Mister Goonso, you will learn the true meaning of fear.
  7. This too is something I have heard many times from mightier foes. We outlasted them all, and they were all much better than you. Your mere existence here puts you yourself as a nerd of the lowest order, along with everyone else here
  8. Your nations are weak and umworthy, though your words are amusing. I have heard this speech a hundred times from a hundred alliances, alliances full of great warriors rather than the pathetic toadies and cowardly prostitutes who sell themselves for so little. Your pride will become desperation as your bowels turn to water and your allies prove to be useless. No one and nothing can save you from us.
  9. I refuse to accept this as a genuine snek communique as it is not in the form of a Taylor Swift music video
  10. Pantheon exploited their relationship with ts for years to grow to enormous size without ever being capable of defending themselves. Pantheon would not exist without ts.
  11. Ogaden

    War Sides

    The entire concept of sides in a large war is deliberately binary in order to preclude sovereign decision making and to render treasonous self interest
  12. The bait dangled lacks finesse and the cynicism of this move is somewhat obvious, however this will sow deep hatreds and those are always interesting
  13. Ogaden

    So...What Now?

    Who could have guessed being a syndicate protectorate would make you a target rather than safe, or that treaties with both sides would not protect you? If only someone had written about the folly of treaties
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