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  1. Ogaden

    Into the Sunset

    I have bequeathed my vast fortune to Arrgh for this very purpose. I request a pirate funeral
  2. Ogaden

    Into the Sunset

    It's been a fun 10 or so years of playing browser nation sims but it's time to say farewell. I'd like to thank everyone for an amazing time and the amazing community that I've been a part of these years. Arrgh was a dream come true and every last captain in our merry fleet was a joy to raid with. For everyone who's come and gone, it's been an absolute pleasure. There are too many shoutouts to make and I would be here all day so let me just say, you know who you are and it was wonderful.
  3. Ogaden

    Cheaper Nukes

    So what you're saying is nukes should cost as much or more as the infra they destroy? I'm pretty sure that's not the intent. You're essentially arguing that it's more cost effective to be hit with a nuke than to fire them, which is completely insane and validates everything I've written here.
  4. Ogaden

    Cheaper Nukes

    Missiles are about right, in a perfect world they would also be back down to 6 action points rather than 8, and nukes down to 8 rather than 12
  5. Ogaden

    Cheaper Nukes

    Due to the decreased effectiveness of nukes, I would like to recommend a change to the cost of nukes. As they are generally speaking half as effective as they used to be in terms of damage output, I think it would make sense for them to be much cheaper in terms of cost. Currently, nukes cost: $1.75 million, 750 aluminum, 500 gas and 250 uranium Compare this to a missile, which has about a 1/5th of the power of a nuclear weapon: $150,000 100 aluminum, 75 gas, 75 munitions Let's make nukes scale to effectiveness in terms of cost. They are five times as powerful as missiles, so they should be about five times more expensive, leave the uranium amount the same: With this you end up with: $750,000, 500 aluminum, 375 gas, 250 uranium
  6. Ogaden

    Suggestion regarding nuke damage

    I am enjoying how this update deliberately designed to screw us over is ruining everyone else's lives as well Oh schadenfreude you old dear friend, yes please come in and make yourself at home
  7. Ogaden

    Close War Mechanics

    Beiging is good, get that loot, get out of the CN stagger mentality, it's toxic
  8. Isn't this just them constantly building more and more infra for you to blow up? I don't know if this qualifies as either an exploit or particularly smart
  9. Ogaden

    South Africa going full Mugabe

    I agree actually, but this was due to the failure to bring it about. In 1918 and 1919 there were socialist uprisings all throughout the world. France, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, China, Egypt, Poland and more, every country on earth. In all but four countries the establishment suppressed the uprising by force and hundreds of thousands were murdered, except in Germany, Hungary, Iraq and Finland. Russia tried to reach their army to support the protestors, striking workers and revolutionaries but they got bogged down fighting reactionaries and the Entente Powers in Poland, and were not able to make it to Germany in time before the German Rotrepublik was crushed by the Freikorps, then Hungary fell, China's revolutionaries were defeated by the colonial powers, etc. In the end, only Russia remained. When Stalin came to power he was not committed to internationalism or really, socialism all that much. He ended the internationalist policy of world revolution and declared Socialism in One Country, establishing Stalinist doctrine. After World War 2 he did not incorporate any countries into the soviet union and opted instead for buffer states. Stalin in many ways was the last Czar. He cared only about his own power.
  10. Ogaden

    South Africa going full Mugabe

    Is that why the US had to fix the 1996 elections to keep the communist party from winning and reversing all those wonderful reforms that caused the single greatest drop in HDI in human history?
  11. Ogaden

    South Africa going full Mugabe

    Yeah they went from the most backwards state in Europe that had just lost to one third of the German army and the only other state more pathetic than they were (the Ottomans) to a world power that defeated all of a stronger Germany 30 years later. They went from a 20% literacy rate to a 98% literacy rate, atomic weapons and managed to outproduce Germany in the war by all metrics. Now with leftism gone Russia has been reduced to a regional power with a rising infant mortality rate and a GDP about the same as Belgium. Yeah what a disaster leftism has been for Russia
  12. Ogaden

    South Africa going full Mugabe

    Slavery really wasn't that long ago. Hell the Roman Empire really wasn't all that long ago. Things change and technology changes and states come and go, but the humans involved are the same generation after generation. It will take ten thousand years maybe to actually evolve into a more moral creature, but our genes are the same rapist, enslaving caveman that burned down a village a ten thousand years ago just to watch it burn.
  13. Ogaden

    South Africa going full Mugabe

    In percentage terms of human history, how long is the time span between 1918 and today, keeping in mind that people still have trouble adapting to the social changes brought about by the end of feudalism
  14. Ogaden

    South Africa going full Mugabe

    Nationalism is literally tribalism with a veneer of ideology. World War 1 and Kenyans shooting each other over election results are morally and ideologically equivalent, one is just on a much larger scale
  15. Ogaden

    South Africa going full Mugabe

    Nationalism never changes, it's the same shit from the caveman era, where the tribe over the hill is bad because they talk funny

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