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Teutonic Order Government Change

Victor Truchev

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Congratulations to tTO and the new leadership!

Best of luck in the coming months.


And o/ Emmad, enjoy retirement! :D 

"They say the secret to success is being at the right place at the right time. But since you never know when the right time is going to be, I figure the trick is to find the right place and just hang around!"

<Kastor> He left and my [email protected]#$ nation is [email protected]#$ed up. And the Finance guy refuses to help. He just writes his [email protected]#$ plays.

<Kastor> And laughs and shit.

<Kastor> And gives out [email protected]#$ huge loans to Arthur James, that [email protected]#$ bastard.

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good luck tTO :)



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"If we have no choice but to fight, than I'd rather fight for the good guys. I'd rather burn on the side of justice and morals, than greed and gluttony. Justice must be upheld and order must be given to a broken world. Rose must survive because without Rose than evil shall reign. Rose needs warriors, will you aid the empire?"


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o/ Beatrix! Long may you reign!


Have fun Emmad! Try not to get the rest of us in too much trouble with your retirement shenanigans. :P

Former Grosskomtur, FA Minister and Spitler (IA) -Teutonic Order. Former Reclusiarch (IA) - UPN.



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Congrats to all new gov, and best of luck to tTO moving forward :D

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Mans two modes of existence can be thought of as his light and dark side. He is either the Protector or the Ravager. The Immovable Object or the Unstoppable Force.


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Current Government of the Teutonic Order


Victor Truchev - Grosskomtur & Crown of Diplomacy










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:sheepy:  :sheepy:  :sheepy:  :sheepy:               :sheepy:              :sheepy: :sheepy: :sheepy: :sheepy:

Greatkitteh was here.-

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