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  1. Ever heard of karate? I'll hit you with the chop tHE hOt ChOp
  2. I don't think anyone can say that any in that list aren't a positive change, my full support to all those changes @Alex
  3. We here in space appreciate your comment about us being children in special education. Please check the games terms and conditions to review the minimum age allowed to play the game in order to better inform your opinion of us. Additionally, in the 'Chronicals of Bo', it is said that: "He who claims to be inspired is truly the insipid. He claims to sedate is truly the irate. He claims to be small of wang is the greatest wang of all." By stating your opinion of us, you chose to position yourself as a judge of character. This is subtle positioning, putting yourself in a position of authority over we special education children. From this we can infer you are actually someone who indeed feels himself inferior to special education children. Why it is you decided to inform us of this fact is beyond even our greatest minds, but we shall endeavour to please you. Now we shall drop to our knees to please Bo, and you may benefit. In the name of Bo we pray for salvation.
  4. And so the mighty Empire of Bo begins. One by one all shall fall to his might, his devine instinct and ability to shred unicorns. @Critters feed Bo another unicorn in celebration. @Spaceman Thrax ready the wangs. @Black Rook book the hotel room and make sure it's sound proofed. @Maia sharpen your blades. @Bhuto get counting. @Ebeezy git gud playboi look where we @ now u gone be clapped. Thank you.
  5. God is a creator. As I made Ellie, does that make me a God?
  6. I'd just like to show some appreciation that this is really ducking awesome!
  7. Best of luck Guardian, let the 2 way whale hunting to begin!
  8. Novichok from my good [email protected] The 1st - 4th must've been when Les Paul Supreme was busy
  9. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=119128 Leader name: #igger Killer Nation name: The white ethnostate Nation description: "Hey, if you're white come round" Reason for report: I think may be breaking a few rules
  10. You weren't meant to understand that, and my french isn't good enough to reply without using a translator lmao. Assuming you didn't just use a translator you're very good at French
  11. Bonjour mon amis! J'aimerais qu'on soit amis!
  12. This is posted under game suggestions, as much as this would be an amusing game feature, I'm not sure it meets the PEGI 13 ranking Alex aspire to. Sorry to shoot you down like a VDS on your nerfed nukes :|
  13. Super tier fights! Best of luck!!
  14. You attacked us by attacking AO, don't be discourteous when you lose. The rest of your post is fair, but lose the salt
  15. To have a barbecue you need a good rack...
  16. Where's your underpants? Good fight lads, it's the best front we've fought on. Order of the white peace o7
  17. Respect for going out and doing your thing, best of luck
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