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  1. And what are YOU talking about? xD You seem pretty convinced you're gonna hear anything from us in two days. xD
  2. But not you! I can always count on you! <3 Gonna be a good one!
  3. Honestly, I saw the declares coming in and I was sad it was taking so long for my slots to fill. You don't know me!
  4. Awww, and I'm happy we get to trade punches in the meantime too! I miss you, friend!
  5. Any respectable alliance would distance themselves from a negative circumstance such as this. Don't want one foolish member casting an entire alliance in a bad light. Like I said, they can ping me.
  6. Well, it wasn't exactly planned, but I'll take some small victories!
  7. I guess Oblivion gets to deal with that. They can ping me on discord if they want to resolve this.
  8. This is a recognition of hostilities with entities who clearly have no care that they are engaging in warfare. We acknowledge their aggression and meet it with retribution.
  9. To those whom seek to raid the Teutonic Order, you stand to exist in open war with the Teutonic Order. Those who have made their aggression known stand as Roz Wei, Arrgh, AIM, CKD, Oblivion, and Imperium Romanum. We will stand. We will fight. We will overcome. You are a stepping stone to greatness. If you're ready, so am I. Signed, Hochmeister Victor Truchev
  10. tTO looks forward to your future prosperity. o/ Now GROW, you mittensour! GROW!
  11. Oh for the love of all that is DEUS VULT! Just come out with it already! See, Durmij! THIS^ necessitates a response! It did WAY more than that turd at the top of the page!
  12. And all that has happened is a turd being posted on the OWF. Nothing has been achieved here but meaningless screeching.
  13. And if you want it to be productive, as Queen so loudly claimed she wished it to be, perhaps more context and straight speak would do a hell of a lot more. So far I'm bored and unimpressed by the uninspired and manufactured outrage. You're falling flat and it sucks.
  14. You posted a whole bunch of crap to communicate a whole lot of nothing. If you're gonna call someone out, just do it.
  15. But playing by the rules is boring. And all of ^THAT is playing by the rules.
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