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  1. They would get the message after the DoW ofc.
  2. tbf this is sort of well-known stuff since that bk war co-ordination form got leaked. but honestly if t$-npo do join on the dogpiling I will be disappointed.
  3. Bhuto

    Few ideas.

    All are awesome but I doubt if Alex is at all willing to even read it....
  4. Wow really like this new minisphere of bk.... Way to go boys
  5. Bhuto

    Boring game.

    I hate to admit but you are absolutely right......... Like only thing that connecting me with current game is bunch of old friends i like to hangout with..... there has to be some major changes in the gameplay and stuffs..... litreally nothing changed in last what 3-4 years apart from one minor war mechanics shift...... it's nice that we have lots of good FA minded people to make things interesting but I guess its high time that more updates comes our way...... I dont think we are yet in a point of no return for this game but we are approaching it no doubt about that.
  6. If this is true (which I hardly think is) Kudos to bk for trying to shift dynamic of the game twice by making non-conventional moves. Hail Ayyslam
  7. Peace is not worth it Orbis people. We have come here to free you from stupid and meaningless peace and give you monthly rolling ❤️ With love, Over lord of the lunatics Bhuto.
  8. Bhuto


    you are confusing me with someone who actually gives a shit
  9. o/Rose Good luck Vack/Noytal/Reinhard Von Musel ^-^
  10. lmao so you are basically a pet of bk?
  11. sad to see TKR-tcw breakup it was a looong lasting tie but all good things must come to an end ? Also why is this guy log-dumping ?
  12. ah that makes sense that is absolutely false ...... sometimes your perspective makes you think someone is being a troll but just think as an independent persona there was a pretty good reason why some old players had a good support base.
  13. forum always contains some trolls if there are quality posters then no one gives a damn about the trolls imo
  14. Hey, people, some of you know that I came back sometime (3 months) ago and one of the visible change I noticed from the 2016-17 era is that this forum is pretty less active (won't use the word inactive). Although in-game and in discord many alliances seemed to be hyper-active. So any particular reason why? I am particularly missing long Orbis Central threads about in-game politics ? .... Now easily could have asked this to a few old friends but really want everyone's opinion here
  15. Congrats I am sure you guys would make a great partner Annnnnd on a lighter tone.... #Syndisphere_is_back_boiz
  16. I came I read And I understand nothing ..... Nothing makes sense anymore..... /cries alone ??
  17. Goals= Not to have any goals and disband #just_polaris_things
  18. Merge dark brotherhood and GoG #Entente_Forever xD
  19. 1 treaty to rule them all 1 treaty to find them 1 treaty to bring them all And in the darkness bind them
  20. Don't let others discourage you mate create your own alliance and name it GPA and buy protection from other established AA xD On a serious note try out raiding once atleast, then you will ask for alliance that allows to raid anyone ?
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