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  1. *replies without quoting anyone* *no one knows who you are talking about* *mystery maintained*
  2. Thank you! So gracious that we have your permission!
  4. Remembering would require giving a shit, so... no fricking clue. The game got really boring, we basically "won" as Pfeiffer always claims, etc. I guess you could call that a failure on our part to "sustain interest" but I think that's a stretch. Most of those of us who remain are what we call "2 clickers" in Guardian, except for Vanek because he is a legendary machine. 2-clicking is a level of activity far, far below whatever might be required to remember or understand half of what Curu wrote in his post above...
  5. Guess it's been awhile since some of the people proposing these terms have won a war. They better hope they don't lose one again any time soon. At one point we had some friends on the other side of this one, but that is clearly no longer the case.
  6. Good luck Durmij! You can "retire" like some of the rest of us who mostly lurk and just drop in to sometimes chat and tear shit up once a year or so...
  7. I see two problems here: 1) We are consistently smarter than this game, and whenever we prove it, Alex looks for ways to keep people from outsmarting him. This is not a winning strategy long-term. 2) Alpha are the sorest, whiniest losers this game has ever known. Their entire strategy is to lose with lots of fireworks. Virtually every member of Alpha has terrible, terrible kill/death stats. Have they ever actually won a war?
  8. Have to remember tho that Alpha's strategy is to lose and then lob nukes. It's their only play.
  9. Sad to see this. Hopefully Rose is strong enough to make this work, I'm happy to have played a small part in sustaining Rose by sealing the Mensa/Rose alliance and hope that its new incarnation survives to decide that our side is the right side after all ;-P
  10. Good luck guys, appreciate you being reasonable about exit terms and hope you can impart some of that reason to your fellows.
  11. Sorry to see you go, Greatnate. Even though we were rarely on the same side of anything, you always seemed like a cool guy and a bright scientist. Good luck!
  12. Kastor finished? Into a sock, at least for a few more days!
  13. Yep, I had the same opinion. Pretty cool theme.
  14. Looks like Ellio or someone fired about half the Bloc Death government, and then Ellio quit his alliance.
  15. School shootings aren't a new issue. There is lots of training out there for mass shooting / mass casualty events. I'm sure you remember bomb threats from when you were in school - the school reaction was to basically slowly and lazily walk kids out of the building into the adjacent parking lot, wait for a few fire department reps to walk through the school and give the all clear, and then everyone went back to class. The modern protocols to respond to threats are drastically different - electronic lockdown of classrooms (no evacuations), police sweeps through every inch of school buildings, significant training to teachers on how to minimize risk, hardened physical plants (strong doors with puncture resistant and opaque windows, video monitoring equipment, etc.), and so on. Bottom line - smart people have spent decades working on this issue and have developed a deep book of measures to mitigate risk. Don't assume that there are no useful and effective steps that can be taken other than painting a social target on one kid by having him frisked and surveilled indefinitely by police.
  16. I don't know what you're referring to, but OK.
  17. Good call. No one likes a thief. Just ask Kastor.
  18. Need to test whether it refreshes *only* if you view your own page, or also if someone else views it... And if there is some tick, whether turn or otherwise, that refreshes it even if a view hasn't happened after some period of time.
  19. Send me half of it and I will protect you from Rose and Ragnarok.
  20. Have some empathy. A troubled kid who hasn't hurt anyone needs time with a counselor and an intervention in his life circumstances by responsible adults, not a permanent bar from public education starting in grade school. Social isolation and harsh treatment make it more likely, not less, that he will break. As for Sailor Jerry, he should teach his kid to understand signs that one of his classmates might have an acute breakdown, and teach him also how to react in that kind of situation. And instead of urging the school to have the suspended kid followed around by a cop, maybe he should ask the principal to have experts meet with all students to discuss school shootings, how to intervene with troubled children, and what steps teachers and kids can take to be safe.
  21. Farewell and good luck, Restius.
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