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  1. Why poor me? And Brazil still exists, he just goes by a different name and account
  2. Goin out old style bby 8 farms n nothin more.
  3. Meh. I’ve played the game for years, mostly just stick around for old friends. So it was either that or delete my account. Plus I’d rather spend all my money on land and cut my income to zero than have it looted away *shrug* so yep, for my goal it is indeed the optimal city build! o/
  4. “At last, the wheel comes full circle†― Cassandra Clare It's been a fun ride
  5. Jokes on him...I'm not leader anymore Government Hochmeister ~ Beatrix Kiddo Grosskomtur ~ Victor Truchev & Alataq Crowns Crown of War ~ Beatrix Kiddo Crown of Diplomacy ~ Victor Truchev Crown of Commerce ~ JP Morgan Crown of Hospitality ~ Alataq Crown of Academics ~ NickFury Crown of Procurement ~ MrBooty
  6. The Teutonic Order and The Light Federation have merged. Welcome to tTO! Usual merge terms apply; protecting until complete
  7. Emmad

    tTO Acts

    https://politicsandwar.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17969-arrgh-recognition-of-enmity/ Arrgh has apparently decided to include us as enemies. tTO recognizes war with Arrgh o/
  8. Emmad

    tTO Acts

    It's just a bunch of nonsense pics. #TheBraveOne
  9. Emmad

    tTO Acts

    A little salt never hurt.
  10. o/ BK o/ tS tTO declares war on Terminus Est & Roz Wei Edit: Arrgh decided to declare us enemies, tTO recognizes war with Arrgh o/
  11. Aye, love that purple pip bruh.
  12. Happy to see I'm still signing treaties for UPN. "Emmad as Roll TKR"
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