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  1. He was an ex-CoA member for quite some time before he left to join different alliances. He was a great wonderful person. Any conversation there was, he would chime in and talk. I am shocked and saddened to hear about this and my condolences to his family.
  2. I is Purple

    1. Suyash Adhikari

      Suyash Adhikari

      No, you're a Road to... Victory ;) 

    2. Keza Purple

      Keza Purple

      who is that, never heard of him 

  3. drain the swamp

    1. Vali


      you are no even purple

    2. Keza Purple

      Keza Purple

      Friend, I am Purple

  4. brb gonna be putting this as my official war anthem song
  5. And also bring back the war mechanics too back then? Fun times
  6. An Unbelievable ride for you all, enjoy the retirement. I hope the best all of you. So who's going to pay the tab now? Mikey or Squeege Otherwise this will happen below.
  7. RIP Pantheon

  8. npo lite is here at last 

    1. Mayor


      where do I sign up?

    2. Keza Purple

      Keza Purple

      their element is cu :P

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