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  1. k grammar police there is no preview hence the formatting is off lol or it was done on purpose. What happens if you destroy something? It comes a mess right.
  2. About Time to Join the Church We have Free Resources/Free Cities + 5 mil or more giveaways! Click th
  3. more pig gifs incoming in dms 😛, this is just one of them. It was nice knowing you since VE, fun times Hopefully RL all goes well for you.
  4. For the Elephants! And 4 Ellie!
  5. there goes my mentee making moves congrats y'all
  6. Make the Church Great Again!

  7. Oh my my I hope you enjoy retirement, it has come along way man. We will keep the chatter and jamming btw you need to tell Parti his fellow countrymen is better
  8. so @Adrienne jose cuervo or Patron? your choice Also good luck benfro out there, you got this.
  9. I am legend

  10. the Snake has arrived on the Moons, the next step is Mars or is it pluto?
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