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  1. Chapsie

    Too slow...no go...

    This lad, I'm getting news alerts from this forum every day. Just go to the discords, they're brimming with people who will be... very happy to meet you...
  2. Chapsie

    What is P&W listening to?

    The music video for this is W I L D
  3. Chapsie

    The Axis Accord Withdraws

    Huh, you may withdrawal, but the other side may not lmao
  4. Chapsie

    Change of Scenery

    Very much so, it is the apple to my orchard when I awake on a brisk morning, arising to the screen to see these wonderful posts. Gives me life and I will never not rejoice.
  5. Chapsie


    Hey Max, I've always respected your hustle for this game, but we ebb and flow in life and we always need to take a step back to realize what's real. You made/make this game more fleshed out off browser. and your past roleplay events/participation was always a good time. ORB may have closed, but we are all very happy with what you've done and if there's ever a lil something in the future, I'm sure we'll be open for that. Best of luck in life and your career, stay happy; you're not a failure.
  6. Chapsie

    Some Ideas

    If er were to organize an RP that was very much wholesome and had some power struggles going on, but have it be fair at the same time, that'd be great. I agree with the fact that nations shouldn't immediately be plunged into immense power. Almost like each nation needs a backstory, a national dialog, and some real content before being able to move outward. While I enjoy looking at my bubble on a map get bigger, I believe development from within is what should make a nation great before extruding. So if there was some form of way to make it not feel restricting, but also have guidelines on how much interior dialog there is before one can extrude outward would be great. Moreover, Nations that are small should not necessarily be reprimanded by size, should one have high internal development and role play; that'd be awesome. Usually what I see is people just fighting, taking land, disputing constantly without a real personal dialog between the powers and that isn't fun RP, that's entropy. There must be moments like that of course, but I want to see focus on the individual narrative and fleshing out of the personal nations. That's just what I enjoy, and I'm glad you're bringing this conversation up.
  7. Chapsie

    Micro here, a micro there, micro everywhere

    What a dumpster fire. I love micros, they’re cute, and sometimes create good content that is a break from the norm. They try so hard sometimes, but other times they just don’t get orbis dynamics, and that’s all a part of learning. It helps new players engage within the greater orbis communist, and gives them an entryway to play with the rest after they get frustrated of being in a struggling alliance.
  8. Chapsie

    Mission Complete

  9. Chapsie


    WE REALLY OUT HERE, bouta blast outta orbis.
  10. Chapsie

    Baby Bear Pig Here!

    That's because a world war is happening at the moment. The radiation is from all of the nukes going off, and the prices are because none are being produced. The big alliances are selling off their stockpiles to gain liquid assets to probably buy resources when the prices go down after the war and to support rebuild effort programs. Also, welcome to the game! People like you are needed to keep a game like this alive.
  11. Chapsie


    You’re too irrelevant to be making the rules.
  12. Chapsie

    Brave and Beautiful BK

    I work at a casino and I really like these odds. Out of a sample size of 10,000 YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL IIIIIT'S TRUE
  13. Chapsie

    A list of all communist/socialist alliances.

    I feel like I should care more due to my nation theme. But thank you for this information never-the-less, it'll go into the folder marked as "Special milcom."
  14. Chapsie

    New Bloc on the Block

    Wholesome Prefontaine hours

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