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  1. Chapsie

    Water to quench my thirst

    What an underrated thread. Minesome, I've never known ya because I came back like, a month ago, but I'm impressed with your rep change. To keep it relevant: Good luck on your undergrad stuff Alex, we desperately await the water we were starved of.
  2. Chapsie


    Yeah, I had unattended scandalous women running around and they didn't like that. We were marched straight to rebirth.
  3. Chapsie

    Mountainia draining market resources?

    Artificial regulation, I noticed coal was expensive today. Interesting.
  4. Chapsie

    Multi Account

    This guy applied to us and me and @Prezyan noticed a multi in the process. Nothing sus yet. EDIT: the multi disappeared which is interesting. Probs logged in somewhere else.
  5. Chapsie

    it me

    It you! Welcome to Orbis!
  6. Chapsie


    Unfortunately this isn't the forum for suggestions, I'm not mod but I can direct you to: here, where the rest of the shitty suggestions go. In all reality, I'd recommend observing the dynamics of the community a little and getting to know what's really going on with all of that. This idea would decrease the amount of wars in the game which will stagnate politics and ultimately break the game. Although interesting in it's own right, I don't think it would work on the grand scale.
  7. Chapsie

    Problem Solution Chart 2019

    Ahh, I feel the green showing it's true colours again.
  8. Chapsie

    TUE signs KoM as Protectorate .

    It is interesting to see an alliance having 2 protectors, also protecting another alliance, and on top of that, having two treaties with other alliances. Although if what I'm hearing is correct and they are switching, it's nevertheless a situation in and of itself. Either way, good luck on your endeavours folks.
  9. Chapsie


    Has anyone here played much Kenshi? I love me some of that and might theme my nation after it. I’m trying to settle on a name and theme but I think what I got is good for now. Hungry bandits beware.
  10. Chapsie

    Eve Online

    Yeah I made it pretty far in a Corp I was with in null sec, they were a good set of people but then they slowly changed leadership and made more and more bad decisions, and it just turned me off from the game for awhile. Now I’m flying with a bunch of Irishmen and I couldn’t be happier LMAO
  11. ...that I can't apply to join this club. I feel like we should be E X C L U S I V E. That's what Resplendent is all about; that EXCLUSIVITY. Ahh man, you're missing out if you ain't in with the clique.
  12. Chapsie

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    Best of luck folks!
  13. Chapsie

    Should have done this a while ago....

    64 days old and 17 cities, holy shit you're 3 away from me and I've been playing since 2014, albiet I had a period of inactivity. I bid you welcome to orbis!
  14. Chapsie

    The soup kitchen is now closed!

    Neat Neat

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