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  1. I'd like to petition the removal of Deathly Hallows from this agreement unless they either get https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=140977 to withdraw their vote for "all lives matter Black" in the bloc voting, or kick said nation from their alliance.
  2. There should be a hard cap on the amount of beige a nation is allowed to have. Instead of additional losses adding 25 turns on top of a nation's current count, it should bring them back up to 25. No more
  3. You're arguing from emotion, not logic, you're ignoring that the numbers are in favor of our coalition right now and things are only going to get more lopsided as the war goes on.
  4. Television static was a fact of life for decades, until TVs went digital. If it was seizure inducing, dead air on television wouldn't have shown static for as long as it did - the government would've stepped in and regulated it.
  5. Dull Brain: maintaining treaties that ensure you're protected Glowing Brain: building a coalition that fails to protect you Galaxy Brain: Being wardeced by major alliances from both sides of the dial-up at the same time
  6. A lot of us don't use dollars as our currency and a lot of those currencies have their own symbols extant in unicode already, so I don't think it would be unreasonable to show those symbols instead of $ if we take one with its own. For example, my nation uses Vietnamese currency so I'd rather see 500₫ than $500
  7. People have been complaining about planes being overpowered, so perhaps we should boost the strength of Ground Control to 50%. Full disclosure, I'm saying this as someone who's currently being GC'ed, so it would weaken me too if the change went live now.
  8. It'd make it easier to finally force an unconditional surrender in the dial-up war.
  9. Most of my resources come from fighting in the war, my gas and bullets come from the alliance. They take all my oil and turn it into fuel for me to use in the war. I give them all the base resources I loot and most of my aluminum and steel. I've never really needed to care about the market because that supply chain is in place.
  10. There will be no peace until Scarfalot deletes his avatar and admits the webcomic it's from is a pile of shit.
  11. Only because there was nothing else left to bomb. No tanks, no planes, no boats, no money.
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