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  1. I would rather not do that if I were you.
  2. I mean here is my suggestions lol. 10 day war, why you ask.... are you that uncultured TCW party time, why you ask it was a party to me at least compared to the last war lel. TCW emu wars, why emu strong of course Between a Swamp and a Hedge, this legit sums up the war for me.
  3. Okay, dit is voor het eerst in mijn leven in Pnw dat zo iets zo is geschreven. Oh ja and partisan je moest maar een ding doen lummel.
  4. Well, like Despacito 3 i expected it.
  5. Kastor its too early for *69 days later 2* so plz rebuild them infra mate
  6. *only has 99 faces and can't fight no more since most are already taken* So..................
  7. The Commonwealth is an alliance based on strength and growth through unity and friendship and The Dixie Union are a union of nations who pursue the betterment of each other and strive to preserve the culture of the South, while seeking peace through negotiation and strength in unity for their cause. These are the simple things these alliances are seeking and is the main reason for this treaty but also we are good friends. Let's seek Strength through unity. o/ Signed by The Dixie Union President: Damon Vice President: Dark Signed by The Commonwealth Prime Minister: Felkey Minister of State: Julian Rederic Gray Minister of Foreign Affairs: Purplemoon/Yui Minister of Defense: Kalev60
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