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  1. yeah nvm actually ignore what i said
  2. Pick me pick me Im an old pnw player that quit a year ago but am back. Started my own 1 man alliance and chaos is exactly what I intend to bring. A bit shy of the infra requirement at the moment, but will get there very shortly. Also accepting beginner's aid in general if you wanna see fireworks.
  3. Sooo any update on the ETA of the game coming back online?
  4. I agree with Oblige I'm honestly a bit surprised at the people shitting on Sheepy, asking him why he didn't do one of ten things that they have suddenly become 'experts' about even though half of them have never written a line of code in their life. Or hosted a website for that matter. You're looking at a highschool coder living on a boat with limited internet/electricity, that still managed to respond to the VE hack within the hour, take the game offline, and begin working on it till 5AM and managed to get another programmer on board and also move the game to a whole new server to ensure smoother and more secure running in the future. And if you have EVER coded anything or hosted a website you will know what he's done in the past 24 hours is impressive. I don't know about you, but given the circumstances I think that's fairly impressive and I am happy to have someone like SHeepy run this game.
  5. Sheepy I am not questioning your living habits but why not live in a motel for a day or two why are you on a boat
  6. In addition to giving you back an impossibly attained 3 cities in 5 days, you should also be asked to be refunded your $1,000,000,000 that I'm sure you lost too. I'm sure Sheepy will understand.
  7. Thank u greatnate, i knew there had to be another way on
  8. Sheepy i know the game has to be locked down, but can you make IRC chat work?
  9. 5 of my active wars expired now my stupid alliance members are gonna steal my targets Omg
  10. Maybe this isn't a glitch. Introducing the new game feature: Daylights savings, orbis style!
  11. Yes it seems like all wars have been sped up by like 2-3 days in the course of 10 minutes.
  12. i don't agree with that. After seeing this nuke happy war, where over 100 nukes have been spent so far, i think the last thing we need is more stronger weapons where you can just sit back and click fire without using an army we should be encouraging more tactful battles with conventional armies, not make the battle system a matter of *waiting for action points* *click shoot* *wait for more action points* *shoot again* repeat...
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