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    A Valid CB ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preamble We, the Undersigned, henceforth known as Chaos (Bloc), declare our intent to cooperate together in our mission to bring chaos to Orbis. Our ultimate purpose is to make the game fun for our members and to keep things interesting here in Orbis. We aim to be a bloc that does not strive for complete dominance in the game in any sense (tier-wise, economically, militarily, politically, etc.). Ultimate cultural victory is excluded from this rule. We are open to working with different groups and helping out others looking to bring a little extra excitement into Orbis. If you are looking for partners in a war, trying to shake things up yourself, or want to 1v1 one of us, feel free to contact us. Article I: The Actual Treaty All members come together as friends and shall make no hostile act against one another. It is agreed to handle any issues between them in private. Members agree to aid each other in all conflicts in which a fellow member alliance is defending, except in cases where the member alliance declines help, in which case they are kindly requested to stay the #%$& out. This aid includes, but is not limited to, information, military assistance, financial assistance, moral and lumbar support. Article II: The Lunatics The Lunatics is a council consisting of the leader and one senior representative from each member alliance. Their responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of Chaos. Article III: Membership Joining the bloc is invitation only and as such, petitions to join will not be considered. Any alliance invited to join must receive a unanimous vote of confidence from The Lunatics. If the invited alliance accepts, they may not have outside ties other than one protectorate/MDP partner who is also not connected to the treaty web. Any additional outside treaties will be at the discretion of The Lunatics. Should a member alliance wish to temporarily “exit” the bloc for the purpose of things like 1v1 fights, they may do so. Should any member alliance wish to permanently withdraw from the bloc, they may do so at any time with 72 hours notice to The Lunatics. /s/ The Lunatics Ripper (CoS), Vexz’s Puppet Spaceman Thrax (CoS), God’s Detergent Adrienne (SK), Vexz’s Multi Schirminator (SK), Faceless Econ Guy Charlie Traveler (Soup), Mr. Clean Kevanovia (Soup), Soggy Pantaloons Squeegee (TKR), Sad Meat Clover (TKR), Everything Ruiner Opening Initiatives: Making an effort to assist former Nerdsphere alliances against unsporting attacks from political detractors for one month while they sculpt their pectoral topiary Figuring out why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch Couping Niz before she is able to organize an effective resistance Commencing Operation “Greg's Metropolis” and “The Mexican-Canadian Truce” whilst doing a Great Job!
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    tfw NPO and GotG aren't merging into you fast enough....
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    From the gutter we have gathered. Our call reached out across the realms. Through outer space, many kingdoms, and knightly orders, we have traveled the world and tasted all it has to offer. A ragtag band of Hobos on a secondhand train looking for a place to call their home. We made camp one night, weary from the day's travels. A blaze was struck, bowls emerged from bindles, and I started to whip up a favorite soup. As I looked out across the happy faces of the Hobos around me, each of them chatting and laughing with their fellow travelers, my eyes locked with Kev's. In the flicker of the fire, we shared a look that confirmed an immutable truth - we were looking for a place to call our home, but we had been building one the whole time. Soup is Hot on Spotify - J Kell on YouTube - Soup is a place of community and creativity. We have gathered together some truly amazing, like-minded people. Our members run banks, make art, produce music, operate news sources. They are funny, smart, and fun to be around. Some are quiet, some are outgoing, and every one of them brings something unique and exciting to our community. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with and I am honored that they have chosen to come on this journey as we carve out our little piece of Orbis. Soup Discord! - Soup Kitchen Also, it is my pleasure to introduce the latest twist in the treaty web: The Trojan Ultra Thicc 3-pack For that extra inch... of protection. The Trojan Ultra Thicc 3-pack boasts three unique flavors. Grape Kool-Aid, Seventh Heaven Surprise, and Radiant Orange. Three cheers for the Ladle and Spoon! Charlie Traveler
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    Embargoes are an underutilized aspect of P&W, and could become a much impactful area. The solution to this would be to allow alliances to embargo other alliances/individuals. Just as the United States can control if its citizens can trade with Cuba/NK/Iran, alliance leaders should be able to embargo whole other alliances. This would lead to an interesting dynamic and potentially create conflict that could escalate. This would be a new element to trade and create a new political arena with leaders having to balance cutting their own members off from resources, retaliatory trade wars, and the increased tension. This beats the current decentralized nature of embargoes that lacks any real strength.
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    I was at work today and was having a typical day. My coworkers were all laughing at my witty banter and the women could not stop admiring my muscles as I furiously typed away. I was working hard on making sure The Land of Simple was in tip top shape while my boss was not at his desk. But then one of my colleagues politely asked me “What is that war and politics shit I always see you on?” I eloquently replied “Oh haha… It’s uh… like an online game...” “I think I’ve heard of that,” he said. “No you haven’t,” I assured him. My colleague is a fan of strategy games like Civilization so seeing a chance to bring glory to TKR I suggested he check the game out. He then went and looked up “war and politics” and quickly found the site (great job on the SEO Alex). However, when he saw the main page he simply laughed. This was what the front page looks like: He described it as looking like a “Wikipedia-ass game”. Now, while I think this page is this most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, I can understand why some may be hesitant to sign up. Alex, recently you made an April Fools joke about updating the game’s UI. Are there any legitimate plans to do this? I believe if the site looked a little less “Wikipedia-ass gameish” the game would be more attractive to potential players. Just an idea. Yours Forever, Smith
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    KT is actually signing Pantheon. Not the horrid trolling that BK put out just a day or so ago. Announcement from the Great Hippo Khan of Orbis "Hey there, demons Orbis, it's me, ya hippo" There's been a lot of you pestering our leadership in our corner of the treaty web, with rampant speculation over what moves we're making. So we're just going to cut to the chase... ...Knights Templar is awfully bad at this. I'd rank them around BK level of being bad. That's how terrible they've been. When Theodosius is a leader of yours, you know it's going to be bad. Seriously though, we're signing Guardian and Grumpy and they'll be acclimating towards our neck of the woods. Some of you guessed it right, give yourself a pat on the back, and some of you... you folks had some wild speculation going. You folks should know better by now, once you're with us - you're with us. So I won't bore you with the fancy details. (Although @Vanek26 did have some pretty cool treaty titles. Golden Griffins, Shield and Cross Pact, etc. Grumpy just didn't care.) 72 hour cancellation notice at least, if it comes to that. MDP style (We did offer to give them a rainbow treaty setup, but Grumpy men want it simple) Intel clause is actually there. Not some fake shit that some of you folks pull off and sweep under the rug. The True The Vanguard welcomes the members of Guardian and Grumpy into the fold. Do we really need sigs? I just want to get on with this game.
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    First of all I would just like to thank t$ for helping Rose whenever we were down we could never repay you for everything you have done for us. I am glad we were able to be alongside each other these past few months and hope to still keep in touch during Rose’s new path. The main reason we felt this withdrawal by rose was necessary was because we do see the fact that with us being in sphere with ts we contribute to an ill notion that they are not genuine in their intent to make a more multi-polar world. This decision by rose to withdraw was made with a heavy heart only because it knows and has been in these positions before and every time it is difficult for us to choose the idea over the friends we have made. We will continue to encourage alliances to pursue these risky steps to make the game more fun for all of us. Here is to more spheres to come.
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    Dear Orbis, Some of you may not know me, many of you do. I'm one of the crotchety old-timers who wanders the halls of browser based nation-sims. Now that I have removed myself from the political arena and become that which I once hunted (to near extinction), I have time to reflect on the past, the present, and the future. I like writing these long diatribes from time to time, even though I doubt many people actually read them. Anyway, lets get into the meat of things. I've often talked about how it's important for the leaders of alliances to take responsibility for the health of this game. There's a symbiotic relationship between the game staff/creators and the big players. I'll avoid talking about Alex, I've done that enough in the past, but often as players we're to afraid to take risks. Considering my current position in the game you might find that sort of statement hypocritical, however I'd say I've done enough to create game content. Two names that come up a lot when talking about major events in the past are Partisan and Prefontaine. Neither of which are around to create those anymore. There are others past and present, yes. But it's hard to rally major events in the current (and the past year or two) political environment. IQ has a strangle hold on the mid tier. TKR-sphere has an strong grasp on the upper tier. When the rest of the game needs to unite to stand a chance at taking out a tier, that's bad. This last war was an attempt to break that up. I want to lift the curtain on some of what was planned, and how it failed. The premise of the war was two fold in the original plans, to take the long running leaders of the game for a loss and to shake up the political world to allow for the creation of new spheres. The first part was a success, but the second was a failure. The original plan was to end IQ post war. Part of IQ was in on this plan. Partisan was going to take Syndicate and ally to NPO. Syndicate was going to keep Rose or House Stark as an ally and drop the rest. NPO was going to keep BC or Polaris as an ally and drop the rest. During this period CoS and TEst were going to give them post war protection for 2 months to avoid their upper tier getting steam rolled while they established a new sphere and allowed the game to shuffle up. The war dragged on, Partisan left, and thus the plan died. Thus BK/NPO stayed tied. NPO and Syndicate have a ton of treaties (protectorates largely, sure, but lets be honest about how protectorates go here). Had the war ended earlier, the plan still might not have worked, but both sides are at fault for the peace talks. Just because this failed, doesn't mean it wasn't worth trying. I understand feeling like there's too much to risk being a large alliance in making big moves, but this is a game. If you try something and lose, at least you played a hand. You're dealt a new hand soon enough. Lots of times moves come from smaller alliances, support those. Take TGH for example. They have active leadership, experienced fighters, seemingly motivated. We need more of that, and we need more of it in alliances that can make large swings. Imagine what would happen to the political landscape if NPO left BK, allied TGH who teamed up with CoS to then hit someone. IQ's core broken up and possibilities arise. Or TKR/Guardian leave tCW and roll them along side TGH. People often get too held up in the mentality of keeping allies for far too long, or only allying friends. Take a risk. Befriend an enemy to accomplish something together. Then when you're done one of you might backstab the other. These sort of moves MAKE the politics here. Looking at the treaty web and knowing how every war is going to play out is boring. One of the big surprise moves of the last war? CoS declaring on Guardian. TKR-sphere believed CoS would fall on their side of the war if at all. tl;dr Your allies don't have to be your friends only. Your foes don't have to be enemies. Hold your leadership to make things happen, or if you're leadership take a chance. We hold onto political grudges too long. Grudges make the game, but like treaties you should keep the same ones for too long. Back to my cave.
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    Shifty coming in here with dynamic news of the century I don't need long monologues or slippery backroom deals to report on political climate change Shifty just log dumps and bam, the secret is out: This is Shifty bringing you the real news, not some op-Ed.
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    We fight for freedom and for better tomorrow! Thank you for all of you supporting us with fighting with Ripper's tyranny! https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4149 Support us! Send money, guns, munitions, food especially soups! Anything to crush our enemy! https://politicsandwar.com//alliance/id=5424 Time to end Ripper's tyranny! First we will take down all monuments! Then we will go to burn Ripper's palace! Viva La Revolucion!
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    I'm pleased to present everyone with this treaty. I doubt it comes as a surprise to some of you now, but this is something we never would have anticipated two or three years ago.
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    AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, 2019-04-07: SYNDICATE, Inc. (NYSE:SCC) has announced a formal home for subsidiary fund THE ENTERPRISE (AEX:ES) in Amsterdam. Previously dispersed among several world offices, the listing of a second corporate headquarters in Europe for THE ENTERPRISE will provide synergies for further collaboration in the world marketplace. Amsterdam was the winning finalist from a diverse group of candidates; speculation regarding insider trading among certain former executives, and the presence of a lively “entertainment district”, will not be commented on at this time. While results from the direct listing of THE ENTERPRISE onto the AEX have yielded extraordinarily high returns on investment, an initial cost was required to consolidate several distributed offices into one location. In order to fund this consolidation, SYNDICATE, Inc. announced a major divestment in capital for religious organizations. SYNDICATE, Inc. gave formal notice of investment partnership withdrawal with KNIGHTS OF MALTA (MSE:SMOM) with immediate effect. In addition, a seven hundred and twenty hour notice of termination, effective from the time of this post, was given to PANTHEON (NYSE:PAN). While this only leaves one religious organization (CHURCH OF ATOM [NASDAQ:ATOM]) that SYNDICATE, Inc. patronizes for the time being, this current divestment in religious organizations does not reflect an official policy stance moving forward. About SYNDICATE, Inc. SYNDICATE, Inc., based near Nassau, The Bahamas, is the world's leading gasoline, aluminum and munitions distributor for a wide variety of peacekeeping and humanitarian activities. Wholly-owned SYNDICATE, Inc. subsidiary brands include the Elysian League, which designs, markets and distributes tank and missile materials, and Top Gear 2002, which continues to test the limits and boundaries of speed and motion. For more information about SYNDICATE, Inc., and its activities, contact Hilmes, Director of Strategic Planning.
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    Sloths. A slow creature, deemed by many to be lazy. For the longest time people believed that sloths didn't do much of anything their whole lives. The sloths didn't do anything to change their minds of this, except for one sloth. This is the story of a sloth who climbed down from his tree and ventured out into a world of politics. For most of the sloth's life he lived amongst his sloth brethren happy, slow, lazy (maybe). However he was different from them, he looked different, among the other sloths he might've been considered the ugly sloth. He was smaller than them, had a long, unkempt beard, and had an odd fascination with hammers and drawn frames of cartoons. Unlike the other sloths he went by a name, one he made himself. He called himself Smith. Because he was so different from the rest of the sloths he was shunned from their sloth home. While to most sloths banishment from the sloth home meant certain death, it wasn't to Smith. Driven by an insatiable urge to collect all the cels in the world, he did not give up hope. He journeyed throughout Orbis looking for a home for many years. While at this point Smith had done more than any other sloth had done in history, he held on to his lazy roots and chose to make his home in an alliance known as The Knights Radiant, a massive alliance of shiny knights, where Smith knew his pixels would never be harmed. He finally felt at home, but not long after his arrival in TKR the people of Orbis also shunned him for the same reasons fellow sloths had. “They just don't get it” Smith told himself “no one is smart enough to understand the importance of the cels, it's the community that's wrong, not me”. This brought Smith peace, but the disapproval of Orbis still bothered him. Years went by and the community continued to shun Smith, and with more and more reason. He had kidnapped kittens, eaten babies, tried to ruin the reputation of innocent cupcakes, and much much more. But Smith didn't care, surely the community was still wrong, not him. Besides, what did it matter was long as his ever-growing mountain of pixels was safe, and they were...until they weren't! The day of reckoning finally came to TKR, the forces of Orbis had banded together in an effort to finally take down the shiny knights because the sun reflected off their armor and shined in everyone's eyes and nobody liked that. The shiny walls of TKR were attacked relentlessly for months, eventually they began to crack, then crumble. The united forces of Orbis rushed into the alliance, they stomped on the pixels, beat up the knights, and perhaps worst of all, scuffed the armor so it would no longer radiantly good in the sun. Smith narrowly escaped this by abandoning his poor knight allies, hiding safe and sound high up in a tree while his allies struggled to push back the wild Orbis warriors. Smith hid in the highest, shiniest tree that stood in the very center of TKR’s base. As the warriors worked their way through the TKR camps, taking down all the shiny people and their shiny things, they all began to notice the last, largest, most mighty TKR structure. The great TreeKR, the magic tree that grew the pixels for all the knights. From all sides, people swarmed the tree and began to attack it's massive trunk. Slowly they began to chip away at it, it began to shake and tilt and slowly fall. Smith, still on top of the tree, panicked. He didn't know what to do, where to go, so he just held on and hoped for the best. After an hour or so, the tree finally crashed to the ground, and miraculously Smith was unharmed. As the people of orbis stripped the tree of it's golden bark and the grabbed the pixels off it's branches, Smith escaped. He could only think to go back to his sloth family. He worried they would shun him again, but he had nowhere else to turn to. His worries were confirmed, the sloths still didn't like Smith. He was even more different now, an even longer, more unkempt beard, still holding a hammer in one hand and a binder full of cels in the other, and this time he was wearing shiny golden armor given to him by the TKR knights. Before they could banish him again he told them all he had learned. He told them about TKR and the people that came and destroyed the greatest tree in all of Orbis. Smith lied to them saying they were coming to the sloth home next, and all their trees would be chopped down next. Now the sloths cared about what Smith had to say. They asked him what could be done, how could they save their sloth home. Smith didn't know what to do or say to them. He sat for a while and thought, then he came up with an idea. He convinced the sloths to follow him as their leader, and that he would save the sloth home. Smith and the sloths were happy with this coalition of sloths. Many stayed to protect the sloth home, but some left just as Smith had, out into the world to find allies, and they found many. Soon the sloths were no longer just a small group, they were something bigger. A Sloth Empire, united under Smith. They were happy, proud of their alliance and it's leader, most proud of all was Smith. He believed he was doing good, saving the trees, the sloths, the cels. The Empire was not a force of good for long. Smith's sloth mind was not strong enough, and he began to realize his power. He realized his influence and the weight position he held. The leader of the Sloth Empire, an alliance with allies from every sphere in the world. This power corrupted Smith. He began to go back on his criminal ways, thinking of ways to kidnap more cats, slander more cupcakes, steal more cels but this time on a massive scale. He had a world of people backing him, he could do anything...or could he? This is where I come into the story. I was one under him, I was one of the masses, who believed in the Sloth Empire, who had pride in it, it's work and it's leader. I believed we were a force of good, bettering Orbis. But unlike the rest I saw what Smith was becoming, I saw his dastardly plots for what they were, and I wasn’t going to have any of it. I challenged Smith to a fight, and be accepted. Maybe it was because he's just a small sloth, maybe it's because he moves slowly, maybe it's because he was worn down and tired from his heavy gold armor, but I beat him effortlessly. It only took a few clicks to win, in fact. Promoting myself to leader and demoting him to member, just like that the fight was over. I run Sloth Empire now, Smith and his evil ways have been stopped and balance has been restored to the universe. TL:DR Smith's alliance, Smofftopia, is an affront to all of Orbis and I'm couping it to save y'all from slothification.
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    While some people may think this is fake, the real PW players know that this is 100% true. After all, what is a more BK move than signing treaties with the alliances most likley to just give up and merge into them?
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    Since time immemorial there has been one symbol of hope. A symbol of intelligence. A symbol of sex appeal. A symbol of modesty. The Sloth. But in recent times, their power has faded. While once the destroyers of worlds, they are now seen as cuddly pets who typically die while defecating. It is time for that to change. Smith, a sloth with a scowling, withered leather mask of a face, testily complained to another sloth as the pair lounged beneath a verdant canopy. “What do we do about this one?” asked the grumpy mammal. He was gesturing towards a dopey looking sloth named Ameyuri. “She can’t even climb a tree. A sloth that can’t climb trees! We’ll be the laughing stock of the world!” His partner remained silent, giving his friend time to ramble on. “My ancestors conquered nations, brought empires to their knees. This one can’t even climb a tree!” he raged. “You know Ameyuri has a drug problem,” his partner Redarmy replied, winking. “But I agree, the Sloths are not what they once were. Perhaps it is time to change that. Perhaps it is time to collectivize the sloth.” With this mission in mind the two Sloths set off to unite their kind. They travelled to the land of Baked Goods where they recruited the Cat Stealing Cupcake Sloth. To the sticky land of Bondage where they untangled the Shark and Cube Sloths. Even to the orest where they recruited the paper-eating fox sloths. Soon they were a full-fledged legion. Redarmy hung from a branch to address his newly formed army: “Comrades, it is natural for those to fear what they do not understand. To lash out at the unknown and seek to destroy it. Many will see our furry faces and wish us harm. But we will overcome!” https://discord.gg/YBcUTMU join us
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    I did not have sexual relations with that hamster.
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    Am I the only one curious about the dating app idea?
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    Redarmy and Smith knew that there were many who would seek to hurt the newly formed Sloth Empire in their weakened state. So they approached just a couple of groups that they could work with. There was a young woman called Yui living in a land of purple flowers with her human friends and also many animals. She was always keeping an eye out for more animals she could make friends with and invite to visit her home. She had heard that a community of sloths was developing in a nearby place and she thought that their group would be a perfect partnership for her and her companions. She knew that her trusted right hand lady, Ellie the Elephant would be the one to deliver the message to the sloths. She sent Ellie on her way with some homemade cookies for the community and a message asking if they'd like to visit one day and that she'd always be happy to help and would very much like to befriend the group. Ellie arrived at the sloth's home time some time later. At first, they were a bit surprised to see a purple Ellie in their home but after a few minutes, they gave her food and drink and wrote a message back to Yui to say they'd very much like to be friends. And so, a lifelong friendship between Purple Flower Garden and Sloth Empire was born. As the old wise sloth Paul sulked through the rose fields of the empire, he thought about home, where all his sloth friends are. He told his friend and colleague Mhearl he longed for his rightful home in the Sloth Empire. Mhearl, with a look of concern for his dear old friend pleaded with him not to leave, emphasizing that there was a ton of work to do. Paul stood his ground, for he knew it was time. The Sloth Empire beckoned to him. Mhearl admitted defeat, but insisted on offering safe passage to his wise sloth friend. Paul gladly accepted on behalf of his new sloth overlords. Buorhann the Hungry Hippo, Conqueror of Central Asia, was swimming through his mud pool when his hippo snout caught a whiff of strangers on the horizon. Knowing not if they were friends or enemies, he sent his trusted right hand kangaroo Sketchy to scout out the new arrivals. Sketchy sighted the waving flag of the sloth army, and bounded back towards his hippo master to tell him all about their proudly-borne ensign—a sloth farting on a background as green as the forest. Buorhann was curious. He rose out of the mud baths, shaking his green hide to rid himself of the grime, before slowly stomping over to meet the sloths. Their leaders, Redarmy and Smith, met him and his unbearable scent head-on. “We come with a proposal,” the sloths declared. “We want your help, and in exchange you would get all the glory and burn all the pixels you’d ever want.” Buorhann flinched at the last line, ready to correct them and assert his true pixelhugging nature, but Sketchy the ever-ambitious, truth-peddling kangaroo silenced him just in time and shook on the deal. With that, the sloths and the Mongol horde allied together. On Westeros, King Squeegee sat on his throne of leaks as a sloth walked in. “My good king Squeegee, I present a request from Redarmy and Smith of the Slothen Empire for a formal alliance.” Squeegee good-naturedly accepted, with one request. “On the condition that my good friend the cat-stealer, who seems to be traveling with you, be given Smith’s cat.” The sloth squeaked, but seeing as Squeegee’s kingdoms would be a reliable and leak-free friendship, eventually approved of it. In this way, the varied species of the mythical land of Westeros joined the sloths in exchange for the selling out of Smith’s cat to Cuppy. The sloths visited the black hole of memes next, known as Oblivion to the outside world. They knocked on Park’s door first, requesting an audience. After a very curt “frick off, ye wankers,” they made their way to Ockey. The sloth diplomats asked Ockey if he would allow his black hole to assist in their world-changing adventures. He stared at them for a moment, before grumbling out a “sure, now go away before I roll you” and shutting the door. The sloths were confused, but having succeeded in their goal of recruiting the laser-powered cats to their cause, went along their merry way. Smith shivered as he climbed up Mount Olympus. It was unbearably cold, and he was used to the tropical, humid forests of his homeland. Luckily, a dinosaur waddled down the massive mountain to meet him halfway. “RAWR! WHO GOES THERE?” she held up a tiny claw and stared at the frostbitten sloth. Smith straggled forward. “I-- i want,” he breathed in deeply. “I want to ally my sloths to your gods,” he sneezed. The dinosaur squinted at him. “Hrmph,” she scoffed, “only if you promise you won’t coup us, rob our bank, delete our Discord channels, brainwash our government members, weasel in Syndicate spies--” Smith rolled his eyes (as much as he could, given their frozen state) and cut her off, agreeing to not do anything to Pantheon of malicious intent. Ripper, the Space-faring Admiral, watched all of these happenings from outer space as he chugged jug after jug of red kool-aid. As he slammed the last jug down onto his desk, his fellow Man in Space Thrax walked in. “Have you been watching these sloths on the ground? They seem pretty legitimate,” he mused to the former pirate. “Yes, Uncle Thrax. I so very much concur with your impression of these peculiar animals,” replied Ripper in his formal manner. “Open a line of communication with these sloths. I wish to assist them.” So Ripper and Thrax beamed themselves down to Earth, meeting up with Redarmy to secure their mammal-to-alien friendship. Smith had the good luck to be married to the most powerful woman in Orbis, the Radiant Queen of TKR, Adrienne. Adrienne on the other hand, had the very poor luck of being married to Smith. “Adrienne will you please protect my sloth alliance?” Smith pleaded. “Is this another dumb joke Smith?” Adrienne asked. “I swear it’s not. This is definitely a real thing,” Smith replied. “What day are you guys declaring?” she asked. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, lets maybe go over that later. So what do you say?” Smith meekly answered. “Okay, I will but, swear to god if this is another stupid joke…” And with that Smith secured TKR’s protection. ◄♦► With their new allies, the Sloths set out to change the world.
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    NASSAU, The Bahamas, 2019-04-09: SYNDICATE, Inc. (NYSE:SCC), together with the government of The Netherlands, and subsidiary THE ENTERPRISE (AEX:ES), have announced a joint project to promote the Dutch tulip industry among world botanical societies and herbaria. This project seeks to bring exquisite Dutch tulips to gardens and other places around the world, and SYNDICATE, Inc. has been awarded a significant government contract with the Dutch nation for this endeavor. As a term of the contract SYNDICATE, Inc. has been asked to renounce its holdings of all other lawn and garden entities, to exclusively support Tulips as the official company flower. This decision has asked us to amicably part ways with ROSE (ATHEX:RO), in order to fulfill the terms of this contract. While speculation among Dutch citizens about conflicts of interest and monopolies on flower culture ran rampant, SYNDICATE, Inc. did not take the opinions of the common masses into account when making this joint decision. About SYNDICATE, Inc. SYNDICATE, Inc., based near Nassau, The Bahamas, is the world's leading gasoline, aluminum and munitions distributor for a wide variety of peacekeeping and humanitarian activities. Wholly-owned SYNDICATE, Inc. subsidiary brands include the Coalition, a patent and intellectual property office most famous for protecting their abbreviation tC, and Charming Friends, which provides “labor relations services” for companies and people across the world. For more information about SYNDICATE, Inc., and its activities, contact Hilmes, Director of Strategic Planning.
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    A P&W comic by Ripper? This bloc was already worth it.

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