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    An Orbis Chronicle: The Endgame It was a beautiful day in Francoberg, Roqovia’s capital. The public forums were quiet and the waters were stagnant, just as their citizens liked it. At the center was Roquentin’s palatial hamster cage, where the Lords of IQ had gathered to make their ritual offerings of carrots and treaties. At each side of Roquentin’s exercise wheel stood his most loyal advisors: Dio the Dildio and Auctor also known as “Diet Inst”. Roquentin was listening to the complaints of his many subjects who were seeking shelter from the great menace known as Chaos. Among these were NPO’s protectorates such as InfoWars, Goon Squad, and the Black Knights. BK in particular was concerned as they had just finished a massive dogpile against TKR and were caught immediately planning another massive dogpile against TKR. “My lord you must help us contain Chaos”, Leo the Brave and Beautiful leader of BK begged. “They are arguably the 4th, maybe even the 3rd largest sphere in the game and a massive threat to us.” “and why are they fighting you?” Roquentin asked. “Because they found a plan where we said we would fight Chaos and you would hit Keto. I told them it wasn’t true but can you now please hit Keto while we fight Chaos?” Leo answered. “and what were chaos and keto doing before they found this out?” Roq asked. “Uhh… They were fighting each other...” Leo meekly answered. “An obviously fake war! They are fighting each other to give the illusion that they would be willing to fight each other,” Diet Inst said with disgust. “pathetic i agree. as if such empty actions could cause us to stray from the path of dynamism” Roquentin murmured between bites of carrot. “but if we are pinning keto down, are you confident that 4:1 odds will be enough for you to defeat chaos on your own?” the Rodent of Consolidation asked. Leo sweat nervously. “Uhhh we might need some help there too...” he admitted. “Forgive me for speaking Roq, but if we help then everyone will know our split was fake.” Dildio said. “no we will just say the people who suggested our split might be fake these last few weeks forced us to reform,” Roq said. “Didn’t we say that exact same thing about EMC for over a year?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “Also we have logs of them planning to his us!” Diet Inst insisted. “But we only have logs of people wanting to hit IQ,” Dildio said. “exactly,” Roq grinned. “Plus we could just say we have more logs that we can’t share for... reasons,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn’t we say that in Trail of Tiers?” Dildio asked? “uhh…. no,” Roq answered. “We could say it's to kill the whales,” Diet Inst suggested. “Didn't we just use that for Knightfall?” Dildio asked, momentarily bringing the room to silence. “so uh... it is agreed. we will involve ourselves in this war and it will be everybody elses fault,” Roquentin proclaimed. Leo threw himself at Roq’s furry paws and wept in gratitude. As the meeting ended and once he was sure everyone was gone, Roquentin pressed a button that was hidden by a layer of wood pellets. A hologram of a pigeon flickered in and Roq knelt before it. “It begins my apprentice. Soon there will be no stopping us,” the image said. Outside the Stronghold of The Knights Radiant The armies of TKR amassed by their Stronghold’s gates where they were joined by their friends and partners. Among them was CuppyCakeYums the Cat Thief, who was munching on his favorite snack. Waddling next to him was JtTeE the Adored and beside him Manthrax the Sad dragged his feet. Hidden towards the back was Ameyuri the Fox selling her usual illicit goods. As they prepared Queen Adrienne spoke. “Our enemies have reunited. Last time they threw everything they had at us and we proved we would not crumble. Today we turn the tide. Today The Knights Radiant and her friends will beat back the Desolation. Today we fight!”
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    ThE sYnDicAtE aNd iTs AfFiLiaTeS hAvE nO inTeNt To ExPaNd ThEir WaR oN tHe CoALitiOn CuRrEnTLy FigHtiNg ThE bLAcK kNigHtS aNd ThEir ALLieS bEyOnD gUaRdiAn AnD gRuMpY oLD bAsTaRdS.
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    NASSAU, Bahamas, 2019-06-23: SYNDICATE, Inc., (NYSE:SCC), along with our partners in House Stark (NYSE:HSW), are hereby announcing an end into our joint venture in attempting to monopolize the whale oil market. Diminishing returns, stormy weather and an unforeseen iceberg or two have cut into margins drastically. Our investors no longer see the profitability in continuing this whale war, and thus T$ and HS hereby withdraw from this venture effective immediately. A more thorough investigation into the matter will be announced in the coming days. Signed for The Syndicate: Leopold von Habsurg, Chief Operations Officer Utmos, Chief Financial and Security Officer Sisyphus, Strategic Planning Signed For House Stark: Zygon, King in the North Revan, Hand of the King Signed for Guardian: Memph JtTeE Vanek Signed for Grumpy Old Bastards: Sweeeeet Ronny D
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    BK: we want to rebuild our public perception of being a strong military alliance Also BK: call in NPO Edit: it has been called to my attention that TCW said this, not BK Let it be known that BK performed so poorly in this war that I couldn't tell them apart from TCW
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    ThE sYnDicAtE aNd iTs AfFiLiaTeS hAvE nO inTeNt To ExPaNd ThEir WaR oN tHe CoALitiOn CuRrEnTLy FigHtiNg ThE bLAcK kNigHtS aNd ThEir ALLieS bEyOnD gUaRdiAn AnD gRuMpY oLD bAsTaRdS.
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    Hello Orbis, Again Those Fark fellas (upon closer inspection) seem to be mighty fine and as such we decided to forego the courting period and just go ahead and get hitched with a totally platonic-full-old-fashioned MDOAP. If you're reading this, I'm guessing you know what that means and I don't have to list 9 articles that don't mean much. Basically Horsemen help Fark. Fark help Horsemen. Until we have a scandalous falling out and WTF nukes us both. Along with WTF we will now be known as The Blood-Death-Scary-Nefarious-intentioned World-Farking-Horse-Force-men. The above name is still in the beta stage but in the meantime we will just be three separate alliances not hellbent on Orbisian domination. Signed for The Horsemen: Jesus The Ghost of Chris Farley Signed for Fark: Some guy named Chuck 1997 version of Jennifer Anniston
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    Hello Orbis, Marginal-Micro-Former-Meat-Shield-Co-Leader of The Horsemen here. Just a simple announcement (Full Disclosure, I'm 44% drunk) but unfortunately we will be severing all ties with The New Pacific Order, effective immediately. We have always been a loyal bunch but We were lied to, for whatever reason....and I don't even care to investigate the reason..or explain the reason...as even in our dissolution..The Horsemen will do our best to be loyal....even to an alliance that doesn't deserve it. So NPO, best of luck to you. I'm sure you will find the happiness and Orbis Domination you are looking for but as for The Horsemen, we do what we say we will do and we expect the same from our allies. My responsibility to my guys is number 1. Maintaining an alliance with a group that only sees us as a meat-shield cannot continue. I'm keeping this brief. If I continue to type, vitriol and nonsense will come forth. Also, the average attention span of the modern human is 300 words or less. Ok, full, full disclosure..i'm 74% drunk. -The Dude Oh yeah..we withdraw from this nonsense (war).
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    >we did everything we could to avoid this outcome Someone smell bullshit in the air? Well, it's now a target rich environment. (Psst, Roq, when a plan leaks that implicates a cooperation between BK/NPO on hitting the two smaller spheres - you can't exactly go, "We did everything we could to avoid this outcome" after you prove it right)
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    Sorry, posting this all from my phone. Frontier Records has spoken with the forces of Ketog/Chaos, and Frontier Records, along with The Fighting Pacifists, Kazoku, and Code of Honor hereby withdrawal from the ongoing conflict. FR, TFP, Kazoku, and CoH, will remain neutral for the remainder of the conflict. We wish our friends and allies the best of luck, and a speedy end to the conflict.
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    Gonna be hard trying to convince people that IQ ever died or that NPO is not an alliance that just seeks a hegemony at every turn after this. This is your most blatant and likely riskiest attempt at doing this. If it doesn't pay off, I dare say your last.
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    >nebulous wording He said, omitting the details of the greater overall conversation that took place surrounding the decision and my clearly expressed intent to keep the war limited on our part and the effort I put into building a legitimate consensus on the expressed goal: which at the time was a strike at the upper tier consolidation. >tacit approval That implies tacit responsibility. If you had expressed your waffling conviction and conflicts of interest to me before I was committed to the war effort I would've never declared in the first place. I told you straight up it would be suicide if you declared. So don't act like your ass is all chapped now because I wasn't straight with you from the onset. I'm not the one who had to be so nebulous and vague about my goals that I can only refer to my commitment as "tacit approval" to maintain a shred of integrity.
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    This is a just a reminder that you are all playing a game, and that behind each screen is a living, breathing person with feelings. I hope that everyone can be respectful of each other, even when we disagree, and realize that while this is a competitive game, there's no need to take it to a personal level. Be kinder to each other. We can all work together to make a better, friendlier, less toxic community by having compassion and respect for one another.
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    1. Everything there was clearly dated as being before the formation of N$O. The logs clearly reference IQ, which isn't supposed to exist anymore. There was a loose idea that came a month post-Knightfall and a month pre-Orbis Shuffle, not even remotely close to the smoking gun you're trying to paint it as. There was no divvying up of alliances by us like you saw with the BK log and no discussion of it outside then and soon to be allies. In other words, no plan and no coalition building. We were recovering and discussing potential future paths and then IQ split. Given that we're at war with the BK half, guess you're aware of who we saw as the bigger immediate threat in the long run, seeing as they took every opportunity to try and escalate things with us since the end of Knightfall. We had no such qualms with NPO. 2. Chaos was not formed in order to hit NPO. That is what you asked and that is 100% true. Forming alliances and lasting relationships for the sole purpose of attacking someone is, in my opinion, idiotic. When we formed Chaos, the goal was not to hit any specific grouping, and I believe we said as much in our opening statement. Our goal was to embark on a new FA path with people we hadn't been allied to before and that's what we did. 3. Your DoW literally points to recent events from this war, not vague discussions from months ago and other than a random log from an unidentified person, there's no evidence that this was part of our plan. I am happy to show you log after log after log of us being against hitting NPO this war.
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    Gonna have to see some logs or something that we were gonna move fronts and hit NPO considering we actively shot down ideas of hitting NPO several times throughout this war.
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    Wow this thread has been an eye opener. I never realized how problematic my behavior has been. I’d like to first offer an apology to all of orbis for both ruining the game and literally having slaves. KT has informed me only the second is ok, but not both. But I do see this issue here and would like to offer several personal apologies. First, I’d like to apologize to shifty and @Dusty, my current slaves. I know being under BK’s boot has been horrible for your alliances and their growth, and can only imagine the victimization you feel. I’d also like to apologize to @Elijah Mikaelson, @Sval, @Khai Jäger, @KiWilliam, and @Epi. Your slavery goes beyond even the current slaves, as you internalized it. Your Stockholm Syndrome became so advanced you (un)willingly signed BK after. We all know there is zero gains in signing BK, and any free folk would run as far as possible. I will also apologize to @TheNG, @Malal, and @Alexio15. We may not even be signed but regardless I personally make you clean BK’s boots with your tongue daily. Truly disgusting. Finally and most significantly I would like to apologize to @Sir Scarfalot. It is apparent that BK is on his mind so much that we have mentally enslaved him. It is disgusting how my slaver abilities are so effective I can mentally enthrall an enemy during a war. Does my evil have no bounds? I will reiterate how sorry I am for both myself and BK. Going forward I promise to explicitly stick with ruining the game, the slaves can always come later.
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    Regarding the inevitable 'hurr durr you're so salty' posts. First, its an increadibly childish and completely non-contributing response. Even the shitposts and yelling back and forth are more interesting. And I say this as much to people who use it on our side, on yours, and everywhere else online. It's just a really dumb response. That said, there is some real palpable disappointment and frustration here. While many saw it coming, it sucks to be back to the same old IQ vs Non IQ song and dance. We spent years with everyone largely in agreement that the two sphere world (be it the syndisphere vs paracov or later IQ vs EMC then IQ vs everyone) was boring and hurting the game. After finally appearing to make some progress, with multiple relevant spheres, it all comes crashing down. Add in some self directed salt and frustration at actually buying into your claims only to be proven wrong about our hopes, and you get this thread. Call it salty if you will, but people are going to be unhappy that the state of the game has regressed back to this.
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    I've read a ton of spineless disingenuous crap this last week but these 2 paragraphs take the cake, hands down. Welcome back, SyndIQ hegemony.
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    NPO having an awkward conversation with BK and t$
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    Well since @MinesomeMC decided to bring back P&W Balls, in an attempt to earn a profit on it. We here at Arrgh shouldn't let him flex all over us like that, atleast without us gething a piece of the cake. So here is the frist, of hopefully several comics: Comic 1: Arrgh! recruitment poster
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    Oh shut your BS excuses and admit it. I will even spell it out for you "W E L I E D I Q N E V E R D I S B A N D E D" thx

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