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    Guys I discovered the cause of coronavirus. Alex found a meteor in the Black Forest and took it with him At his home he's been experimenting with some liquid that looks like spicy Mtn Dew and performing experiments on small creatures turning them into grotesque, mutated forms. Guys what do we do?
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    Rise of the Toxic Weeb {DoE} A man disguised as a small anime girl rose up from the ground, after 12 hours of slumber. “Havgle,” he said, “Where are we?” The sentient peeled turnip turned around. “We are in the land of Orbis, where online weebs, toxic 30 year olds, and manhwa addicted cheaters thrive.” The man(or girl?) simply nodded. “Well then, it’s time to gather the Ronin.” The Ronin Empire declares its existence. What We Offer: A strong community filled with Juice God(s) and edgy weebs! 50/50 taxes with city/project grants! Amazing city builds drafted by someone who isn’t in the alliance! Cool gov who scream at each other instead of getting things done! A deep desire to get into the top 50! Alliance Link: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=7376 Discord Link: https://discord.gg/Eu4Da99 And before anyone asks, I didnt choose the name
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    Thanks for clarification. As long as you're not in violation of the rules, you're not required to be Verified.
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    What were you doing (or trying to do): I had several alliance-only sale offers for raw resources. I was blockaded as a result of a war, so I expected the offers to be canceled and for the resources for sale to be refunded to me. What happened (describe thoroughly please): The resources for sale were not refunded, and they simply disappeared. The offers are shown as accepted, but the buyer field still shows "Buyer Wanted". Link to page: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/trade/ Any other relevant information: Screenshot: (if available) Trade offers: Current raw resources:
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    Ragnarok should have disbanded and joined BK
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    Hello, I am Ant, well referred to as Ant. After a much needed and long break, I've finally decided to return to P&W and have fun in this game and with the people. Idk if you (who are reading this) know why I left, but I let anger and accusations get the best of. I'm sure I've changed and want to recreate my nation solely to have fun, not to cause any offense to anyone who finds it offensive. Please talk to me, get to know >>ME<< :)
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    Instead of arbitrarily waiting for the community to suggest that city cap on city timers be increased (It was 5 then later moved to 10). We should just have it increase by 1 or so every 6 months. I'd also put it to 12 now tbh. It allows new players who want to attempt to catch up, feel like they have the option to do so. I posted this in another thread but I kinda think this is an overdue decision. The last decision to up the timer was made sometime ago now and 12 is probably on the low side but probably about as high as most the community is willing to swallow.
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    Here's a list of quality of life changes and bug fixes just released: · Changing message sorting to bring unread messages to the top of your inbox after favorited messages · Fixed bug that was causing the Read/Unread message icons to display incorrectly · Added “Number of Cities” to filter criteria on the nation search page · Added “Number of Cities” to the sort criteria on the nation search page · Added “Cities” as a column displayed on the nation search page · Removed “Continent” as a column displayed on the nation search page · Removed “Show Vacation Mode Nations” as a toggleable filter on the nation search page. Not displaying nations in Vacation Mode by default was confusing for some players. · Added a “Vacation Mode for X days” indicator on the nation search page in the “Date Created” column for applicable nations · Added acceptance date for Trades in Status column if the trade has been accepted · Fixed a bug with how trades were being displayed on the “My Trade Offers” page and nation “Trade Activity” display page · When clicking the “Create Offer” button on a trade page, if you have selected a resource the new offer will default to that resource · Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Inbox page · Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Trade page · Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Nation Search page · Added “Previous Page” and “Next Page” buttons to the bottom of the Alliance Search page · Fixed a bug on the Conflicts page
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    After having an 'are you sure' popup added for posting trade offers, can we have a similar popup for purchases? Because the 'buy' button is right below the amount box, it is very easy to accidentally buy the entire offer when using your phone (touchscreens, am I right?). It would be nice to be able to say no if you have an oops moment. It is also nice to see exactly how much the chunk of resources you are buying will cost you.
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    Greetings Orbis! I would like to make a couple quick announcements: First off, I would like to announce that Diomedes has stepped down as leader of Ragnarok. Upon his resignation, he left the game and deleted his nation. We wish Diomedes well in his future endeavors. With that said,I would like to announce the new Ragnarok Government: Leadership: Einherjar: Teutates Emissary: Joe Anderson ROK Government: Aesir of Culture: Tacticus Aesir of Diplomacy: NickSharp Aesir of Tranquility: Teutates (temporary) Aesir of War: Vulc Finally, we would like to thank our allies and protector for their assistance and guidance during this transitional time.
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    Off to a great start as an empire of men who've lost their master. Good luck, my wandering friends!
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    Whilst older players like ourselves had to wait 10 days for every new city right from city 2, we also benefited by being first in the door at a time when there wasn't a massive gap between the older tiers and the newer tiers. What Keeg proposed is just want way of helping to level the playing field and allow newer players to reach the higher tiers in a time frame that won't take years. It helps them and it helps the game in general since it will increase player retention. Probably Tweak the numbers a bit but its a very good proposal and I hope changes like this proposal are implemented into the game.
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    Corona-Chan killed the strong.... the swift.... the brave.... but you had one thing they didn't. Something no one saw... but me. Luck.
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    I see the real >>you<<, the one >>you<< don't share with most >>people<<.
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    Guys, how you all feel now. Bauxite has reached 5 k ppu and it will reach 5.5 ppu soon if alex doesn't takes any steps. You all laughed at my research, now look i was 100% correct.
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    Yeah, needs to be balanced. Currently, you can kill a whole months worth of spies. If you have 60 spies and someone has less, they can kill all your spies in one day. Make the daily spy kill cap per operation the same as the daily buy rate. Which is 2 or 3 with intelligence agency.
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    That is not what he is suggesting. what he is saying is currently people can buy cities 2-10 with no timer, and is suggesting that every 6 months Alex adds an additional city to that list without restriction. So in 6 months, you can now buy cities 2-11 with no timer, then in another 6 months, 2-12 with no timer, and so on...
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    Well we have our result, NPO's Last Time is the name of the war.
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    It's brave to address this on the OWF when you could have just hid and waited for the drama to blow over. Good luck going forward
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    lol, sorry about this. I got a lot of DMs asking me if I'm alright. I'm okay. PnW and other hobbies have been taking up a majority of my time, causing me to neglect some other important areas of my life. I set my VM to a month now, time that I'll use to tend to the things needed. I think this break will be good for me, sorry for doing it so suddenly though. Anyway, raiding y'all later.
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    “A man can have anything if he is willing to sacrifice.” The galactic artillery stuttered to a halt. The Immortal Emperor surveyed his vassal’s home-world. The corpses of both allies and enemies littered the battleground… a successful sacrifice. Feeding off the souls of the fallen, the Immortal Emperor further ascends to godhood. While he basks in his glory, he noticed a single enemy soldier, clad in gleaming silver armor. He stood defiantly, proud and strong. It must be the enemy commander. Rising behind him was his legion, ready to battle for eternity…. Impressed by his worthy adversaries, the Emperor and Crusader acknowledged each other’s battle prowess and came to an agreement…. The Agreement: Rose, Gentlemen’s Gaming & Fisticuffs Union, and Oblivion have achieved peace with Knights Templar. The conflict will end with White Peace. No new declarations will be permitted, but current wars will be allowed to continue until completion.
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    Respect to Rose for coming in. It was fun. Cheers!
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    People who think that tCW switching sides and brining in Farksphere counts as GW15 should be taken out the back and be shot ?‍♂️
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    This is stupid. The entire balance to the current war system is built around the idea that multiple nations can coordinate to effectively tear down multiple other nations, especially larger ones. This completely eliminates that in favour of the types of players who sit their and do nothing. The fact you listed "Re balancing war towards defenders" as a positive speaks volumes of your mindset. If people want the first strike advantage, they should strike first. Its that simple. Aggressors SHOULD be rewarded because otherwise everyone would just sit around lobbing insults at each other trying to get the other to move first. Being first to strike is a HUGE incentive for global wars to start which are a core part of the game. If alliances feel that they have a strategic disadvantage rather than a strategic advantage to striking first, people will strike less overall and we'll hit another period of stagnation. Aggressors are the ones who draw the starting battle lines and decide the time, they don't have as much control over how counters play out as the defender, they more than not are the ones who take the largest PR hit, they have to do MORE coordinating and organisation than the defenders to in order to be successful in an even fight.
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    It's quite the statement that the rest of the game is inactive. Despite NPO's best efforts, we're all still kicking
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