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  1. Now this is a treaty! Congrats to all involved, looking forward to seeing the results of this. 😀
  2. Pack it up, Kastor. The 15 city, low-gov of Weebunism told you you're wrong. Seems pretty convincing to me. 😂
  3. Blood for the Blood God! Happy warring, TKR and friends 🤜 🩸 🤛
  4. Something like this sounds interesting.
  5. I'd think somewhere in the range of 75M-100M at least. This assuming that the answer is that it either gets capped in some way or removed entirely.
  6. A cap of $1M/day makes it just not worth doing. If its going to get capped it should definitely be higher than $1M. Perhaps a monthly cap that makes it still appealing to those with the time but not feeling mandatory to those without the inclination?
  7. If Rose has million number of allies I am one of them. If Rose has ten allies I am one of them. If Rose has no allies, that means I am no more on the earth. If world is against Rose, I am against the world. I love Rose till my last breath.
  8. I am entirely sure you wouldn't know well-adjusted if it slammed you in the face.
  9. Most well-adjusted folk don't feel the need to parade around the fact they're entirely insufferable this blatantly but I guess you're just special. 😆 Hate to see an alliance disband. Good luck to all involved with wherever they end up.
  10. @katashimon13 your time to shine.
  11. Congrats on retirement and congrats to Vemek on the promotion!
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