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    This is Shifty reporting in on this fine Winter morning. Keeping it short as I do have to get ready for work. Polaris is surprise blitzing Arrgh. They’re have a beige Christmas sale and are offering big savings. So come on down and revel in the Christmas spirit with your old mall Santa, Bluebear.
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    I'm not going to read the whole thread, so I just want to say that out-damaging my opponents is fun. I also don't really care if it gets us better terms or not because it's not a means to an end, I'm enjoying this much more than peace time.
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    In honor of Cynic's fall from grace, I produced this parody... And then BK did the honorable thing and returned the BC bank.... So... Now I have it here to present to you... LIL Cynic Presents Issstealit Lyrics See a new bank, Isstealit (ooh!) Hoppin’ out to BK, Issstealit Smashing all that trust, Issstealit Runnin’ up a bad rep with no cares (ALEX) All to BK, All to BK All to BK, bank BK Got a new server, got a new profile And I got a new shill Pull up to BK like "what up, !@#$!" (ooh) Stole millions already was rich And Thanos wanted to suck my dick Cause now I got an Orbis watch on my wrist And these hosts love to talk a lot Pull out of BC before it was hot And I ain’t never worked hard Except lying about my past thats dark Fan on fans on fans (fans), took a private jet to Titan Brah, I know how to avoid fighting Alex my bestie, skyping shows me banks, no lying Cheat in his face, essstealit Everything that Epi done did, I done did it Pockets on swole like I’m al Capone (yeah) Look 800 mill BK just blown(goddamn!)
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    "I do agree that every peoples need their freedom, like for the freedom our state fought against monarchs that were here before, and it should be clear that we won't be giving away any land to you. That land might have been inhabited by Scots but now no one cares who what is, irish, scottish, english, we are all united under the same cause. Now you might think we'd take you and your crew away on a journey to some camps where youd never see a brink of sunlight because of your ambitions and idealistix beliefs. But, nah. We stopped doing that on autocrats and only dealt with nationalists that way. It may seem that we want you gone, you have the right to do so. Not because of the expenses or an international uproar, we just dont see why we should do that on a state that means no harm. Now, the picture is clear. We dont bomb you except with necessary resources to preserve your existence, and that is going very far and the furthest point to which we would go is making some deal on which your people could traverse the northern parts of the Internationale, but there will be no land transferships, as there are no more Scots, nor are there Englanders or Welsh. And it is to stay so, its better that way for everyone."
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    yea well first one to complain walks the plank
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    Polaris hitting the only target they’ve been hitting for years? Lolol sounds like fun for them considering they can’t hit anybody else
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    What is this friendly bullshyt? NOT IN MY TOXIC WASTE DUMP
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    From the desk of Uncle Traveling Matt The Best Nation Ever, Fraggle Rock Still? This nonsense is still going on? I thought I'd get paid, and both sides would stop. Silly Fraggle Me. Well have fun fighting. Send me some cash. Many Hugs, Uncle Traveling Matt
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    thats sound good i hope you woould like too talk about things with us iin th futue
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    There are some worse games and you know it Also worse instances from other worlds hehe. But yeah given that, PnW is quite vanilla (but still bad!)
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    This half assed late topic is the best you can do? Really? *shame* * shame* *shame*
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    I only take BK birthday threads seriously if they're posted by Strum, Yoso, or Shifty.
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    Don't listen to him and prove it!
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    I WILL ATTACK YOU!!! *check his score* Them, I will attack them
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    Will stats ever come back? Update please!
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    That would be one hell of a "party"...
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    In the Egyptian year 5168, El Chach, Pharoah Of The Egyptian Empire decided that relative peace and prosperity in his kingdom wasn't enough. He decided he needed to live among GODS. He knew that in the past gods did fall and live among men. These "gods" were tempted by the sweet scent of delectable delicacies, by the eternity they saw when they gazed into the eyes of the buxom lasses' of the plains of Gilgamesh, and of course by mother earth herself. These "gods" could not resist the temptation that was thrust upon them. They fell from grace and took wives of their own, they came and plowed Mother Earth's fertile lands and planted vineyards. They lived the rest of their lives among men, benefiting everything they touched. Chach had an INGENIOUS plan. He would try to seduce his own gods to live among him. However, when he looked around his realm to find what which to seduce with he found no buxom lasses, no plots of fertile lands and only one SUBWAY sandwich franchise. "At least they still offer the $5 footlong!" He exclaimed! He found what he found to be unsatisfactory. "There must be something in this land worth offering to the gods in exchange for their presence." He remarked. So he called a meeting of his most trusted advisors to inquire about how he should proceed. One by one each advisor echoed the Pharoah's sentiment, they too wanted to live among gods. They wanted to be like GODS! However one brave advisor dared to speak his mind. "Is this even a good idea my eminence?" He humbly asked the Pharaoh. "Yes of course!" The Pharaoh responded. "Don't you fear angering the gods my holy and upright and most compassionate liege?" The advisor replied. "NO! What's the worst that can happen!?" The great dear leader emphatically bellowed. Eventually the council came to a consensus. All they had to offer was all they had themselves. Status. "These gods would surely leave their mighty and grand status above for one even grander and mightier below." They shouted. So they got to work. They read all of the ancient texts and codex and comic books and came to a conclusion. They wanted to invoke the presence of the Nephilim and they had the correct phone number to do so as well. (They had to decipher many hours of the tv show Friends using a key they derived from a copy of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.) The number was 867-5309. The code breaker was so giddy when he finally broke the code he hastily wrote down the number and in his absentmindedness he forgot to double check his work. It came out like this. So instead of contacting the Nephilim they contacted the Chaos Gods and boy were they annoyed. The Gods saw peanuts offered to them and spit them out like a dragon blowing fire. What happened next? Well you all saw what happened next. Upon seeing the error of his own ways Pharaoh El Chapo stepped down and let the land be led by the only advisor who dared speak against him. Empyrea and EE cease hostilities. Good luck to the new gov of EE. P.S. Yes that is our phone number.
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    Nah I'm aiming for the top of most wars lost leaderbard
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    A hamster. Hamsters are false guinea pigs, and it would please His Highness Lord Roquentin for them to be exterminated and Orbis purified by their absence.
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    When the stats aren't online for 6 days now. I promise to sacrifice a small animal to Roq if he updates the stats
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    Thx Epi and El Barto (Assuming Barto isn’t being sarcastic). I knew most ppl wouldn’t care as we are still considered micro and nobody cares until you have power but I figured trying to communicate with the people didn’t hurt.
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    MoG[Corp] Air Force The corporation maintains an unknown aircraft, primarily focused upon air dominance and then the required aircraft to deal with ground forces effectively., as well as deny any hope of regaining air control. orders for multirole aircraft are infinite and sent to storage should a point where a sufficient number was produced ever occurred. Attack: Atlas A-10 Thunderbolt II Bomber: Stealth Bomber: Denel B-2 Spirit Strategic Bomber: Denel B-52 Stratofortress Electronic Warfare: Naval: Denel EA-18G Growler Fighter: Air Superiority: Denel F-22 Raptor Multi-role: Denel F-15SE Silent Eagle Naval: Denel F/A-18 Super Hornet Helicopter: Anti-Submarine: Atlas CH-53K King Stallion Attack: Atlas CH-53K King Stallion Maritime: Anti-Submarine: Denel SH-60 Seahawk Maritime Strike: Denel SH-60 Mercyhawk Rescue: Denel SH-60 Rescuehawk Sea Combat: Denel SH-60 Knighthawk Reconnaissance: Denel OH-1 Sandpiper Transport: Atlas CH-53K King Stallion, Atlas CH-47G Ciskei Utility: Atlas Oryx Multi-role: Mitsubishi F-15SE Silent Eagle Naval: Mitsubishi F/A-18 Super Hornet UAV: Attack: Atlas MQ-9 Reaper Reconnaissance: KawasakiRQ-4 Global Hawk Stealth: Atlas RQ-180 Nachtwacht VTOL: Denel AV-8B Harrier II 32 Support: AWACS: Raytheon Sentinel, E-8 Joint STARS Naval: E-2D Hawkeye Close Air Support: Mitsubishi AC-130U Spookruiter COIN: O-1 Super Gull (upgraded to 5th generation specification avionics packages) Passenger/Cargo: Mitsubishi C-5 Galaxy Naval: Mitsubishi C-2 Inu VIP: VC-25B Refueling: Atlas KC-767 Trainer: Basic Trainer: Atlas T-7 Fighter Trainer: Denel F-15DJ General Trainer: Kawasaki T-4 Explosives/Bombs: Bunker Buster: GBU-28 Cluster: Anti-Armor: CBU-97 Sub-munition: BLU-108 Anti-Electrical: CBU-107 Sub-munition: BLU-114 Anti-Personnel: CBU Sub-munition: BLU-26 Anti-Runway: JP233 Sub-munition: SG-357 cratering bomblets Sub-munition: HB-876 Anti-Structure: CBU-107 Sub-munition: Steel & Tungsten Rods of various sizes Chemical: M43 Sub-munition: J-HB-1 General: CBU-87 Sub-munition: BLU-97/B Incendiary: Mk 77 Sub-munition: 416 L fuel gel mix Leaflet-dispersing: IBU-30 Sub-munition: BLU-97/B Mine-Laying: CBU-89 Sub-munition: 72 antitank mines Sub-munition: 22 antipersonnel mines General Purpose: Anti-Large Structure: Mk. 118 Carpet: Mk. 117 Lightest: Mk 81 Light: Mk 82 Medium: Mk 83 Heavy: Mk 84 Missiles: Air to Air: Short Range: AAM-5 Medium Range: AIM-120D AMRAAM Long Range: AIM-152 Extremely Long Range: R-37 Mis Ridiculously Extreme Long Range: K-100 Duisternis HARM: R-27 Nagashino Air to Surface: Anti-Armor: AGM-114 Hellfire (AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire) Anti-Infantry: AGM-114 (AGM-114R Hellfire II) Anti-Ship: Harpoon Anti-Structure: AGM-154C (AGM-154C) FAEB: GBU-43/B HARM: AGM-88 Anti-Satellite: RIM-161 SM3 Surface to Air: Anti-air: RIM-67 Anti-ballistic: RIM-161 SM3 HARM: Vlieënde vis (Home-on-Jam) MANPADS: FIM-92 Stinger Missile System: Anti-Ballistic: MM-104 Short/Medium Range: THAAD Long Range: S-400 ShÅri Surface to Surface: Anti-armor: Anti-ship: RIM-67 Ballistic Missile: Tactical Ballistic Missile: Theatre Ballistic Missile: Intermediate-range Ballistic Missile: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile: HARM: P-700 Nanbasen (Home-on-Jam) Cruise Missile: Tomahawk Optional recognition for usage against any post modern societies. F-1A Impundulu (CTOL), [Replacing 108 Raptors] F-1B Impundulu (STOVL), [Replacing 108 Land based F/A-18s] F-1C Impundulu (naval), [Replacing my F/A-18s on Carriers.] RF-1A Impundulu (recon)[Non Combat Aircraft] Classified as a multirole aircraft, the Impundulu is a high-performance fighter aircraft capable of engaging in both DFM and ASM. As a result of its sleek design and forward-swept wings, the aircraft has excellent maneuverability which when, combined with high speed and firepower, makes it a very effective aircraft in the hands of a skilled pilot. The ASF-X's airframe is capable of changing its shape and the direction the rudders and wingtips face as the flight speed changes. Furthermore, it is outfitted with a unique tandem twin-engine design, with the lower engine (located further inside the aircraft) being capable of pivoting to provide VTOL capabilities. This engine design provides the fighter with unrivaled stability, allowing it to fly at very low speeds without stalling. In the situation of an engine stall, the Impundulu will act like a glider, as opposed to simply dropping out of the air. The thrust vectoring engine allows it to perform unique counter maneuvers, an example of which is using its lower engine to propel itself above and past a chasing enemy. While the airframe technology was based heavily upon 5th generation designs, the high efficiency turbofan engine with thrust vectoring allowed it to outperform F-22s in both agility and top speed(at altitude, Mach 2.44, and Mach 2.1 Supercruise). Of course, merely outperforming another 5th generation aircraft was not the sole requirement to a 6th generation airframe, Artifical Intelligence systems were a major aspect of the Impundulu, allowing for inhuman reaction speeds during combat situations. PNT and an advanced encryption system allowed for massive wireless transfer of data between aircraft without a concern for enemy pickup. Alongside the Impundulu, the MQ-90 Gaunab was developed, the massive data transfer capability of the Impundulu was designed with the Gaunab in mind, every Shinden II would have the capability to have up to 16 Gaunab slaved to its systems, allowing for a huge jump in the Impundulu's Radar range and combat ability. though currently only armed with a GAU-19/A and several AAMs, a Tactical Laser System was being designed with the UAV in mind, providing MoG[Corp] with a highly mobile missile defense capability, as well as a devastating weapon against enemy aircraft.
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    :Classified: MoG[Corp] has a total of seven different departments of military, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Space Force, Coast Guard, and Cyber Defense. MoG[Corp] Army 600,000 Army 60,000 Central Readiness Force(Rapid Reaction Force) 5,000 Salamander Infantry Regiment(Amphibious warfare Spec Ops) 10,000 1st Airborne Brigade(Paratrooper Spec Ops) 5,000 Special Forces Group  6,300 STARS (Special Tactics Armed Response Service) 45,000 Autonomous Ground Force Military Army Structure: Size of Fireteam: - 2 Soldiers One fire team per squad consists of medic and lieutenant. Size of Squad: - 5 Fireteams - 10 Soldiers Size of Platoon: - 2 Squads - 20 Soldiers Size of Company: - 5 Platoons - 100 Soldiers -50 Mechanized Size of Battalion: - 5 Companies - 500 Soldiers -25 Mechanized Size of Regiment: - 5 Battalions - 2,500 Soldiers - 50 Tanks - 250 Mechanized Size of Brigade: - 2 Regiments - 5,000 Soldiers - 100 Tanks - 40 Artillery - 500 Mechanized Size of Division: - 4 Brigades - 20,000 Soldiers - 500 Tanks - 200 Artillery - 2,000 Mechanized Size of Corps: - 4 Divisions - 80,000 Soldiers - 2,000 Tanks - 800 Artillery - 8,000 Mechanized Size of Field Army: - 2.5 Corps - 200,000 Soldiers - 5,000 Tanks - 2,000 Artillery - 20,000 Mechanized Size of Army Group: - 2 Field Armies - 400,000 Soldiers - 12,000 Tanks - 4,000 Artillery - 40,000 Mechanized MoG[Corp] uses the most modern and cutting edge equipment available to it in order to achieve dominance upon the battlefield. OOC note: this is what I would be using for "modern" equipment, those who RP on a more advanced timeline will be fighting equipment on a more equal footing with their own. MoG[Corp] Ground Forces Equipment: Protection: Body Armour: Level V Dragon Skin Weapons: Anti-Material Rifle: Vektor M107 Assault Rifle: Vektor T91 assault rifle, (OpRec) Vektor G56 Battle Rifle: Vektor M14 EBR Grenade Launcher Attachment: T85 40mm grenade launcher Grenade: Anti-Tank: Type 06 Rifle Grenade Frag: M67 grenade Smoke: M18 Grenade Incendiary: M14 TH3, Model 308-1 Napalm Stun: M84 stun grenade Grenade Launcher: Vektor SuperSix MGL Grenade Launcher, Automatic: Vektor Type 06 SutoraikÄ Knife: varies, personal choice Machine Gun, Light: Milkor MINIMI 5.56mm Machine Gun Machine Gun, General Purpose: M240 machine gun Machine Gun, Heavy: Milkor M2 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun Mine: Anti-Personnel: M18 Claymore mine, M86 Pursuit Deterrent Munition, BLU-92/B anti-personnel mine Anti-Tank: M93 HORNET mine, BLU-91/B anti-tank mine Mortar: M224A1 Mortar, M252A1 Mortar Pistol: Vektor P320 Pistol, Machine: Machine Pistol: Vektor 9mm Machine Pistol, H&K MP7 Rocket Launcher: BGM-71 TOW, FGM-148 Javelin, FGM-172 SRAW, FIM-92 Stinger Shotgun: Sumitomo M590A1, Vektor M1024, Sumitomo AA-12 Sniper Rifle: Sumitomo Tac-50, Vektor XM109, Vektor M107 Sub-machine Gun: Vektor P90, Vektor K7 Tools: MoG[Corp] Military Soldier Kit (Includes mess kit, shovel, gas mask, first aid kit, cleaning kit, poncho, canteen with cup, blanket and personal hygiene items), and Field Telephone. Armoured and Mechanized Vehicles: Armored Car: Denel LAV Amphibious Transport: Denel AAV Armored Personal Carrier: Denel Armored Personnel Carrier Armored Recovery Vehicle: Type 11 Tank Recovery Vehicle (Type 10 body) Armored Vehicle-launched Bridge: Denel AVLB Infantry Fighting Vehicle: Type 89 IFV Main Battle Tank: Type 10 Olifant II, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles: Utility: Komatsu Mamushi JERRV: Komatsu JKTS Mine-clearing: Type 92 Mine Clearance Vehicle Recon ​Komatsu ChÄ«tÄ Recon: Type 87 ARV Tank Destroyer: Mitsubishi Maneuver Combat Vehicle Utility: Landing Craft: Landing Craft Utility: Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck, Toyota Type 73 Medium Truck, Isuzu Type 73 Heavy Truck Light Utility: Komatsu LAV Motorcycle: Kawasaki KLX250 Artillery: Anti-Air: Gun: Sumitomo 35 mm twin cannon Missile System: Type 3 ChÅ«-SAM Self-Propelled: Gun: Type 87 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun Missile System: Type 93 Surface-to-air missile Anti-Tank: Type 87 Chu-MAT Artillery: Field Artillery: FH-70 Towed Howitzer Mortar: Type 96 Heavy mortar (RT 120mm Mortar) Self-Propelled: Anti-Tank: Type 60 106mm Recoilless Gun Artillery Light: Type 99 155 mm self-propelled howitzer Artillery Heavy: M110 howitzer Missile System: Type 75 130 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher, Type 04 Multiple Cradle Launcher Mortar: Type 96 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar MoG[Corp] Navy The corporation maintains as many naval vessels as it can produce in order to ensure the continued security and dominion over Africa and its surrounding waters. MoG[Corp] believes in strength as the only deterrent to the numerous colonial powers that exist upon Orbis. Several dozen naval yards in corporate territory continue to construct numerous types of vessels to further increase the corporations ability to protect its interests and stand equal or superior to rival nation states. Current Inventory (Incomplete) Nelson Mandela class Aircraft Carrier Comoros class Amphibious Assault Ship Buffalo City class Amphibious Transport Dock Stormberg class Cruiser Hugo Biermann class Destroyer Seychelles class Corvette Réunion class Missile Boat Great White class Attack Submarine Elizabeth class SSBN/SSGN Thompson Class Expeditionary Transfer Dock MoG[Corp] operates at least eight carrier groups at sea at any given time, due to the massive swaths of ocean that MoG[Corp] transport ships operate within. Carrier groups usually consist of a single Aircraft Carrier, two cruisers, four destroyers, and eight corvettes, along with four or more attack submarines. 1st Carrier Group Silver Seas(AC) Bitterfontein(CG) Jacobsbaai(CG) Adelaide(DDG) Alice(DDG) Aliwal North(DDG) Balfour(DDG) 2nd Carrier Group Night Sky(AC) Chatsworth(CG) Jakkalsfontein(CG) Berlin(DDG) Bhisho(DDG) Braunschweig(DDG) Burgersdorp(DDG) 3rd Carrier Group High Maintenance(AC) Citrusdal(CG) Kalbaskraal(CG) Cathcart(DDG) Dohne(DDG) Dordrecht(DDG) eMonti(DDG) 4th Carrier Group New Horizons(AC) Clanwilliam(CG) Klawer(CG) Elliot(DDG) Fort Beaufort(DDG) Gonubie(DDG) Haga-Haga(DDG) 5th Carrier Group Dances With Dolphins(AC) Darling(CG) Koekenaap(CG) Hamburg(DDG) Hogsback(DDG) Hofmeyer(DDG) Katberg(DDG) 6th Carrier Group Extasea(AC) Doringbaai(CG) Koringberg(CG) Kei Mouth(DDG) Keiskammahoek(DDG) Kidds Beach(DDG) King William's Town(DDG) 7th Carrier Group Bohemian Princess(AC) Dwarskersbos(CG) Lamberts Bay(CG) Komga(DDG) Mdantsane(DDG) Mhlangeni(DDG) Molteno(DDG) 8th Carrier Group African Queen(AC) Ebenhaeser(CG) Langebaan(CG) Morgan's Bay(DDG) Ngcobo(DDG) Oyster Bay(DDG) Peddie(DDG) 9th Carrier Group Awakening(AAS) Eendekuil(CG) Langebaanweg(CG) Queenstown(DDG) Seymour(DDG) Stutterheim(DDG) Tarkastad(DDG) 10th Carrier Group Miss Behavin'(AAS) Elands Bay(CG) Lutzville(CG) Venterstad(DDG) Whittlesea(DDG) Zwelitsha(DDG) 11th Carrier Group Enlightenment(AAS) Goedverwacht(CG) Moorreesburg(CG) Aberdeen(DDG) Addo(DDG) Alexandria(DDG) Bathurst(DDG) 12th Carrier Group Imagination(AAS) Graafwater(CG) Malmesbury(CG) Bedford(DDG) Cookhouse(DDG) Cradock(DDG) Despatch(DDG) 13th Carrier Group Contingency (AAS) Grotto Bay(CG) Paternoster(CG) Graaff Reinet(DDG) Grahamstown(DDG) Hankey(DDG) Humansdorp(DDG) 14th Carrier Group Latitude Adjustment(AAS) Hopefield(CG) Piketberg(CG) Jeffreys Bay(DDG) Joubertina(DDG) Kareedouw(DDG) Kenton-on-Sea(DDG) 15th Carrier Group Evangelical Hammer 16th Carrier Group The Surveyor 17th Carrier Group Rectify Forthcoming 18th Carrier Group Genuine Contact 19th Carrier Group Designed Discipline 20th Carrier Group Deprived Indulgance 21st Carrier Group Fundamental Prime 22nd Carrier Group Turn Productive 23rd Carrier Group Imposing Admirer 24th Carrier Group Accurate Flare 25th Carrier Group Travelling Eccentric 26th Carrier Group Innate Astonishment 27th Carrier Group Territorial Aim 28th Carrier Group Echo Ubiquitous 29th Carrier Group Approximate Biblical 30th Carrier Group Carefully Unjust 31st Carrier Group Sales Contraction 32nd Carrier Group The Excitement 33rd Carrier Group Solemn Sequence 34th Carrier Group Only Glory 35th Carrier Group Advantageous Glamour 36th Carrier Group Turmoil Perfect

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