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  1. In the Egyptian year 5168, El Chach, Pharoah Of The Egyptian Empire decided that relative peace and prosperity in his kingdom wasn't enough. He decided he needed to live among GODS. He knew that in the past gods did fall and live among men. These "gods" were tempted by the sweet scent of delectable delicacies, by the eternity they saw when they gazed into the eyes of the buxom lasses' of the plains of Gilgamesh, and of course by mother earth herself. These "gods" could not resist the temptation that was thrust upon them. They fell from grace and took wives of their own, they came and plowed Mother Earth's fertile lands and planted vineyards. They lived the rest of their lives among men, benefiting everything they touched. Chach had an INGENIOUS plan. He would try to seduce his own gods to live among him. However, when he looked around his realm to find what which to seduce with he found no buxom lasses, no plots of fertile lands and only one SUBWAY sandwich franchise. "At least they still offer the $5 footlong!" He exclaimed! He found what he found to be unsatisfactory. "There must be something in this land worth offering to the gods in exchange for their presence." He remarked. So he called a meeting of his most trusted advisors to inquire about how he should proceed. One by one each advisor echoed the Pharoah's sentiment, they too wanted to live among gods. They wanted to be like GODS! However one brave advisor dared to speak his mind. "Is this even a good idea my eminence?" He humbly asked the Pharaoh. "Yes of course!" The Pharaoh responded. "Don't you fear angering the gods my holy and upright and most compassionate liege?" The advisor replied. "NO! What's the worst that can happen!?" The great dear leader emphatically bellowed. Eventually the council came to a consensus. All they had to offer was all they had themselves. Status. "These gods would surely leave their mighty and grand status above for one even grander and mightier below." They shouted. So they got to work. They read all of the ancient texts and codex and comic books and came to a conclusion. They wanted to invoke the presence of the Nephilim and they had the correct phone number to do so as well. (They had to decipher many hours of the tv show Friends using a key they derived from a copy of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.) The number was 867-5309. The code breaker was so giddy when he finally broke the code he hastily wrote down the number and in his absentmindedness he forgot to double check his work. It came out like this. So instead of contacting the Nephilim they contacted the Chaos Gods and boy were they annoyed. The Gods saw peanuts offered to them and spit them out like a dragon blowing fire. What happened next? Well you all saw what happened next. Upon seeing the error of his own ways Pharaoh El Chapo stepped down and let the land be led by the only advisor who dared speak against him. Empyrea and EE cease hostilities. Good luck to the new gov of EE. P.S. Yes that is our phone number.
  2. Created from the ashes and destruction of the war, The Advocates are a group of nations focused on bringing peace and prosperity to all of Orbis. Current GovernmentSenior Chief Justice [FA] - PenguinChief Justice [IA] - James XVIChief Justice [Finance] - WulfharthAssociate Justice [Recruitment and Academy] - FilipAssociate Justice [Banking] - VladAdvocate General [War] - IAmEnderOfficer of the Court [Raid Coordinator] - IAmGolemLaw Clerk [Banking]- Solomon SorrdProtected by:AcadiaPantheonRose Discord Channel The Advocates, at your service.
  3. This is spam and should be removed posthaste
  4. https://imgur.com/a/RMspp We are Lard-err-onn and we view The Fighting Pacifists to be living breathing oxymorons. Minus the oxy. Wordplay is confusing for us. Are you pacifists or do you like to fight or are you people who know how to fight but don't like to fight or do you really like to fight but are really pretending to not like to fight to avoid wars? Are you guys the new version of the GPA? I'm not sure about any of this. All I know is that we have headaches every time we see that phrase, "The Fighting Pacifists." We officially declare war on our headaches and the cause of them. You are the disease, we are the cure. Edit: VP is part of it too. They're like a gatorade after a long night of drinking.
  5. Come check out the Weekly Roundup hosted by James. At 5PM Orbis time.
  6. The first show is now online. Go check it out and give us some feedback. Saints-pw.com
  7. Discord is a messaging app. It's basically replaced irc. There are voice channels where people can communicate with each other. Depending on the settings I can make it so that only "hosts" can talk and play audio clips and the rest of the people in the room listen. That is up to the individual host to see if they want to record the show and release it in podcast form or not. It would be easy to do though. The Saints Radio would be "live" and podcasts could be released later.
  8. There were people that were interested in hosting a music hour and I don't see anything wrong with letting them do that in an empty timeslot. Most of the content will be talk show or variety show based. For some people it would be interesting to see what the Orbis community thinks about real life events. As far as the Orbis centered talk shows go it would be a convenient place for people to go to see what the latest news around the world is. I very much appreciate the feedback. It only makes the product better.
  9. Thanks! I hope to have you as a listener.
  10. There's only going to be one station with shows. This one.
  11. Welcome to The Saints Radio Network! This is a radio network hosted by the Third Street Saints. We have great shows and great hosts and great music. We'll have music to fit everyone's musical tastes. We will officially launch on Monday morning PST. Eventually when the following gets bigger we will start to sell sponsorship spots on our shows. We're also looking for anyone that wants to host a show we have many timeslots open. You can find us on our discord channel at https://discord.gg/z4vGdN3. I hope you guys can come out and have a listen. Penguin
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