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  1. Kicking dogs is animal abuse and a very dick move. This is something special, the Templar Syndrome! Brought to you by Dr RebelMan and Dr. Vet. Rimski (apparently cannot make fun of my own name by maming it kinky)
  2. Do u want to tango the mango uwu

  3. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Moving the yello province, i have one more movement Boint, to Corsica
  4. Rimski

    Political Realignment

    The funding for the projects will be accepted as well as the offer to construct a statue in the name of the workers class. The Diplomatic relations are still gonna be shaky but they shall be reestablished, says Jeremy Corbyn, while the answer for the offer of an international organisation to combat fascism and improve the world is denied. The statement of Jeremy Corbyn goes as follows - There shall be an International organisation for that exact purpose one day. But it will be without the USNE.
  5. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    hey, thats my line
  6. I think people should start to acknowledge that humans were meant to be gay. It says it in the title, ho~mo sapiens

    1. San Fortunado

      San Fortunado

      Just a word of advice, coming out for the first time on a gaming forum isn't a good idea.

    2. Itzcoatl


      proud of you babe

  7. Rimski

    The Eastern Question

    Harold Alexander, as the commissar of Foreign Affairs, along with Sgt. Sergey Parastroyka, would arrive at Tokyo International Airport to discuss the issue of the Eastern Question. The Question of the aftermath of the Rokkenjima abandonment. Laws were established already in which the people that desire the communist regime can travel to Internationale teritorries and so can the Japanese that desire the rule of the Japanese Monarch in Internationale land travel to Japan. They would follow the Japanese escort to the designed location for the talks.
  8. Rimski

    The Eastern Question

    "I have said that people claim that are pupeeteering China, whilist we only supply them, since the days of Rokkenjimian aggression we have trained, helped them reorganize and helped evacuate people from critical and risky areas, whilist aiding the people to fulfill their human needs. They think that we are some big bad red wolf that wants global communism. We have tried to make them understand but they deny everything what we say. We can evacuate quickly, but the process of moving the land is tricky and will take longer (cause ya kno game rules), I hope this process goes swell with no accidental firing. I think that you should inform your army of that as military access is granted throughout those lands, whilist you cannot access our plans as they are confidental and I don't think you'd enjoy that happening to you. Now about China again, you should understand that we are going to send not only aid, but also weapons, from basic firearms to artillery and tanks when needed. And sometimes SAS units to support the PLA movement from time to time. I have said that just to put an accent on a part of a sentence, if you overheard it. Next on the agenda to better relations, an exchange of students, we are happy and ready to send over 50 Students of various ages, skills and education to your schools if you desired to do the same. Adding to that, there is already free travel, but I think we should grant and make it public, visa less travel between the two of our states. Furthermore, we'd like to ask you if there is a need in your industry or trade. If you are interested our exports are based around metallurgy, pharmaceutics for humans and animals, agricultural machinery and other vehicles, oil, tobacco and alcohol products, electronics, refined metals, plastic products, laboratory equipment, chemicals for the already said labs, household chemicals, tea, all sorts of meat in a limited number, oil, etc I think that you gentlemen can see the basic premise of it. I think that free trade is beneficial for both of us, we'd like to hear your main exports if you want to condcut a trade agreement. You list your interests and we will list ours. And when it comes to industry, we'd be glad to offer help in any way, as you are a new state founded off the ashes. Not meaning that in a negative sense. And as an ending, we were planning on leaving our, so-called 'colonies' after the progress of elimination of Rokkenjimans is done as well as the development programmes. But I think that you are destined to finish the job after our leave."
  9. Rimski

    Dark Days

    The yacht of the former Marshal of Yugoslavia Josip Broz Tito was purchased by the Internationale many years ago, rebuild and modified. After a few final screws being added, metaphorically, the Galeb [Seagull] - aka The Peace Ship Galeb - will be used for its first voyage after it's make over. The ship shall be used for important and ceremonial visits, this time, Premier Corbyn shall travel to Hamburg and by a personal convoy escorted to Germany to attend the military parade. The USNE shall be informed of the partial increased military presence which will be put at the port of Hamburg to guard the ship and will leave on the boat after the end of the visit, so that they are not alarmed by an increased, even though small, number of soldiers.
  10. Rimski

    The Eastern Question

    The Guard would stand behind Sir Alexander, just like a Royal Queens Guard from the ages before. He'd start to speak - "I assume the government of todays Japan knows what is happening in Asia and what has happened. The filthy manslaughtering Rokkenjimans occupied this land and brought a bad name upon this nation. They have brought death to Eastern Asia with no mercy or moral. Some may accuse of us being amoral as we do the same, but we are the ones that try to prevent with all measures from states and people whom lead Rokkenjima to be able to do such thing, or be able to exist. No man, woman or child wants to be killed by a bayonet, a bullet or any weapon just because they are of a different colour or nationality. Anyhow, one of the measures that had to be taken was an occupation of Japan! To liberate the oppressed people and eliminate the Rokkenjimans whom have stayed here, either left abandoned or to act as a spy for those out of the world beigns. I have come here to tell the message again to the Shogunate that the Internationale is ready to retreat from the Japanese lands. We shall transport those whom want to live under our rule, and those whom want to live under your rule can come to your lands freely. The retreat and dismantled of our institutions will take some time, and gradually the expenses for administration will go over you, but so will the control and revenues from those lands. You are the new light of Asia, to remove the stain that those ghouls before you brought to Japan and Asia, and shine as the empire of the rising sun. Our ideals clash we are not fans of monarchs, emperors or anyone of such manner. But we believe there is cooperation between nations and peoples. That is one of the reasons why we are leaving Japan. Now that a Japanese state is finally set again, someone can now control back the rest of it, and dismantle what is left of the Rokkenjiman regime if there is some lurking in the shadows. We have done our deed, we have supplied the people homes, works, destroyed crime and nationalism. We have done most of the job for you. There needs to be no repayments. Next is that we do not want you to see us as occupators but as friends. We have stood ages against imperialism, and so many ancestors before us, and it is sickening that they accuse of us what our predecessors did and what are we fighting against! In short words, we will leave Japan to its own. On a second note is the question of China. We have worked years to stabilize it during the aftermath of the assault on China which destroyed their army and state by a biological weapon. We have aided them original government with civilian aid, repairing their government and helped them stabilize the area and eliminate the Warlords. Some leaders also accuse us that we are just puppeteering with China. We hope that you are not that bold. The internationale there is to help the people like it always has. We ask from you, as the main player in Asia, that you respect the independence of the Chinese whom have fought ages against those warlords, as well as their deeds. Our main support point was through the Shandong tip, now which you surround. We shall leave that as well, if you let us use your ports to bring weapons, food and other resources to the People's Liberation Army of China. That is all I have to say in the name of the Internationale and the proletariat, for now at least."
  11. Rimski

    Commotion in the Streets of the Tanakosin Empire

    -British Statement "This is the exact same thing that happened in Russia, Yugoslavia, China and other countries. Communism and ideologies branched off from communism but still hold close ties were outlawed, people were locked up for that. And they were working in the underground for a certain ammount of time only to watch by that the previous leader, a monarch would run away at the show of force. The Tsars fleeing to the east, the Yugoslav royals and government being flown to British Africa and then to London! And the only defenders there were the communists, former illegals. The proletariat! They were the ones to defend against odds. The Bolsheviks fighting the whole world with not much. The Yugoslav Partisans beating off the Whermacht and its allies, as well, at first, the homogeneous group of serbs supplied by the allies. Even helping the Soviets on their front with constant German movement of troops between the Balkan and Eastern front. They were loved by the people and the army that liberated was made out of the people. Men and women volunteered in masses. Resistance was never to be put down. And great nations came out of those liberations. They have beaten the nationalists on the field and then brought a period of improvement and elimination of those people that abandoned their state, that didn't stand there to protect it against an invader. Those nations are missed today, the people that founded those nations are missed today, because all that remains today is neverending corruption and suffering. People blame communists for many crimes, but those 'crimes' cannot be classified as that, we eliminate the real criminals, that left their people to suffer, brought martial law. That wanted to break the workers. But the workers the never break, as long as the bourgeoisie oppresses the workers, the proletariat will never be calm, they will never go down. And even after, they will be there to resist any plan to bring back the oppression!" -
  12. Rimski

    Birth of a New Domain

    The Internationale would send aid in the forms of weapons and also basic human needs to Germany-Ukraine. The British have stated that they will fight forever against the petty bourgouise whom is oppressing the proletariat to the breaking point. Meetings shall be arranged between thw two states on comradery talks and on development of each others states by cooperation.
  13. Rimski

    The Vanguard and YEET

    The response to the turnaround of the Northern European state against the Internationale is the establishment of YEET and the introduction of the Vanguard in the Eastern waters of the Internationale. Partisan actions in coastal provinces of some European state has resulted in Internationale intervention and protection. The new 'lands' are considered as states inside the Internationale but they are more of a pivot between the Internationale's home islands and Europe. New workers are now dependent from foreign countries on the Internationale's Industry which is massively expanding. Now with more points from which trade and culture can flow more into Europe and slowly assimilate the Western population. The Vanguard's objective is protection of the workers in a constant struggle with the dominant upper class, as well as a local defense force consisting of trained personnel from the Internationale and local volunteers. They train, defend and arm the proletariat so they can defend their homes, families and people. YEET - Yank Eastern Engineering Track, a unit consisted of engineers whom research the geography of new lands and making up plans for Industrialization, building and defensive military operations and consutrction. Their HQ is in Hague, Netherlands and are setting up plans for expansion of harbours, for regular trade and civilian use, and the construction of three major ports for military construction and use. A mad plan to construct a canal from Hamburg to L├╝beck has been also sent to HQ but never been proceeded to Corbyngrad. A planned railway going from Caen to Hamburg is awaiting approval from other European nations and will undergo construction once they agree on the plan and finances. In the Far East, Russia the Internationale armies and personnel are leaving and now on a large travel back to the Home islands while some are assigned in the rest of Japan. The area has went through large industralization and the population now can go independently running their affairs. Viva la Revolucion!
  14. Rimski

    The Vanguard and YEET

    Even though there were USNE aggression and tension, the construction of the Hamburg canal has been started with locals being offered a job in the construction of it, with all the hardware and material being brought from the Internationale. Jobs were offered for guarding, maintaining and furthermore as well. 10000 construction workers will participate in the building and the maximal estimate of the construction was 2 years.
  15. Seeing an uproar in revolution in the Mexican nation, the Internationale would organize a trip to meet the officials. Premier Corbyn would attend himself, in the hopes to meet the leader of the nation himself or herself directly as well. He'd arrive at any given time and location by the Mexican government to discuss cooperation between the two large empires. Seeing as they are both founded by revolution, both the Internationale and Mexico had a positive outlook on each other, assuming, and the friendship could only go uphill with no issue of Masrani anymore, which would be a hurdle on a geopolitical basis, because the Internationale would like to have both as close allies, but they were both foes. Now with the green light the Internationale is ready to make their first state visit to an another communist or communist oriented state.
  16. "Seeing that you won't cooperate, talk with reason and acknowledge that our leadership wasn't faulty for the British brutality during their colonial times, I think we shall leave. Those cars shall be moved to the Internationale by a carrier plane, as well at our expense. Farewell, as the Americans would say, you outdated wretched skank! We don't need guards to walk us out, we can do that on our own."
  17. Military and Diplomatic officials from the PRC and the Internationale are gathered on the Shandong tip airport ready to traverse to the Takoshin state after they approve their diplomatic status. A private air squadron is reported to the Takoshin Empire will arrive to the airport in their capital, as they were the escort for the military officials. The topic for the current meeting is not specified to Takoshin officials. Along with the diplomatic visa and location to arrive, the government has requested a location for residence for the Internationale and Chinese representatives and they requested the information for when the Miss will be able to have talks directly with them. The Premier is expected to venture as well if their leader approves of a direct meeting, if they were redirected to Takoshin representatives, Comrade Corbyn will not arrive there.
  18. Rimski

    Nakamura Shogunate arises! Japan reborn!

    Firstly, the Internationale greets the new player to the chess board of the world and sends a basket of everything, cigars, alcohol, fruit and more to the leaders and they can divide what they like and not however they like. Harold Alexander, commissar of foreign affairs has made a statement about the British involvement in Japan. "I think I speak for all the people, that after all of what Rokkenjima did, the elimination of all its followers was justified, and helping the mainland Japanese island after the Rok occupation, to get back on their feet shall be stopped, and a long-term drawback of Internationale Personnel is under progress so this new Japan can have their own land back. We are holding talks at the moment about the crisis of leadership desire between the people. Those that want to stay under Internationale rule will be transported by either our or Japanese expense, or it shall be divided. We shall bring open free travel between us and Japan, so those that want us will come to us and those that don't will leave. The expenses of managing these lands and its improvements and institutions will grow slowly towards Japan, but the profit from those lands will go to Japan as well. Seeing as there is no necessity to have a carrier in that area, it is moved to our Shandong province. We also will discuss the topic of China soon with the new Japanese state. These talks will be very important for the future of East Asia and maybe the world"
  19. Firstly, Premier Corbyn would start talking - "Thank you for your acknowledgment of our lack of love for Royals and for religion, the latter is a personal thing, we belive, that people should practice in their own home. Next is, we are aware that our visit was made quick but it was needed so because of the main topic at hand. At our own cost, we purchased a few sedans which will be gifted to you after our departure, which you can use for your transport or the transport for other delegates. I am Premier Corbyn if you are unaware of my indentity, and next to me is Lin Biao, the main general of China, and now he will speak, after that there will be a topic between the Internationale and Takoshin only to be talked about - Lin B starts talking - We are aware of your endeavours in Asia, and it is nice to keep the culture of someones state. But our government was there before in Asia, and it was fragmented by Rokkenjima and war lords took to power in some areas, while we still are the strongest party there, we are not united. Furthermore, your mediators have passed through many cities and villages of China chanting slogans for a union of Asian peoples with cooperation between the cultures. Cooperation between Asian nations is what we desire upon but you have trespassed in Chinese lands, and in the safety of those people, we came here to suggest and ask that those acts never happen. They can be easily murdered by sharpshooters, mines, other traps and furthermore. And you could end up in a firefight, cross fire and they would be in the way and probably all killed as they are a 3rd party in a battle that could occur with your men passing by. We respect your borders and don't make any kind of insurgencies inside of it, nor works, I think you should do the same when it comes to over endeavours.
  20. The officials would enter, with no present to be given, except the purchased cars inside the Takoshin state. The usual present for direct Premier visits is a basket filled with many beverages and cigars, as well as some fruit or chocolate. The representatives would try to be dressed best for the occasion, as they were meeting a Royal. None of the officials liked being in such posh proportions. Only Lin B would be in a Castro-MacArthur like uniform, which is comfortable and gives him mobility. Now sitting, waiting for the Empress to arrive while they whispered between them some small talk to not sit in silence.
  21. The British and Chinese representatives have received the message which had info about the procedure, the way of transportation and location. The Premier, Jeremy Corbyn would be given all the necessary papers from the other representatives and he would be one of the attendants of the Empress, and the other would be the Chinese PLA Grand Marshal Lin Biao Jr. A couple of darkened sedans would be purchased at the Internationale's expense and the Empress would be informed of these plan changes. Those vehicles will be used for the transport of the foreign representatives for now, and after the trip out of the Takoshin empire, they will be gifted to their government to be used for diplomat transport or anything they wanted, so that they would not be in this bad of a situation. The millitant commanders of both the Internationale and China have requested total anonymity in front of the public, no names, no faces, no details because of the fear of someone wanting to assassinate them to demoralize the troops in China. Comrade Corbyn and Comrade Lin B would await at the Phra Thinang Boromphiman and await for someone to grant them entry.
  22. Rimski

    The Vanguard and YEET

    Loudspeakers would be brought from the Home islands to the border and irritating music would be played such as "what does the fox say", and yes I do hate myself, as well as techno and bass boosted Communist music. 2000 More soldiers would be placed along the border on constant watch of a USNE assault or illegal crossing. Drones would constantly overlook the border and artillery would be placed to repel any assault if it came to that. Aircraft and anti air would be ready to counterattack any preemptive strike by the USNE. The Missile Units have been alerted to watch out for any aerial or missile strike aimed against the Internationale and to be ready to repel it.
  23. Rimski

    The Vanguard and YEET

    Firstly, Northern Germany is close and we have reason to be there, defending the proletariat and giving them a brighter future with employment and a home. And Germany is very close to us, the issue is you being there, we have always pushed for expansion of the industrial force in all of Europe and everywhere for the people to have jobs and do a lot of good for their state even if it is not ours.But oh is this not progressive? Secondly, we do not annex lands, we liberate them. Japan, Russia and China, we were there to liberate them, give the people employment and an enjoyable life, then we left. Russia for now, China is still there because it is in a civil war and we are protecting the original party. Thirdly, that is from your own perspective, we see your plans with Poland Lithuania as a plot to expand your might in the Baltic area, and our acts are to be progessive, to protect the working people from destruction, ensure they have work with which they can afford a living and not be treated like an animal with standards below the minimum, with many dangers and risks for their basic health and even life, not to mention that they will be payed nothing and they are on the verge of existence. Gulags, yes we have them, but their death rate isn't high. The deaths that happen in them are because of radical nationalism and they are dealt with quickly. While the other people live, eat and work there. They accumulate wealth with whom after they leave the 'Gulag' they can start a new life with no criminal background. The 'downfall' of the Eastern Bloc isn't classified as a fall of communism, and the supposed death of an ideal has nothing in this matter. And if it is truly dead why are there still Antifa members preventing nationalism to rise, preventing or slowing down a nationalist mobilisation, why are there people requesting for our help to liberate them. China, we have sent many weapons there, we have trained them, we have rebuilt their industry, so they can repel the aggressive Rok invader. Russia, it would have been a matter of time before Rok took it and sent a reign of terror, but instead, we protected them and made that area a workers paradise. Japan, apparently the elimination of the people whom brought genocide and fear into East Asia is a bad thing. Forming the Commonwealth and bringing a large union together back from the grave. Talks and cooperative endavours by us and Masrani corporation for space, Trade talks with Britannia, the trip to Takoshin empire, a friendly union with Mog[Corp]. Hm, seems like we aren't cooperative. Which states terrorist were funded, the defenders in China? The people fighting off tyrants? And because we see you are not giving up from your claim that we funded the terrorists in your country. Firstly, what is the specific evidence for that which would make us be the one supporting them and not a 3rd party, and what do you even request from our nation to do in this situation, cause you have only held an aggressive stance and blamed us for everything. The reason we are there is so people aren't dependent on you, with the canal at least, while with us we give people a choice. You have not cared for a conflict practically "on your border" which was based on workers and civil rights. The people didnt want to be oppressed and when we come in, help those souls, and build up their nation then we are apparently aggressive. You just put out that we are there because of your supposed leak and we are the big bad aggressive wolf so you can have support in a conflict against us. ---- At the border, guards have walked up to the people controling those loudspeakers and requested that they were dismantled and moved.
  24. Rimski

    The Vanguard and YEET

    "I think that your claim is invalid. You claim that workers that want to break free from the shackles of tyranny and oppression are considered terrorist? Next, I don't think that we should tell you where we 'establish territories' and where is the militarisation? You mean the army that is there to protect? The Vanguard that helps the workers fight back for themselves with no fear of being crushed? Why is it so wrong to 'claim' lands in Europe, you expand into the Baltic and nobody says anything. We have already mentioned on the previous talks that you are claiming we are the ones that supported your internal enemies, while not thinking that it can be a plot made by a 3rd independent party. And as the last say, Civil rights, progress, cooperation and equality? When did we speak against civil rights, when were we anything besides progressive and cooperative and seriously bud, claiming that we are not equal with our ideal. I say again, you spew the same things, claiming that we are nothing but a heaven for terrorist support and with no basic human rights and that is aggressive for your absurd claim? If you are keen on knowing, the reason for the expansion there is to have a second canal going from the North Sea to the Baltic which is not in your control and it is planned to be a free travel zone for any state without paying a fee. Giving people jobs is an act of terrorism, militarism and aggression?"

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