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  1. Currently, in its stages of preparation, Operation Bracero's foundations are based on foreign interventions in Red revolts, with heavier equipment and boots on the ground, but also games behind the lines and in peace, to sabotage, highjack or any other shenanigans. In the current stage of Operation Bracero reconnaissance and research is conducted on Red revolts in Asia and in the Americas, where monitors are sent to directly inspect the situation and report to an undefined location on the map, from which the second stage of Bracero will continue, based on a proper response on the conflict. Currently insurgents are sneaked into Red states or Red groups inside of Chinese and Middle Eastern lands, where there they are assigned their next task, ensure the safe arrival of military advisors to the RS/RG, and after that fulfill their list of assassinations of enemy figures. It's not late, I just don't have enough coffee for this bs atm so I'll expand this
  2. Rimski

    Another age

    I actually had some issues w the forums loading on chrome, while everything else worked fine and dandy - also the "advanced issues" thing is probably Grammarly which hooks up hiddenly as I select and c/p The vessel released a small boat with five officials on them, including two higher officials of the TPS (The People's Ship) October traveling to the desired location, while TPS October and the Flagship TPS Solidarity arrived close enough to be visible by the eye. The mentioned guns are held in their holsters, depending on the person if is right or left-handed but most of the passengers were righthanded. They come close to the shore and await the arrival of the Lizard-men to know how the meeting will continue.
  3. Rimski

    Another age

    At late hours, a ship currently in the function of a scouting-patrol vessel for the current time has encountered strange showings. Because of the limited gear, they have for long-range vision - as partways, the budget was cut to focus on other domestic effort and production of better equipment for the navy. As now they would move slowly to gain a better insight into the unknown structure. They reported to the flagship TPS October, which responded in requesting special operatives and the SAS in case of escalation. The response of the flagship to Corbyngrad was a result because of reports of enthusiasts who reported sights and attempted attacks, which cannot be confirmed nor denied, by large lizard creatures. It seems that it might be an outpost, and so the smaller ship has attempted to step into contact with it, most importantly a signification of presence by a flare and using a large lamp to send a code in morse code to the outpost
  4. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    added ham and now with more text about dragons
  5. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

  6. Rimski

    Another age

    The communication would continue by morse code for now as they cannot fulfill their demands fully
  7. Rimski

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    @Ryan1, uhh ma dud, I'll put you on tonight but give me a map
  8. Rimski

    Change of Scenery

    Have you tried shooting cocaine directly into your eye?
  9. Rimski

    Some Ideas

    OwO* Get on with the times
  10. Rimski

    Some Ideas

    "Make mire posts to improve interaction" That's a great idea except we did that, we cannot make a lot of headway, some rules prevent us fro engaging in things in the rp, and if we were to only rp internal things happening, then whats the point of other people being therr and the map?
  11. Rimski

    Some Ideas

    Not everyone bases their in game nations to the one in the RP. It doesn't say that in-game actions must have an effect in the rp and vice versa, it can, but that means the RP is just a game dependent on politics of PnW, RNG age and etc. That leads to issues where younger nations are at an disadvantage and etc. Dont you realize if you declare on someone in-game you get countered and bashed.
  12. Rimski

    How long will this war go on for?

    We'll go until Theo steals all of the money from the enemy so we can buy up the food market and we win PnW
  13. Rimski

    Some Ideas

    Its not like he replied to Spectre's invasion of Mog[Corp], and many others beforehand. The reason he does what he did by playing a super large state is because there are were and will be people that do so and just want to god mod, roflstomp everyone, and war would be out of the question as it would damage their utopia. I have talked with Mogar about this often. First, he always leaves a loophole in his strategy which the enemy can exploit to beat. Second, wars can be declared as anyone wishes. You could declare a war for no reason out of the blue, but that wouldnt be the best idea, but you should be able to interviene if someone does some act you are highly against, but those people stay behind the consent rule or suck off to the mods. I am pretty sick and tired of how some people requested change for a long time, but they were called names, like warmongrers. The problem is that everyone can become an America and more from the get go. They have 30 aircraft carriers 500 million soldiers and tanks as well as a gorillion aircraft all modern. What if you just had one aircraft carrier at max from the start, you'd cherish it probably, and when you build the 2nd you'll be careful and look close to its mantainment capabilities and other, because you did it and were just gifted. We should also remember that there should be a divide between grand strategy game and national RP. You rp by making a however you want nation wherever you want maybe make some objectives for the nation, rp every aspect of your nation, the leaders, army, the people, a random little event etc. This RP wont be a CK2 or HOI4 of the words. I end this post with ladies, gentlemen and Eva, you all suck.
  14. Rimski

    Dial Up War: Propaganda

  15. Rimski

    Fake Polaris Suffers A Severe Blow

    Don't believe?
  16. Rimski

    Fake Polaris Suffers A Severe Blow

    Theo, Seselj and I want to start a show called Two and a Half serb He would be Charlie Sheen rolling in dough, I would instead barely scrape off by, by getting like 400k using ground attacks on defensive wars. Donate for a good cause? *input a joke about me being an ex-polar member and they donated to me via theo kek*
  17. Rimski

    Some Ideas

    As a kid I jumped off the balcony
  18. The Internationale's leadership and media outlets have stayed quiet for a long while as there were no important broadcasts. It's time was spent finishing up the collectivization of all industrial branches, and the elimination of targets classified as 'mischief makers' and 'threats to the security of the worker'. All overseas 'assets' of the Internationale were pulled off after many funds and projects were fulfilled in those areas which brought enough improvement to the area so that the ideals and increase in living standard spread across China, Russia, and Western Europe, where still opposition is active lead by Falangists, Monarchists, and others. In response to the change of Australia's rural areas into flourishing green areas by Mog[Corp] the delegation in their capital presented an offer to the representatives for a few groups visiting there. One would be a group of scientists examining the progress, to that many engineers and workers to be sent there to aid in the project, as well as to support the growth of the new greenlands with cultivation after it's completion. The Internationale invites delegates and students from Mog[Corp] to learn, experience or even participate in many infrastructural expansion projects which are deemed as challenges - an example being many connection ways from the British Isles to continental Europe On other aspects, the Red Navy retreats from its interferences in the world's seas and stays close to the home islands and waters around it to conduct exercises and patrols in the northern waters connecting the Atlantic to Scandinavia as well as the passage through the English Channel.
  19. Rimski

    All the news that's fit to sing

    Students and professors from five higher education institutions for engineering and geology will be transported to Australia with late cold-war-era transport vehicles to Australia to cover large distances on the construction site. Other materials and construction vehicles will be transported over the course of weeks along a unit of workers to aid the construction. A report has been sent to the HQ of Mog[Corp] and local HQ in Australia to request arrival for secret police officers and regular police officers to maintain a sector of the construction site by the Internationale to relieve officials from the corporation, along with them would be all required equipment like barricades would be brought at the expense of the Internationale. The role of the regular police would be to prevent any unauthorized entrance to the construction site, while the Secret police would work more on anti-espionage and anti-sabotage from other enemy states on the project. The contact officials for these tasks are - Commissar of Police Affairs Lyod Dowding, Commissar of the Secret Police Connor Portal Commissar of Engineering Hugh Montgomery Commissar of Education Edward Wingate
  20. Rimski

    Japan Issues National Ban on Mustard

    Yeah but Mayo sucks
  21. So, writing this from my phone while I wait for SA credits to finish. Seems it died again, so are we gonna just reset it and blame is for wanting to change and experiment instead of going the same road to hell all again. Or might we leave NatRP to now die once and for all?
  22. One two three four

    Your mother is a fuqen whorr

  23. Rimski

    Japan Issues National Ban on Mustard

    All you had to do was make the damn sandwich, PJ

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