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  1. Mogar

    Into new lands.

    Unnecessary Occurrence, an Empress Class Yacht had set sail from the Impossible Conceded capital ship that was currently sitting in the South Indian Ocean. At 450 meters, a 50 meter beam, and 10 meter draft, the closest civilian comparison would be a container ship in size. The vessel had 250,000 hp engines, able to move the massive vessel at nearly 40 knots. The Chrysanthemum suite, at 520 square meters (5597 square feet) over two stories, encompassed nearly one full deck of space in the seven-deck yacht, and offer unparalleled views. It featured two staterooms, and includes private access to a helipad and an elevator from an exclusive drive in dock, as well as all the luxury amenities you would come to expect. The owner's suite also offers a private gym, office and study, private dining area, butler's stateroom and more. Onboard guests are similarly pampered in eight VIP suites of 120 square meters (1291.7ft²) apiece, and 12 guest suites, each at over 60 square meters (645 square feet). All guests will have access to the yacht's two pools, one indoor, one outdoor with an artificial beach, multiple Jacuzzis, spa facilities, full time masseuse, hair stylist and barber, as well as all the water toys the yacht can carry. Defensively, the vessel had similar capabilities to a cruiser, 160 VLS launchers hidden within the design, containing a mix of RIM-162 ESSM, RUM-139 VL-ASROC, UGM-109G AARGM and SM-2ER Block IVA, 6 x 21 RIM-116 RAM launchers, 8 Harpoon missiles, 2x triple tube Mk 32 SVTT systems, and 10x Goalkeeper CIWS. The structure was enhanced with kevlar in critical locations, and contained the most advanced electronics and radar the company had at its disposal. 2 MQ-8C with APKWS missile pods would compliment the VIP transport helicopter, and provide for even further situational awareness around the yacht. It was unexpected of course that the vessel would even be attacked, but it was a critical asset. It took several days to reach their intended destination of Bangkok, but the view of the Malaccan being restored to its former impressive stature under corporate control and the birth of a solid political base in the immediate area was a refreshing sight. The first political visit in some time, it was expected to be an interesting one based off the religious fervor that had been overheard. The vessel has attendants but the trip was expected to be the CEO by themselves to meet the Empress, to keep things as friendly as possible and upon equal terms.
  2. Mogar

    The Mandate of Humanity

    "There would need to be some form of backing for long term financial investment contracts I'm obligated to coordinate. Natural resources tend to be the easiest to translate into returns on investments but perhaps a different agreement could be made. Such discussion would be above my paygrade, and as you said it was above yours perhaps a rescheduling would be best. Our CEO will meet your Empress in a few days, once you're able to get back and discuss this with of course. We can provide for methods of direct communication if needed, otherwise I am hopeful we can reach a resolution soon, and we will bring you back to the border whenever you are ready to leave."
  3. Again the CEO's interests planet side waned as there was no current obvious strategic competitors, quite the opposite in fact as global peace had been established for the most part, several new variables changed the board but improvements of the orbital defense network to observe everything possible, tracking every objective and simulating its trajectories. While no extraterrestrial life had established itself on this version of Orbis it was important to be aware of any objects that change directions or ended up where they should not. Constant improvements to the various defense systems already in place continued as always, with several lunar bases being established to act as test beds for laser based propulsion systems, directing energy towards a ship to bring it to a reasonable percentage of the speed of light. It would be a step to explore their immediate surroundings and establish whether this was another universe where every planet we reach is dead or not. Building Better Worlds®
  4. Mogar

    The Mandate of Humanity

    Nodding slightly she merely continued on with the conversation, "We much prefer Thorium reactors over the traditional 2nd and 3rd generation designs which had several flaws that could have led to unfortunate circumstances. We can provide construction assistance along with no interest loans to to be backed by natural resources. Is there particular architectural styles for urbanization that your empress would be interested in? We have no issues providing the help to ensure your people are capable of the same pursuits as those of any other country."
  5. Mogar

    The Mandate of Humanity

    "We do a little bit of everything, after a certain amount of time you can do very spectacular things when you set your greatest minds to it. We have methods of maximizing your land usage for population growth and can provide you with the backing to establish a currency to eliminate the need for slave labor, or at least provide the perspective of that. Defensive equipment is a speciality of ours but we would require those are provided with advisors to ensure the appropriate usage of course, at least for the near term."
  6. Mogar

    The Mandate of Humanity

    The borders began to buzz with surveillance to carefully observe the movements of the populations close to the border, presuming a feint or other hypothetical trojan horse scenario. The truck having been spotted by drone in advance enough there was already information flowing back down with their next steps. Mechanical chittering would be heard between the platoon of heavily armored guards as the truck approached, upon no incident, one of them eventually switching to a metallic "Welcome to MoG[Corp]. Weapons are not authorized to tourists currently, so leaving them with your escort here would be wise. We have accommodations for them to stay as long as your time in our territory as an emissary. Your ride will be here shortly." A set of 3 black armored SUVs as well as two heavier escort vehicles sped towards the border crossing, appearing no more than perhaps two minutes later to pick up the guest to be brought to the closest train station and into rapidly changing Hong Kong skyline, cranes dragging everything closer to the sky. In a rather unimpressive for corporate standards building once held by some sort of financial corporation is where they'd eventually end up. A plain looking woman in a much more impressive business suit named Qian Jie would serve as the negotiator for the conversation with the new neighbor. "From our understanding you have shown ambition in changing your immediate surroundings, what can we do to assist?"
  7. Mogar

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Ditching Indonesia for Taiwan, two additional spaces for HK and Macau regions, and Seoul, with somewhere else tbd once we get into new politics
  8. Mogar

    MoG[Corp] Asia®

    With the collapse of the Rokkenjima regime the corporation was able to restore their control over a majority of the asian tigers. The vaguely democratic government established in China served as a basis for those territories, with Taiwan affording them even more ability to claim such a perception. In Seoul however a subdivision was created, it wasn't anything Samsung hadn't done in another time. Shoring up the defenses of these locales became a priority, and transporting equipment from abandoned claims in Indonesia were used as a stop gap until more formidable equipment could arrive. A reinforcement of the Malacca was deemed a worthy investment to ensure protection of the majority of the global waterways for trade. Remnants of Rokkenjima were used as a basis to begin a campaign of cyber warfare against Britannia, influencing those of Scottish heritage to return to the homeland and bolster the ranks of the new Scottish Kingdom that was forming.
  9. Mogar

    What's On The Dinner Table?

    "While an invasion of Britain is entirely within our means, it is also against our long term strategic interests currently. We are willing to negotiate to work towards returning Scotland to your control eventually and would agree to a public resolution of protection of independence. Masrani Global would need a reasonable amount of time to restore their full strength, and promotion of an arms race in Europe would benefit our portfolio but would not provide a healthy environment for a peaceful resolution. We'd support such a conflict should there prove to be a valid security and strategic value to doing so, but otherwise the long term cost would not be of a benefit. Regarding an overpopulation concern, we can certainly provide construction assistance to maximize your land usage and have experience in land reclamation, for more short term solutions."
  10. Mogar

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    remaining province of Greenland and adjustments to asian claims(2:2) along with two for Macau and Hong Kong, with my remaining TBD.
  11. Mogar

    What's On The Dinner Table?

    A diplomatic aircraft containing an envoy with the power to represent the corporation would arrive when instructed containing a woman who would be going by the name of Bargain for the purposes of diplomatic discussion with MoG[Corp] for the planet for now and await the arrival of the others, spending her time alone in her room, seemingly dazing off silently with the corner of her lip or a finger occasionally twitching just slightly, as though she were dreaming.
  12. Mogar

    Operation Encircle

    Clever titles were saved for creative operations, and this was merely the continuation of a previous one anyway. The Global Security Council meeting would continue with the intentions of containment of Rokkenjima until a resumption interest by the regime in peace discussions and dearmament. "Our fleets are resuming the blockade of Rokkenjima, so a more concrete discussion among those of us with similar objectives as to the end goal and realistic peace terms for them in order to end the chicanary that we seem destined for in this world. I feel that with assistance from those who are not participating in the containment operation provides an outside perspective and allows us to be seen as a more objective and rational peacekeeping operation rather than the strong inflicting their will on one another. This precedent will ideally allow the global community to be afforded a more equal playing field for all. As I would imagine my own terms would be more punitive than most, I leave the floor open for others to start off."
  13. Mogar

    Let's begin

    To actually reply to the topic at hand, the reoccurring map resets keep killing any hope of a history and I am done accepting them so I intend on keeping the same history and spending some time time explaining the nonsense that happens every several months. A new map admin that will not repeatedly delete the map would be better.
  14. Mogar

    Global Security Council

    Stop Roleplaying Megahitler. You want people to interact with you? Great! You want to always play the villian? I will be there to level whatever military you do create. Witches, magic? Cool, but if it is invincible so am I. International enforcement has always been my job, I am uncertain what makes one believe that wanting to get off the time loop means I am incapable of continued laps around this track so to speak. "I had expected to be the one making threats here, but I stand by my beliefs and we can set aside military limitations until Rokkenjima is dealt with. I am also open to providing arms and equipment to those participating in the continued enforcement of the blockade that has been established already."
  15. Mogar

    Global Security Council

    "Without getting into the debate between the British and rokkenjima, the majority of the list provided is agreeable. Militarization of borders and a peace agreement as good in theory but will ensure that members leave the agreement if they try the court route and it goes against their favor."

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