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  1. Weapons that were similar to a P90 would be left where required, their triggers not allowing anyone else to fire them. The guards would simply exist in the room, barely a fly on the wall as CFAO Mandy Alfernick took over the room. "You have a wonderful country, it is eventful still but that can be dealt with so long as you are able to use a strong hand." Eventually deciding on the couch that was able to look out the windows if any in the room, if not the exit. "Short term we are interested in keeping the balance in Asia, long term we need to see the alternative colonization removed, and eventually our own departure. Your neighbors to the north are the main concern. Rokkenjima we have dealt with before and we are preparing for a similar conflict. Britannia is our only opponent in this conflict, but your nation is critical to ensure that Asia survives to the extent resources could be afforded to eliminate hunger and scarcity." Pulling out her phone a small holographic map of the planet appeared. "We have three primary concerns in every version of this map. Transportation is our business and we can ensure a cost below anything else on this planet. Unfortunately this also means that to ensure this security we need to have strategic abilities beyond a normal nation. South America, Africa and Asia upon the equator. These three or more positions allow our species with modern resources to eliminate scarcity for anything." The map expanded to show the solar system."There are greater threats out here beyond missile spam or rods from god. Unlimited resources are out there but We are only able to reach them with global consent. This means the active nations must desire our same end goal. While not as short term as ensuring your civil war is a success, we have no issues affording that bill to ensure your support for our objective. The Asian link is your only concern, we will determine the Americas ourselves, and Africa has already begun the stairway to heaven."
  2. "Beyond your best alcoholic beverages we shouldn't be needing anything beyond the occasional snack or two." The CEO would return the bow, nowhere near as low but enough to acknowledge the gesture. "It feels like it has been lifetimes since we were able to have a formal meeting with Rokkenjima, We look forward to working with you to ensure a lasting future for Asia and the rest of the world." The company fleet was far more focused on the pirate islands, Japan was ideally able to defend themselves and if needed they would step in to ensure a balance. "To be clear we don't want to see you as the sole Asian power but of the options presented in your current conflict there is far more dangerous options and ensuring a peaceful resolution seems to be an ideal solution, whether through a truce or more forceful means We feel it can be accomplished. Long term we can discuss other options but to allow dangerous nations to spread is against my entire objective for the species..." Taking a drink from a flask he would look around for several moments, both to the surrounding woods and the sky. "This planet has endless resources, your people understand the concept of reaching beyond this little rock. I hold no pretense of objectives for this meeting beyond a combined reach towards beyond Terra, the planet is simply out means to that end." A carbon nanotube structure would begin to form from two locations on the planet, multiple factories springing up to ensure there was the capacity to mass produce the structures, with several secondary layers behind them would be set up along with levels of anti air weapons that would make area 51 blush.
  3. The corporation would exchange embassies. A free trade agreement would be considered but it would be dependant on goods that the EU had to offer.
  4. "I do apologise for any miscommunication!" Said with another bow, "During times of conflict it would be understanding to oblige only a certain level of interaction, we look forward to ensuring a stable relationship in Asia." Observation of the pirates upon the coast would become the main objective, drones and the bouys would let the corporation decide how to bribe the illegal fleets into letting their ships go unhindered. Buying other ships would be what Singapore would be used for strategically under various illicit means. There was no civilian flights allowed into the citystate, a blackout for any gps or similar systems enforced to keep the rest of the planet out of 150 miles or so, MoG[Air] would be the only airline available to reach Singapore and now The Cape now. Casablanca would be still free to all airlines but all vessels within 150 miles would be met with an escort. The company's isolation would continue further now. The planet was falling to chaos and there was no reason beyond tourism to allow for foreign currency. What would be preferred would be free transit for corporate vessels and sales of weapons to those willing to fly black flags. It wouldn't be the ideal weapons but enough they would be able to defend themselves from opponents to keep the South China Sea free from government.
  5. Redirection to enforce The Cape returning to it's proper standing was of importance. The resources were available and relationships with the other African power allowed continental projects to continue to proceed completely unhindered, mutual benefit was the name of the game. The African railway was entirely high speed and kept expansion to reach everything it needed to. The tunnels and tracks were designed with specialized cargo cars in mind that could fit a traditional main battle tank while allowing for 120 mph or above. A shielding was designed to maintain aerodynamics to afford such benefits. The primary objective would not be completed for years, but the !Xu would return eventually. Mutual exchanges would occur with their fellow Africans, it was simply a technology transfer. The goal would be to reach 350kph+ capacity but that was a long term objective for the continent.
  6. The bow would be returned, just slightly lower enough to satisfy protocol and the handshake returned. "Thank you for seeing our diplomatic envoy! We would be satisfied with a meeting with yourself, a further audience with our CEO is an option for your queen but we wouldn't wish to speak upon their schedule. Personal Defense Weapons would be surrendered once we reach your facility, but why harm to diplomatic staff from that point forward would become a national responsibility." The jet would retain its own security operative, but the entourage would go along with the plan to meet at the diplomatic office. The jet would splurge on fuel to ensure it was ready at any given time, it would make the risk of a potential attack being more of a concern for welfare of the mission but it was a matter of ensuring the jet would be able to leave the airspace to a point of recovery rather than maximum range so it would be a pattern of fuel spendage requiring every few hours a top off which would take up to 20 minutes. Cost and benefit would always be a concern that they preferred benefits over cost.
  7. The company jet flew above Mach 1.5 until the last ten minutes where it dropped to traditional speeds. It was an easy entrance from their protective layer to get to where they needed. The Foreign Affairs Officer Mandy Alfernick was excited for her first experience outside corporate territories. She recalled the chaos before the organization enforced a peaceful continent, and it looked like Asia was going to be similarly chaotic if there wasn't something done to bring about a more civil environment. A small entourage of 4 diplomats with two security personnel were all that traveled with her. While an important conversation it was better to keep things simple and faster in a changing environment.
  8. A beach or something was located, dropping I to water not not ideal but additional clothing wasn't a concern. The replacement would just get used after a short cleansing spray to remove salt from the skin. While unarmed there would be abilities among the diplomatic cache, along with the CEOs gifts to protect the cadre. The company left the diplomats in charge but constant communication would ensure a successful exchange. It was less important that they arrived in ideal conditions and more important that their hosts understood the value of the diplomatic overture. MoG[Corp] stood by it's potential relationship and if Rokkenjima stood by their goals the company could ensure they win the theater. There was no real stake beyond the theater but winning was important. Rather than long term goals the ideal solution was to keep Asia flowing while internal struggles got worked out. The group wasn't thrilled with the trek but they hoped eventually there was a contact. Most drones or bugs would be eliminated by pesticides to keep the virus off them.
  9. Drones would ping the Islands to locate any possible threats, unfortunately illegal syndicates tended to use ideal materials to avoid such detection. Instead bouys would get dropped near the islands to notice any irregularities, paranoia was a default in a chaotic world. Pirates and other forces of entertainment would be reached out to politely, the company had no qualms with bandits, and in china they served a very historic purpose. Chinese piracy was the most successful in human history, ensuring the corporation had free roam would be the best case scenario, the worst would be burning whatever possible while retreating. The route would be sent upon the same channel, the fleets electronic warfare going along with the diplomatic craft as long as possible. The aircraft would use an IFF and a hail signal on public channels. "This is MoG[Corp] diplomatic aircraft 005, any threats to this aircraft will be taken as a declaration of war and responded to in kind." The 200 miles or so into China proper would be unescorted, but the company had prepared for a counterstroke to attempt to retrieve their diplomats.
  10. The change of venue wouldn't matter much, the corporate fleet seeking out every vessel in the theater to ensure security at the venue for the diplomatic aircraft, Rokkenjima would be the end goal, the company securing the area to counterstrike any threats against their diplomatic overtures. The VTOL would land where directed while emitting a diplomatic IFF, this was a mission of peace even while backed with war as the alternative. The company's CEO or at least a copy would be the primary representative, a half dozen others primarily female would be their entourage, of various ethnicity. The corporation had no qualms about personal appearances beyond vaguely human. Peircings, tattoos, alternative variance was not critical beyond an ability to do their job. Once the plane landed there would be seven new people in Rokkenjima to discuss the future of Asia.
  11. The company had a stake in the survival of China, there was a natural wariness towards a monarchy considering corporate history but short term consideration required a stopgap to prevent further spread of supernatural unhindered. A counterbalance would be incredibly helpful to allow an extended build up to get the rest of the world engaged in a permanent solution or allow the company to act upon the endless expansion to benefit from the chaos. The flotilla in Singapore would head north and probe the South China Sea to a satisfactory standpoint that a both an encrypted message stating the time for a meeting and diplomatic aircraft could be sent through the region to meet with representative of the Chinese government. The expectation would be set the conversation was for economic and other forms of cooperation to ensure a secure Asian continent.
  12. The corporation had sent a container ship with the ability to launch a vtol aircraft designed for stealth against radar and alternative forms of detection. It quickly flew from 20 miles off tu coast of Tokyo and the container ship sent out an burst of chatter on the frequencies used by the witch's military requesting a meeting asap. The company had a major stake in the continued chaos of Asia but it was important to stablize the situation to keep the defacto government in charge until other options could be explored. The company's experience with supernatural forces led the computing to be wary of other options too so this would take a manual conversation with each side, the company could afford to replace the forces in the theater but it would be preferable to not waste the metal.
  13. Columbo was already a city of over 5 million, and corporate construction rapidly would expand that population. Construction was one of the most basic human concepts and modern ability allowed for exceptional speed with proper planning. Preconstruction made it a simple process to develop what was needed, structures at least 100 stories tall that would survive a category 5 hurricane. Proper aerodynamics and mass removal of old buildings after extensive ground surveys to ensure proper location allows a rapid return on investment. The goal was to hit 25 million by the end of a decade. Mass production of arcologies would help but it was essential to make Sri Lanka the place to be for the entire planet, not just MoG[Corp] citizens.
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