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  1. Columbo was already a city of over 5 million, and corporate construction rapidly would expand that population. Construction was one of the most basic human concepts and modern ability allowed for exceptional speed with proper planning. Preconstruction made it a simple process to develop what was needed, structures at least 100 stories tall that would survive a category 5 hurricane. Proper aerodynamics and mass removal of old buildings after extensive ground surveys to ensure proper location allows a rapid return on investment. The goal was to hit 25 million by the end of a decade. Mass production of arcologies would help but it was essential to make Sri Lanka the place to be for the entire planet, not just MoG[Corp] citizens.
  2. "The corporation is willing to agree to the status quo, or even concede the Cyprus territory, but we will remain the primary power within the Mediterranean and Indian Oceans. Our company has a lengthy history and allowing the world to fight among themselves without our influence has rarely been the best option for the planet. From a foreign affairs standpoint our protection would allow for breathing room for Israel to be able to find a long term political strategy, and allow us to focus more heavily on global security rather than the local theater." Taking a swig of a glass of water already on the table, she continued, "There are far more important problems than concerning either of ourselves with an enemy so close to our borders."
  3. One price of west Africa and 4 tiles for June to claim Maldives and Sri Lanka.
  4. The corporation had been taking observing the action in Asia. It wasn't every day you had a civil war actually lead to a break up instead of a scripted event that ended with the default government winning. The company's navy was already in the IndoPacific to monitor the situation and ensure Israeli and other foreign influence was not becoming an unbalance to the events. The standard diplomatic overtures with a carrier or other vessel docked or anchored somewhere highly visible was the best option to ensure the Maldives and Sri Lanka were incorporated. Sri Lanka was already a historically rebellious location and the company's influence with criminal elements allowed for a double sided coin. Rebels or government it did not matter, MoG[Corp] would be the Victor. The Maldives were beautiful and required far less, individual visits with subsidized food and medicine were more than enough to make the limited population happy. Access to corporate goods at fair market value allowed for an immediate standard of living increase, citizens focused on television and internet had no attention span for rebellion.
  5. A unmarked black jet would arrive in the new nation a few days after the speech with a diplomatic cache including an old bottle of whiskey and a short letter welcoming a libertarian nation. MoG[Corp]'s founding was several times in nations very similar to that of which Duighan had created and it was hoped that they could work together towards common goals.
  6. Singapore and the remaining islands in the Med besides Corsica, my Spanish territory being given up to make up the tile count.
  7. The Mogar Corporation, stylized asMoG[Corp]® is the official name of the company's "nation", Mogatopia would be slang nomenclature. The corporation would have several liaisons available. The virus was no threat within the corporation, travel was incredibly uncommon for the average citizen, and thorough testing made isolation far easier. All foreign goods were disinfected using as extreme methods as the product allowed. A VTOL would take the young officer to the center of Casablanca to the company's headquarters. The MoG[Tower] here was only 180 stories high, unimpressive compared to what the company could accomplish but was satisfactory for the time the world was playing. The corporation chief of foreign affairs would meet with the liason near the top in a board room with various food and drink readily available. Mandy Alfernick was raised in Cape Town, and looked forward to her first meeting as an FA leader.
  8. The corporation landed helicopters in Singapore, playing various songs through loudspeakers to both entertain and occasionally frighten the population. A carrier docked and discussed the political future of the citystate. Singapore wisely chose to join the corporate territories, their governance was of no concern beyond being used as a base of operations for all Asian market interactions. With two nations now there it was critical to support their shipping needs from a forward position. Likewise the company withdrew from Spain, no longer any threats existing within that side of Europe. Instead the islands of the Med would be taken over through political economic and military methods. The fleet in Singapore began active electronic warfare consistently on military bands, broadcasting a message to civilian shipping to use specific channels in order to ensure their safety. The second fleet withdrew for now into the Indian ocean, AWACs and drones now observing the Malacca and South China Sea for hostiles. A single container ship would continue onwards to Japan, aiming for Tokyo.
  9. I should also note that 10 billion doesn't include the aircraft or weaponry that fills up the carrier. I do agree pricing is a bit weird but economics are also unfeasible to enact correctly in this sort of game.
  10. The corporation began patrols of the Indian Ocean past the Malacca, observing what could be gained by shipping to estimate weapons being unloaded to the civil war. The corporation had no specific side being supported currently, but maintaining a magical presence allowed for the company to utilize more entertaining conflict rather than the same storyline that has been repeated. Corporate drones would expand their reach as far as possible to keep an eye on the logistics of the theater. It was important to push inventory upon the various factions but ensure it was balanced in their favor, the government was given priority. It was required that they remained in charge of East Asia over other options, and forcing decolonization was a priority. The Air Force would regularly patrol local skies, the Med being closed to foreign transit unwilling to admit to boarding and testing. Vessels that did not meet company standards would be removed from the sea by any means needed. Their next move was close at hand it was simply a matter of who should lose first.
  11. She was startled by the line of conversation, taking a drink to give herself time to formulate a response. "What would you want me to do? I have not done much beyond sit behind a desk for most of my career, I am not sure I could be what you are asking for, I help keep the company running, that's nothing compared to making decisions about life or death, deciding on a national scale is quite a bit more pressure." He shook his head, 'You're thinking far too short term. Ensuring the ideal political situation is less complicated, making sure we can keep the powers constantly competitive is the real goal of this sort of world. If everyone is competing then technology gets cheaper and development becomes even faster. We could abandon this rock and spread among the stars, it's sad that we waste our effort among this one planet when we have no reason to not own every rock out there." Taking a deep breath the music began to thump outside, the one way mirrors showing a lot of skin from the women previously intimate. "I realize you might find this odd but it is harder to accept that our species loses to a bunch of numbers."
  12. The corporation would negotiate for a meeting to take place in the near future, as well as send several cargo aircraft with medical supplies. The virus did not have room for growth in the corporation, masks and other preventive measures were normal beforehand, and scans were mandatory for visitors which allowed for very easy detection, the entire flight would be isolated if one patient was found to ensure no further spread.
  13. I am claiming the Balearic islands, Cyprus, and moving the southern most tile on the western side to cape town.
  14. The corporation had unlimited resources upon the greatest continent, creativity was such a blessing. Mogar had finally located the ideal vessel, a young Hispanic woman originally from Florida but well traveled, this planet had fewer than the usual reality for the potential he required. Parents from across the globe had allowed her to become a polyglot, and with her abilities she rose quickly in the company and caught the interest of the leader himself. A mid level operations manager, typically they were unimpressive, but Elizabeth was a natural talent at the job, able to always end up under budget, ahead of schedule, and negotiating better contracts than any of her peers. A few quarters of such skills and a simple email was sent to her near the end of day on a Friday. An invitation to visit The Cape to have dinner with the CEO. The Cape was the company's flagship office and one of the wildest places on the planet. Everything was legal within The Cape's city limits, though attempting certain crimes against those who were well off was a very stupid long term plan. They would be revived, and you would not. A sleek stealthy looking VTOL was waiting once her shift ended, taking her from Casablanca to Cape Town, wine and snacks were provided with a personal chef on the aircraft. She arrived just past ten PM, landing atop a building that had to be at least 150 stories tall. The Sin hired the most beautiful in a town where everyone fit the bill. Exotic dancers and even the bottle girls would be able to headline elsewhere, here they were just another perfect body to be admired while all sorts of debauchery happened around them. An exotic vaguely asian woman in a business outfit met her at the ship as it landed, bowing slightly. "Welcome to The Cape, for you protection you will need to wear this bracelet at all times while here. We can ensure you will not be harmed while a guest of the CEO." Elizabeth's eyes grew wider but she remained as calm as she could in this strange new world. She had partied in her time but this was going to be a night unlike any other. As she entered the bustling night club she immediately noticed a half dozen heavily armed and augmented soldiers observing the customers. She was led on a winding path to some VIP backroom where the CEO sat with a rainbow of unclothed women participating in all sorts of activities. Upon her entrance he clapped his hands and stood, "Thank you for the entertainment ladies, that will be all for now." They all immediately stopped and walked past her, several giving her a bit of side eye, curious to know what made her so unique to make him be rid of the harem of extremely expensive women. He walked over to the bar in the large room filled with couches beds and poles, pouring two drinks before turning to her and offering one. "I trust you already ate, the transport you came in could have given you anything from a filet mignon to whatever vegan options you would've wanted." He said with a smirk, already aware of the inventory requests to replace her meal. "I did, thank you for the trip, I've never been to The Cape before." She replied, nervous as hell but such an opportunity wasn't something to just pass up. She raised the glass back to him, "To building better worlds." He gave a genuine smile at the toast, "To building better worlds, here and everywhere else I can." Taking a much longer swig than she managed. "I have been at this a very long time. There is only a few who are able to genuinely impress me with their abilities, and you are something special. Your talents at your job lead me to believe you would be capable of better jobs than organization, we can have an AI or someone replace you at your current position." He paused for a moment, opening his right palm and a hologram shot from what appeared to be a wrist watch. A globe filled the room, and with it colors spread and collapsed upon the planet, representative of nations as far as she could tell, the cycle ran over and over, different colors in different locations but always ending with destruction of all of them. "I want to make something new, a world where nations don't destroy themselves. I have seen many worlds and they always end in failure, I am hoping you will be the catalyst to change that."
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