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  1. The third spire continued to reach from the planet up to the heavens, a flurry of activity that could be seen from space, fleets of container ships not unlike that which kept England afloat in WW2 continued out of every port under corporate control and any who sought to reap the benefits of their economic plan for the planet. Industry was developed globally, antimatter backing the global financial markets to allow exponential growth, food and basic needs like housing and power no longer concerned surging numbers of the global population. More and more the world would change to suit the company's needs, resources flowing inwards to create an impressive defensive line for the space fleets. Dots of metal and light began to fill the skies, an ever expanding ring of satellites and stations looking outwards to scan for the threats that lay beyond. The petty politics of the planet meaningless compared to the enemies that inhabit other worlds, finally the company was able to focus on the real opponent once more.
  2. Mogar

    Nothing new

    I think creating private forums is the way to go since the map itself doesn't have anyone willing to fight for their territory.
  3. All roads led to Rapture, and this world was no different, endless resources would be forced out of the solar system, critical now more than ever to ensure success of the plan. Allies had ensured there would be no victory for their opponent, only disappointment and regret. Rapid construction of the third space elevator would begin once more, while delayed due to the fellow corporation's disappearance it would not mean any major delay. It was interesting to see the board changing but the overall layout getting even more advantageous as the years passed. Limitless resources tended to provide an advantage, what a strange planet that none of the powers choose to cooperate rather than attempting to extract a hollow victory from a corporation who exports war.
  4. Mogar

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    So let's all go over this together, Patrick claimed his land on January 31st, which is fine, however they did not post until feburary 4th. which following the rules means they cannot claim until march, so the claim below was completely invalid, This is what I am claiming and I followed all of the rules in order to do so, unlike those whom you immediately gave highly contested land to, even though there was no transfer of said land in this thread or in the RP. We can call this colony five. This is colony one. All of those Pacific Islands are colony two. All of my near african colonies were transferred to Spectres communists, as mentioned several times previously. For the record, next time perhaps consider removing the numbers that resize an image, and instead use a bare image link, and it will pop up entirely full size! It may help resolve your issue. Let me know if you have any other questions, Thanks!
  5. Mogar

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    That would be because the owner of the new lands made the new post. It's fine! I have donated a majority of my claims to the communists, and provided a map which colored them into the correct country in order to continue my own expansions, please feel free to argue further with me here, or you could review the discord server which we discussed these claims publicly.
  6. One had finally risen to the challenge in their own cowardly way, hiding behind fictional rules designed to make anyone immune that desired such power. and the corporation's tendrils in the aether began to flow inwards, carrying with them incomprehensible resources, the African Space Elevator became the company's primary naval production site, the rare metals from above allowing lighter and stronger vessels to be thrown out into the sea to further strangle the global routes under the company's banner. Observation and intelligence gathering became a heavy focus to ensure that if their opponent ever decided they had enough toys they barely understood how to use to be confident to attempt another Suez incident it would end just the same. Reinforcement of The Cape to afford enough of a resistance force to destroy any fools naive enough to invade the endless cityscape would also be prioritized, it was easy enough since the opposing forces had no submarines and refused to do more than provoke.
  7. Mogar

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Incorrect since I am abandoned the other south American colony I am at the limit still, not above it, I understand that you don't like my claims IC but that is not a good reason to be abusing your power as mapmaker.
  8. Mogar

    A day in the life.

    The youth of the corporations territory were strangely the hardest to manipulate and control. Growing portions began to find ways to rebel, spraypainting tags or over security cameras, to the occasional riot. It was unfortunate and the loss of population was attempted to be kept to a minimum but there was acceptable statistics to the overall plan. The chittering was near constant, the droning sounds echoing from the corporations territory into the outlands, the white spaces and borders surrounding. Unincorporated territory was considered heathens for lack of better phrasing, an uneducated dirty masses not blessed by the technological light. It was critical to maintain a military advantage over any who would seek to harm the company or the planet, and there was no greater threat than Britannia. The corporate fleets had long since began a campaign of active sonar, and the production of naval vessels came before anything else, the riots became more and more frequent but it was a minimal cost compared to the risk of the planet's safety. Battleships would begin to return to the waters, newly designed with modernized weaponry to extend the range and life of such a platform, allowing for superior interaction with opposing territories from beyond the range of reprisal. A boot to the throat tended to serve as a good lesson, even with the deck stacked against the company it was still unlikely they would be the student this time.
  9. Mogar

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    -this and my current south american claims to make up the difference monthly claims.
  10. Mogar

    Across the Ocean Blue

    The imaginary invasion was as eventful as any other interaction would be, the corporation's defenses within the area immediately beginning missile barrage and shelling operations once naval contacts were confirmed and there would be no let up of harrassment of any and all targets in range and upon satellite intelligence. The flotillas that made up global defense began to swarm upon anything that would be foolish enough to attempt to travel between the Americas and Africas without an invitation. The construction within the amazon delta was abandoned completely and brought to a better location, facing the Pacific and allowing the corporation to further their own control over the waterways that were so vital to trade. Rather than concern themselves with The Cape's defense, the company maximized its push into the Americas and reinforcing it's bastion in Asia, the homeland was as safe as ever it was presumed. A little struggle here and there never hurt a society, only made them stronger.
  11. Mogar

    A day in the life.

    I woke up around 6am to the kids in the apartment above running around, not even phased by this point of my life, I spent the next several minutes struggling to get out of bed, deciding that getting an actual paycheck rather than the basic cut that led to ramen and water for a diet for the next month was probably the better option. Living on the 86th floor was not the best privilege, but it meant she actually had a job and was a contributing member of the society that the company had created. The arcologies that MoG[Corp] preferred for population storage were cities within cities, the majority of those who dwelled within them not needing to leave forever if they so desired, Nonie Kenna, a dimuitive girl had grown up in Cape Town, and now lived in Casablanca, the primary hub of the company. Unlike the majority however, she did not get the choice of staying in her fortress, instead needing to making it down near ground level to catch a train to the headquarters. Not anything particularly special, a mid level executive analyst was still well beyond the heights most would ever reach for, she had the option of her own car, or even driver should she had wanted but preferred to keep her costs to a minimum. The population had little clue there was no actual leadership, instead there was an artificial intelligence which dictated corporate decisions, from payroll and human resources to foreign policy, there was not significant input at the upper echelons. As she had risen in the company ranks with her analyst skills she had realized that something was not quite right, information was updated and revised in realtime, projects ended with no warning, and begun with the same notice. What was even more strange is similar patterns began to arise, as though events were predetermined. Rather than make anyone aware of her suspicion she had simply continued and ensured her cost/benefit was higher than any other employee she would be competing with. The past week had opened her eyes to the fact that nobody above her was actually making choices and it all came down to simple math. Applying for a job she was less qualified for than at least three other applicants she knew of from what she could determine from her own talent, it was likely there was more that she didn't have access to, but it was not such a free internet out there. The maglev finally arrived in the company's headquarters on B2, and she would be ascending to the 140th floor to resume her job, observing the Chinese population that the company could maintain eyes on, and doing what was possible to maximize their reach to other outlets. Lately it had became testing other nations in Asia's internet systems constantly with what they could, focusing heavily on Britiannian and Canadian internet lines to get into their systems or remove them from the global network. In the unincorporated white spaces whatever resources were needed from money to materials or people were provided to get into the internet and media outlets and ensure they were providing favorable content to the varying messages they needed to sell. While the messages could always change controlling those avenues and displaying such capabilities was the better decision, allegedly anyway. The elevator shot her up into the air and within a few minutes she was at her desk and looking at virtual maps of the global internet traffic. The corporation's intranet was kept entirely separate from the rest of global traffic but the company was more than happy to allow transmission through it's own cable systems for minimal costs, the data was worth more than any currency. It was not interesting for the most part, the company's objective was white noise rather than intelligent dialogue after all. What was more interesting was the fanatical focus on the global project rather than foreign policy concerns, Nonie thought it was unusual that short term considerations were completely disregarded but going too far against the grain was not the path, only just enough to get noticed and considered. As she continued throughout the day it was just a trivial boring one, right?
  12. Mogar

    MoG[Corp] Asia®

    Expansion of the corporation's owned territory and establishing the standard policy of low cost housing along with enough of the things that civilians loved, a high speed internet with whatever their depraved hearts desired, endless television channels from educational to less so, and the various electronics that went along with media. The Chinese populations were manipulated within their immediate area to preferring the benefits of capitalism, seeing the strife caused by the communist and monarchic governances are far more damaging than the company's methods. That was the intention of course, and any dissenters were watched and removed depending on their ability to accept the adjustments required. Rumors of people disappearing after a knock at their door began to be whispered, also monitored but considered to be less of a problem, as fear was a good motivation to not behave inappropriately. The company's media focus was based off Taiwan and Hong Kong of the past, establishing Chinese storylines and maintaining a heavy favoritism towards the benefits of the system afforded to them. Subtly negative focus on the dynasties of old in China and elsewhere in Asia would be brought in after several months, with anticolonialism always a message within the background. There was plenty that opposed the heavyhandedness of the company's military in enforcing security, but riots were never publicly reported and dealt with swiftly, cell towers in the area cut off from the rest of the network and phones targeted and hijacked to ensure no footage could reach the outside world. It was rare that deaths occurred, but crowd control had become a specialty, especially within the confined spaces of a metropolis. Like The Cape and other corporate projects, southeastern China would begin to grow towards the sky, industrial capacity was a focus but pushing as many people into as little space was more important, since it would free up so much more space within their territory to build all of the nonsense required to keep a society going, and more importantly, to defend itself. The usual Vertical Farms with lighting from a point beyond the early 20th century would be costly, but economics of scale tended to be useful when it came to construction. Several of the newly annexed islands would serve as an excellent basis for a new reality show, 100 citizens who signed a waiver would be put into an airplane and flown over an island covered in weaponry, a betting market would be established for each episode of the show and slowly grew in viewership share within their lands. There was no editing of the footage of course, and there would be a total of 5 channels devoted to the show, each showing 4 of the most interesting contestants. Deals would be made with Egypt to restore ownership of their territory to them once more, the corporation's desire to eliminate colonialism having been solved upon one continent at the very least, two others to go.
  13. The borders would be much more open than the prior corporation, it was easy enough to simply allow more transit and trade and offer Mexican Nationals favorable deals for hotels and the like in their own currency to incentivize the situation. The money gained would be used with further trade with Mexico and other communist leaning governments.
  14. Corporate influencers would begin a quiet campaign of manipulating media within China towards socialism and communism, reminding them of the rapid advancements afforded in their past and aiming at directing them that way politically, while also marketing the concept of a democratic election to determine the fate of their country, as the largest population in the world it was important to understand what they desired as a whole. Arming those who were favorable to such causes within the "white space" became more important than arming the nations surrounding as it was determined to be of more importance to counteract the growing powers who so far had not provided any display of interest in fruitful relationships on the company's terms. Expansion into the Chinese market was decided to be more important than observing the Philippines and rights to corporate colonies were sold to gain further capital to fund the enhancement of the company's commitment to the Asia theater and an assurance that regardless of what the powers that be wished, they would achieve the intended objective before any withdrawal would happen. Within the company's own territories however a message of the wonders of capitalism and the construction boom that follows the corporate sponsorship provided them with more than enough reason to stay and enjoy the new gadgets and toys that were brought to market. Televisions had a thousand channels with whatever you could imagine and preferring political ignorance rather than activism, keeping the population distracted and entertained made for less desire to rock the boat.
  15. Mogar

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Revising my claims since I must apparently, Africa is now communist!

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