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  1. Fires were burning all over the corporation's territories, the value of the citizens was not worth a change in focus. It was incredibly unfortunate if you were an average Joe, but the wealthy found their way off planet and into the stars. Parties were a regular occurrence in space, lunar and the sides had established enough self sufficiency there was no concerns of harm to happen in the off world. The planet was always such a bore, there was endless weapons awaiting activity but why bother unless there was an actual opponent? Chasing shadows was a cliche but an oddly fitting one with how few wished to even play the games let alone compete. There was an anxiety in the usual population, riots and civil disobedience being a norm. Unlike in other worlds there plenty of ways to completely combat protests, simply don't allow any communication that wasn't off a corporate intranet router. It wasn't entirely perfect but allowed for a manipulative strategy to erase the leaders of threats before they became real issues. A few weeks and rebranding allowed for easier factionalization of the company's lands, and false choices led to a happier people.
  2. I like it, bold strategies! Edit: been a while since I have gotten a first 😉
  3. "Not entirely a surprise, nukes have always tended to be the threat against anything that seemed unusual." Targeting had always begun on priority targets and even with the potential fallout corporate fleets began to move to be able to deploy countermeasures if needed, but it was unexpected that there was a threat beyond the new visitors quite yet, and they were of more concern than the civilian parties that had begun to spring up upon the planet. "Regardless of their own interests, I am attempting to allow a diplomatic resolution before responding with other means and am unconcerned with the potential issues with their radical options." Turning to the other guests, "I can ensure that the British representatives are able to speak freely, any misunderstandings can be discussed in the fun with their government if required, let me worry about your leaders comrades, I can help make sure we all get along for the immediate, it isn't every day you get to meet visitors from other worlds after all." A dramatic shift of fleet posture began, no quarter was given to anything else that was in the area. Anything that came within 500 nautical miles of the Impossible Conceded would be given a 30 second limit to begin leaving the area. "The important step is making sure we can all agree on certain physics limitations for planetary conflicts. Outside of that I make no agreements quite yet."
  4. 4 tiles is the current meta, I am down to change the rules to be more aggresive but this would also mean the map fills up quicker. This would require a rule that allows at a certain point puppet nations to be formed without consent, ideally this would be a mediated discuss ion among a set of parties that set up a reasonable long term agreement or an interesting storyline that allows for group participation.
  5. Sometimes you just have to have some conflict!
  6. Even better! Maybe you can find a place you would like to create a nation soon!
  7. MoG[Corp] had usually stayed internal for communication, exported channels tended to be of the most extreme nature, often violent sports and other forms of entertainment. News was fair and balanced depending on your perspective, internal channels had various opinions, different high level employees having control over various factions, the majority of them radically isolationists with no interest in the outside world. Music was a preference for export, the many electronic genres as well as multiple languages due to the varied population the company had managed to collect over the decades of open immigration. There was no cause for concern publicly toward the development, only that the research facilities were being contacted and restored from an unusual weather pattern.
  8. The CEO would look over the being, "I presume you are not quite the same as I last remembered you. I am the leader of MoG[Corp], a corporation that has established security and access to the stars for those who choose to exist upon this planet. If calculations are correct you represent an old friend from another world. We were allies and enemies both depending on the instance, and regardless of how this world will play out I hope we can establish a sense of order and balance to provide for a fruitful society, as well as mutually beneficial trade agreements." A hologram would come from a cell phone style device showing the elevators which the company had eliminated several rivals governments to create. "I have fought several wars to bring about a planet which could exist freely in space, as I suspect you have figured out by now based off the satellites launched into space recently. My only conditions to any agreements to be made is to preserve space from militarization against planetary territories. There is plenty else to concern ourselves with than potential destruction of our home. There is much potential in your lands and we would be happy to learn more about how you came to be on this planet, as well as how we can work together to create a better planet." The military movements were taken as unusual by the the corporate fleet and an open message was sent to the dragon alliance flotilla. A line of stealthy missile boats designed primarily to serve as a base of operations for drones to observe the dragon alliance fleet began to set out from the largest vessels, uncertain of what they planned on doing next. "Invasion of a polar desert is likely one of the most difficult battleplans possible, I could not think of a harder battleground against an opponent of unknown capacities, bringing a diplomatic party would be advised rather than occupying a wasteland."
  9. Arming the dragon alliance became a priority, it would be provided for costs beyond a slight profit, enough to cover the costs of labor required for transportation and maintance.
  10. The added visitors meant nothing to the fleet as it had approached, active ping spam gave away location freely to an extent, it was a matter of enforcing a boundary of opposition. A jet would eventually arrive containing the CEO and the entourage, all unarmed for the most part. Several would not be able to pass a metal detector but that was not expected to be an issue.
  11. The corporate flagship along with enough naval power to counteract anything they could have brought through the warp for a long enough time to commit to the job would have neared the southern continent to be able to deploy an excursion to meet the guests upon Orbis or whatever this planet was calling itself. Corporate vessels had always committed to offensive blinding and laser based communication, the cost of active sonar and various spectrum counter warfare was worth the location information. You would only know their location, not the numbers to a precise enough number to feel confident. A single aircraft would take off from the capital ship to arrive at the airstrip that fed the lost base. A short burst would be delivered by drones that flew ahead of the aircraft that stated the diplomatic nature of the trip, to not say anything of the hassle of being cold.
  12. I am working on getting this map translated!
  13. The corporate flagship would send an open burst in Morse. Afterwards immediately jamming began to an extent the various species began to react negatively, animals of the ocean not a fan of active radar spam to confuse opposing radar, while being able to track to an extent it made it difficult to actually mount an opposition, various spectrum would be flashed constantly from certain vessels to remove any optic intelligence, there was no expectations of Maelstrom being an unreasonable judgement of the corporate motivations on the planet, and a proponent of long term rules based society the company wished to see control the shared planet. -.. .. .--. .-.. --- -- .- -.-. -.-- / .. ... / - .... . / ..-. .. .-. ... - / --- .--. - .. --- -. --..-- / .-- .- .-. / .. ... / .- .-.. .-- .- -.-- ... / .- -. / --- .--. - .. --- -. .-.-.- The southern lands were not the company's concern, and it was expected that there could be an acceptable resolution to all concerns, new neighbors were welcomed first, how interaction went from there was always subject to change.
  14. I really like the concept of npc nations, please post Asia!
  15. @Olive Penderghast could you pin the new mapmaker instead? Thanks in advance!
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