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  1. Mogar

    Incursion 2.0

    A safe zone would be set up in the Malacca strait, Singapore being used as a headquarters for the Impossible Conceded, the corporate flagship containing several kilograms of antimatter, the basis of finance upon the planet once the company took over. Cables would be sent out to all interested parties in order to ensure a stable diplomatic summit, discussion amongst the southern neighbors expected to be interesting to say the least.
  2. Mogar

    Incursion 2.0

    A mechanical chittering would begin amongst corporate territories, eventually sending the message back. cibi abundantia. Pax vix est quasi de somno dormientes et insipientibus debitor machinis.
  3. Mogar

    Xibei San ma trade deals

    The corporation would be willing to provide whatever amounts of iron and steel required, to be transported by corporate vessels to the Asian coastline, and a lend-lease program to transport vehicles to get the materials inland if Xibei accepts.
  4. Mogar

    The creation of the Xibei San ma’s military

    Cold war era weaponry left in warehouses would find its way to the Empire of Xibei San Ma, corporate intermediaries in grey market dealings providing small arms and armored personnel carriers at below market pricing but enough to not simply give it away. Similar deals would be made with leaders of groups not currently under control of Xibei though nowhere near the same extent, getting a read of the groups and their policy and politics would be important before backing any particular endgame.
  5. Mogar

    Incursion 2.0

    There was finally something out there once more, a familiar opponent it felt like but things always had a way of changing characters. The Antarctic had been ignored for the most part and the occasional lost station by neutral nations was not unheard of but there was something different about this one, a sense of supernatural which had been dormant for what felt like decades. There was always a technological equivalent to magic, but the focus on the outer realms of the plane had led to near complete ignorance of the goings on of Terra for far too long to have neutralized the first breach, and had meant it would be a game of watching and eventually reacting once their public announcement of existing was made. Diplomatic replies would be sent to the Xibei National Council and whomever else acknowledged the development to discuss this incident and their new guests.
  6. Mogar

    Some Ideas

    Let's see if we can all get along enough to establish some basis for interactions
  7. Mogar

    Some Ideas

    Send your leader or an emissary, I will meet whoever needed in order to prove my desire for a world where we all can get along. The problem I have noticed is that I don't mind dying but others may have issues with such a scenario, come and have a real conversation. Eva, you most importantly must partake, I don't care for many in this world but you are a critical part of the global family. Perhaps others were less willing to work with you but I have always struggled with simply joining you and ending the rest of them. I want you to join a new world, work with me to ensure you and all others can join a world where we all can be content.
  8. The invitation would be sent out to whomever decided to participate. An enclave within south Africa was set aside and corporate influence was forced upon the surrounding area. It was less of a question of obedience and more of how long they would attempt to debate who was in control. The chaos of the corporate territories was not a shock, though anyone willing to abandon their security would find themselves lost and potentially unsaved. Any protests were put down well before it would be recorded for external use, and internally would be even more forced down by whatever was required, occasionally an entire arcology was wiped out. The chittering of company soldiers would never be lost, but likely never fully understood by foreigners. It just proved the strength of the corporate system, external influence was the problem, so long as an structure was obedient to it's master there was no problems in the world, and disobedience would be met with a crackdown that proved a weakness in former leaders. Silence was the only reply to gripes against the system, public export saw a massive population supporting the company policy, thousands reaching out to try to even exist in the same space as global influencers. Opponents were fighting supposedly, it was important to show them alternative choices, perhaps we could all live in the same world and make choices based off long term scenarios rather than simply agreeing to the wagging of objects which could never be used. Weapons of unimaginable power had always existed it was just there were so few willing to hit the button.
  9. Mogar

    Some Ideas

    I am more than happy to take a loss, write more than "Sends all the tanks and planes that are invincible for some reason!". You claim you care about RP but then completely disregard the fact you ain't invading regular islands without any defenses, my entire schtick has been designing a society where I have little control and an occupying power would have a far less enjoyable time. I wish you could understand how little I give a frick about my in-game nation, logging in every 6 hours to feel like I won a fictional war is something I may have done in 2006, but nobody has time for that level of forced participation.
  10. Mogar

    Some Ideas

    This subforum is for separate National Affairs roleplay related specifically to a single world-map. This roleplay subforum is intended to be an entirely separate entity from the National Affairs roleplay post I can copypasta too, I also want you to actually take the steps back enough to realize that bringing along potentially hundreds or thousands of people to war in-game over RP grudges would likely not lead to a healthy political base for a lasting game. We all seem to want nteraction, just nobody seems interested in potentially losing said interaction. I have been willing to take a loss but that requires someone to actually play politics, otherwise I will continue to RP as I have and await somebody who actually wants to treat the great game scenario as though their choices had consequences.
  11. Mogar

    Some Ideas

    Why would I bother RPing against game mechanics? Relating any RP directly to another game is a naive route to go about. You never did anything that was related to my own RP beyond attack me in-game, there was no backstory to allow for an IC reasoning, and while whoever else ignored you, I acknowledge all players on map based RP, which leads to my own desire to ensure there is no egregious acts are possible. The dream would be something where nobody is invincible, but basic concepts of strategy are still an aspect of how a war is gonna go rather than simply believing whatever fantasy your Utopia has created. FUN FACT: Not a single person in NatRP has attempted to use an EMP against me. Maelstrom up there is actually one of my favorite RPers because he has always had a willingness to determine that an army of 1000 dragonmen is worth more about the same as an army of 10,000 regular soldiers, or whatever hypothetical scenario the evas of the world desired. All it takes is a desire to write a good story rather than refusal to ever take a loss.
  12. Mogar

    Some Ideas

    Your "RP" is not actually a fantasy RP, you are basing it off in-game which I could care less about. There needs to be rules for map based RP, I have yet to see one where "have fun!" created a world which lasted.
  13. Mogar

    Some Ideas

    Personally I think there needs to be a heavy ruleset to make everyone regional powers rather than immediately superpowers, a ramp up should be required to get a full army and Navy and all the fun toys.
  14. Mogar

    A day in the life.

    The world continued on and the company began to spiral in many ways, the eternal deja vu a strange comfort, the endless militarization having led to no competition. The computers had long since taken control of the plot and the external threat could not be disregarded, the metals for the Navy no longer worth the capacity if they could be better suited in orbit. Nonie had grown in the company in the turmoil, her primary objective had always been the outer reaches, the strange thing to her was always that there was a plan for everything, it had made her consider that there was perhaps a more important thing to consider than the petty squabbles of the planet itself. Political disagreements to grow an empire were one thing, sabotaging planetary defense was another all together. Eventually it reached out to her, a night spent at home jacked into an RPG another player came from nowhere and decimated friend and foe alike. While strange, the portal to an incomprehensible realm made her realize this was not the normal game. It spoke in chaos, nothing that could be translated but still was easily understood. The goal was never something they could understand on this planet, a species as poisoned as theirs wasn't fit to grasp the realities of the darkness surrounding them.
  15. Mogar

    Official NatRP Map Thread

    Do you mind creating a map using the map provided in the op to show what you would want to claim? Also bear in mind you will need to make a post in the next few days!

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