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(DoE) A new beginning!

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37 minutes ago, ArchAngel1252 said:

With our new beginning we also present the Galactic Empires charter. 



I recommend you put the contents of that document inside your original DOE

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Good call, wouldn’t want to be named after the guy who tried to sell me for a few billion either! 

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The Knights Radiant 
High Prince of Foreign Affairs

Journey before Destination.

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Is The Mandalorian why everyone has been jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon for aa names? Looking forward to you guys giving us a reason to stand apart from the others!

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Guys remember when I formed the Galactic Empire. We got Great Leak War like a day later. Wonder what we get now.

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15 hours ago, Dwight k Schrute said:

Oh look, another star wars themed aa, how original. You were not worthy to represent the schrute name in any case. Open season on the infra rebuilders during war 😂

You are literally a disgrace to the Office and everything Dwight Schrute.

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:nyan:The Volleyball :nyan: 

Avanti Immortali


..one, two, Jimmy's coming for you...

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9 hours ago, Kevanovia said:

Best of luck with your rebrand, although you may want to get ahold of @Zygon and have him lend you some .gifs to help your future posts.

Mp4s or bust.

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