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  1. Huh, some interesting insight.
  2. Merky Mo


    Bruh stop insulting me I just wanted to have fun.
  3. The team at Database has uncovered a spy ring and other other things. Full detailed breakdown/evidence in Database: https://discord.gg/86Hzkp2CWU The Jist of it is An individual called Badorties#2934 is running a spy ring and demanding several small micros a percentage of their income. The spy ring is selling this information they gather as they have spies in several groups/alliances, the full extent of this is not known. The Organization responsible for the distribution and selling of this information being "Excalibur Core" In addition this individual is attempting to extort several small micros for a percentage of their income Once again all screenshots/breakdowns is in the Database server since I'm not post like a Dozen or so screenshots here. This post was made so more people are aware of this stingy operation. List of alliances/nations affiliated are of course in the Database server. btw. https://discord.gg/86Hzkp2CWU Best regards to all who helped in this investigation. As a general note if you want me to investigate anything feel free to slide in my DMs.
  4. Any good/serious alliance in this game requires the use of discord. Any alliance that doesn't usually isn't very good or 'serious.'
  5. This whole thread has me thinking.
  6. Holdup, I'm pretty sure that's a training alliance of 'The Fighting Pacifists.'
  7. This was quite an interesting read. Please do more.
  8. Error: 404 no pun found Idk what else to say.
  9. Advanced recruitment bot is in #resoucres As for a traditional recruitment bot it should be in #bots if you scroll enough But I’ll DM you directly to help.
  10. Invite Link: https://discord.gg/86Hzkp2CWU Database is essentially what you would call a PnW library already boasting 500+ PnW files, including invite links to some PnW based bots and access to other resources (Advanced Recruitment bot, etc). I’m making a forum post in an effort for as many people have access to this public resource as possible. Incase you weren’t aware of it beforehand.
  11. No we’re are 1000% a legitimate business. Also we funded Taith as to add to our legitimateness. Yes, just give me all your Money, resources and shares and $5 billion will be sent to you nation in no time.
  12. Hello I’m announcing the Existence of my legitimate business “Nigerian Prince Banking” we offer -15% interest on loans and give YOU money for banking with us. And offer insurance so YOU can have a scam free history for YOUR company. We are also the first and only trillion dollar company in Orbis so you know your money is going somewhere good. Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/Yph5JnVPrr
  13. #TAITH TO THE SKY This message was sponsored by Taith
  14. Uhhhh I don't know.
  15. This is monumental I'm truly astounded by this marvelous cooperation between Human over and the Dominion. All of Orbis will remember this treaty for years to come cheers to this NAP!!
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