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  1. Looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our new friends in OWR.
  2. The Legion recognizes Juan Guaido as the rightful leader of OWR.
  3. The Legion is following developments within OWR with concern and invites all parties to use moderation and common sense to overcome this domestic political crisis.
  4. Congratulations on the treaty. Watch out for Zygon.
  5. Welcome back and best of luck to Hans and Alt. May you have much success.
  6. The "All Roads Lead to Winterfell" Accords Preamble: The Legion and House Stark (herein "the signatories") come together under the guiding principles of friendship, mutual defense, and common prosperity to establish the All Roads Lead to Winterfell Accords, a non-chaining Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact. Article I: There's No Cure For Being a C*** The signatories agree to refrain from any act of aggression towards one another, be it hot war or espionage, and commit to furthering the shared security and welfare of both alliances. Article II: I Drink and I Know Things The signatories agree to share any pertinent intelligence obtained through "little birds" or frumentarii, so long as the information is not bound by outside confidentiality agreements. Pertinent intelligence is deemed as information that threatens the security or sovereignty of either signatory. Article III: A Legionnaire Always Pays His Debts The signatories are encouraged to provide financial aid to one another in order to support the principle of common prosperity, especially if one of the signatories is at war or rebuilding from a war. Article IV: The Night Is Dark and Full of Romans An act of war upon one signatory is considered an act of war on both signatories. Legionnaires and Bannermen of House Stark agree to provide mandatory mutual defense should either signatory be attacked. In the event either signatory comes under attack via activation of an external treaty, the mandatory defense is then considered optional defense. Article V – The Man Who Passes the Sentence Should Swing the Sword In the event that a signatory requires assistance in an aggressive war against a third party, signatories are strongly encouraged but not obligated to assist the other by means of financial or military support. Article VI – We Don't Get to Choose Whom We Love If either signatory feels that this treaty has been unjustly violated and resulting diplomatic negotiations have not offered an acceptable resolution, notification of withdrawal must be given to the remaining signatory within seventy-two hours. Should this treaty be voided, a forty-eight hour cooldown period begins in which neither alliance may declare war on the other. Signed for The Legion, /s/ Lord Windmark, Imperator /s/ Totem, Proconsul /s/ happy5214, Consul of Economic Affairs /s/ David Ben-Gurion, Consul of Foreign Affairs /s/ Deathbiter, Consul of Internal Affairs /s/ Penultidodo, Consul of Military Affairs Signed for House Stark, tldr; The Legion and House Stark dissolve the existing protectorate treaty and activate this nMDoAP.
  7. You formed a bloc, joined the war late with full militaries and stockpiles, decided to target AE who is already fighting 5 alliances, and didn't even blitz?
  8. In light of the events that have taken place on Orbis within the last 24 hours, and in the spirit of solidarity with our friends in House Stark, The Legion hereby declares war on The Federation. /s/ Lord Windmark, Imperator /s/ Totem, Proconsul /s/ happy5214, Consul of Economic Affairs /s/ David Ben-Gurion, Consul of Foreign Affairs /s/ Penultidodo, Consul of Military Affairs Additionally, Amarr Empire has activated its treaty with House Stark and also recognizes a state of war with The Federation. /s/ Jet Whites, Emperor /s/ Vander Lord, Emperor /s/ sweetstorm, Empress
  9. Sending my thoughts and prayers to Amarr Empire.
  10. I pledge my sword to the banner of the King in the North, Zygon StarkBy the old gods and the newdown with the tyranny of the Squeegeewith honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all
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