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  1. Best of wishes bois Here's to a bright future (one without a Camelot merge)
  2. Should be an interesting alliance. Wish you guys the best of luck in the future bois o7
  3. Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Micros
  4. The graphics on this are nice as hell Wish the best of luck going to forward to “Swampaurorelot” or Mystery Inc. if that’s what you wanna be called lol
  5. That was um... short good luck tho o7
  6. There's more to it than just the economy. I know enough about other parts of TRE to know it was the right move. Even if you had managed to get the economy back in track, you might've just been dogpiled again by some large alliance because of your reputation. It would have been in the best of the alliance to go through with this, as you guys would've been stuck in a cycle of getting dogpiled and rebuilding. This is just my opinion on this but hey you can do whatever you want Good luck in TFed
  7. You mean you've been in vm for the last month right lol As soon as war breaks out your ass is cowering in fear and you have the balls to call shota a traitor
  8. From the hallowed halls of the Star Chaser GVI, Starfuze, Village, Gabe, and Deraj meet with Solar Knight Shota. His alliance was ravaged from the onslaught of Arrgh, their forces desolate and depleted. They searched Orbis for another place they could call home. They stumbled upon Ad Astra, their long time friends from their time under House Stark and TCM. The 2 alliances rejoiced, aligning their spines as one. TLDR: The Ronin Empire merges into Ad Astra. I'm being held hostage by Deraj he made me make this post against my free will
  9. In the Hallowed Halls of Swing, Deraj sat in his office alone, thinking to himself. It had been a lonely week in Swing since Benj left, and Deraj was looking to lead Swing in a new, refreshing direction. Gabriel bursted into the office, knocking over a file cabinet full of ideas for company parties. Deraj called upon his friends in the Abyss, asking them if they'd want to get together for a friendly cross-AA barbeque. Starfuze and Village graciously accepted the invitation. The barbeque was so great, the AAs decided to band together and continue their journey in Orbis together. TLDR : SwingSet and The Abyss merge to create Ad Astra. Ad Astra (ASTRA) | Politics & War (politicsandwar.com)
  10. Jack I thought I told you not to get TCM murdered Don’t die lol o7
  11. For god's sake Jack don't get TCM murdered But hey man, I wish you luck I'm rootin for y'all
  12. Would it kill you to spell my nation name right
  13. Not sure if I should keep leading The Abyss or join whoever this alliance is with like no cities
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