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  1. Join any somewhat large alliance that doesn’t have a training alliance. Make sure the alliance has discord. Aim for a top 50 alliance, maybe top 30.
  2. Well they’re also in rosecam now lol
  3. You're probably the worst person in orbis lmao
  4. The bleak and meaningless void of life that has been created within the alliance is finally going to be swept away by bloodlust. We hereby recreate Liberty Bloc, resign our old allies, and declare war on our former Protector, House Stark. Protectorate - The Coal Mines MDP - Golden Dawn Happy April Fools Day my guys
  5. I hereby dissolve any connection with myself and this post
  6. I hope you're doing alright Jaden, and you're always welcome over here. We enjoyed your company, you made us laugh, and you were really nice to us. Thanks for kicking around with us, we appreciate it. Godspeed Jaden
  7. Y’all are gonna want to find a protector lol or you’re gonna go the way of every other micro without one: You’ll either stay under top 100 forever or get flattened by literally any real alliance
  8. this really the best you got lol
  9. The King in the North Falls into The Abyss As the King in the North was getting some fresh air riding aimlessly around his kingdom (to get away from the pressure of the constant daily coup attempts) he noticed a small glowing spot on a large stone he had never seen before. He slowly approached it and reached his hand out towards it to touch it. He was immediately pulled through the hole and into a place of endless darkness. Feeling disoriented and confused he stumbled around the darkness for what felt like an eternity. Finally out of nowhere Starfuze walked up behind him and startl
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