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  1. Thank you all for the warm welcome!
  2. Dawn was fast approaching the Lands of Schrute, and smoke hung low over the many ruined cities and fields that it once hosted. Long gone were the days of prosperity, sundered by the treason of its Founder, Dwight. However, not all of the Farmers or cities were lost. Some still remained, and they choose the Stars. Now, we have changed. We have found purpose and unity beyond what the Farm could inspire. And from here-on, we shall overcome the challenges before us with undeniable might. The name of Schrute is now dead, consigned to the ages as the dust left upon those fields we left behind. For now, we are unified. We are legion. We are The Empire. Imperial Charter PREAMBLE: We the members of Schrute Farms, in order to perfect our alliance and survive in the world of Orbis, do ordain and establish this constitution for the government of our alliance and hereby rename ourselves to The Galactic Empire, to uphold a safe and secure society. From the ashes of the shattered Galaxy that has been burned by Separatist war, ravaged by droid armies, and encumbered by the nefarious Jedi, we have risen. The Empire promises to bring peace to all systems through Order! Through Order, we shall Prosper. ARTICLE 1: The name of this alliance shall be “The Galactic Empire”, hereafter shortened to “The Empire” or informally “The Alliance”, and either of these names shall be used in all publicity materials, official statements, laws, and correspondence. ARTICLE 2: The purpose of this alliance is to thrive in the dangerous world of Orbis, bring stability and security to our members, and uphold the sacred ideals and values of good food and easy life. ARTICLE 3: Section 1: The Galactic Empire shall be composed of members who shall be titled Stormtroopers, informally referred to as Troopers. All members must be active members of Politics & War, join the Galactic Empire discord server, and swear the Oath of the Empire. The Oath of The Empire is as follows: We, the Citizen of the Galactic Empire, swear loyalty above all to our Emperor, glory be to Him, for all of our lives. His Orders are Absolute. Section 2: Members of The Galactic Empire have the eternal right to know of all alliance dealings within 72 hours, know of all banking transactions, war declarations, and policy updates. Additionally, members have the right to vote on major policies and laws, elect and impeach members of the government, and propose laws and policies to the High Council. Likewise, members are required to pay taxes to the alliance bank at the current rate, comply with alliance policy on military build-up, remain an active member of Politics & War as well as The Galactic Empire discord server, and fight in all inter-alliance wars that The Galactic Empire is involved in. Section 3: Membership can be revoked by the decision of the High Council due to inactiveness, failure to pay taxes, failure to obey policies and laws, and/or giving off a bad vibe. However, we affirm that membership is open to all active members of Politics & War regardless of age, creed, race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, disability, or national origin. However, inactive players are not welcome into the alliance, and entrance for players with a score under 1000 shall be decided by the High Council on a case-by-case basis. ARTICLE 4: Section 1: The Galactic Empire shall be governed by the High Council, which is made up of Councilors, the Galactic Emperor, and the Dark Lord of the Sith. The following ministries shall be established: Ministry of Finance Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Internal Affairs Ministry of War Ministry of Recruitment. No Councillor may hold office in more than one ministry at a given time. Section 2: The Galactic Emperor shall be chosen by a majority vote of all members of the alliance, with the Dark Lord being the runner-up. The Galactic Emperor shall chair all meetings of the High Council and represent the alliance in bloc meetings and declarations of war. The Dark Lord shall also receive the role of General Secretary and shall organize and manage meetings of the High Council. If the Galactic Emperor is on a leave of absence, then the Dark Lord shall temporarily assume the role of Galactic Emperor, with the line of succession dictated in the order of the list in Article 4 Section 1. Section 3: Members of the High Council can be removed from their positions through the process of impeachment. In order for impeachment to occur, a member of the alliance must submit articles to the High Council, following which the articles will be publicized and a general member-only vote will occur. If 50% or more members vote to impeach, then the High Council will hold a discussion and vote, with a 75% vote required to remove someone from office. Section 4: Members of the High Council will retain their role for life unless they resign, are impeached and removed, or are inactive for over 90 days. When a role is vacated, anyone who wishes to fill this role may apply to the High Council, who discuss and vote to confirm the application. Confirmation requires a majority vote by the High Council. If the position of Galactic Emperor is vacated, then the Dark Lord shall temporarily hold the office until the position is filled. In order to be eligible for the High Council, members must have a score over 1500 and be an active member of The Galactic Empire for 60 days. Section 5: New ministries and positions may be created by the High Council with a majority vote. ARTICLE 5: Section 1: Policies are defined as the temporary directives of the alliance for goals, such as ordering mobilization, changing taxes, issuing loans, and running events. Policies are subject to discussion, but not a vote by the High Council. Rules are defined as permanent laws of the alliance which are consistently displayed on the alliance page. Section 2: Rules must be voted in by the High Council with a majority vote. Likewise, they can be repealed with a majority vote. Rules can be proposed by members of the High Council at any time and will be voted on at the next High Council meeting. Members can propose rules and policies at any time as well, but they require the support of 4 members to warrant a discussion and vote in the High Council. Section 3: All rules, policies, amendments, and other related items are to be voted on in the weekly High Council meeting, except for declarations of war, mobilization orders, treaty negotiations, new member acceptance, and the delivery of loans and grants. After a rule or amendment is confirmed by a vote, the High Council will make an announcement and the rule or amendment will be enacted one week later. All other items can be enacted immediately, but require an announcement to the Galactic Empire members. ARTICLE 6: Section 1: The ministries of The Galactic Empire shall have the following roles: Section 2: The Councilor of Finance shall run the alliance bank and shall be in charge of issuing and tracking loans and deposits. They shall also be in charge of collecting taxes and transferring funds to offshore accounts and sending grants to members. Section 3: The Councilor of Foreign Affairs (AKA Grand Moff) shall manage all relations with other alliances. They shall receive ambassadors from other alliances and represent the alliance in treaty negotiations. Additionally, the Councilor of Foreign Affairs shall draft all public statements including new treaties and declarations of War. Section 4: The Councilor of Internal Affairs (AKA Grand Vizier) shall be in charge of managing all dealing within the alliance, such as managing alliance events, handling disputes between members, and directing alliance policies on city setup. Section 5: The Councilor of War (AKA Supreme Commander) shall be responsible for running the alliance military, dictating mobilization policy, organizing raids and counters, and ordering alliance mobilization and demobilization. Section 6: The Councilor of Recruitment is in charge of running all recruitment bots, approving and maintaining advertisements, creating recruitment messages, and interviewing all applicants, and having the final say on applicant acceptance. Section 7: As stated in Article 4 Section 5, new ministries may be created by a majority vote of the high council, upon which the ministry’s function shall be added to this constitution in Article 6. ARTICLE 7: Section 1: Amendments to this constitution may be enacted by a ⅔ vote of the High Council. An amendment may be proposed at any time, but requires ⅔ member support to be sent to the High Council. The maximum ratification period for an amendment is seven weeks, after which the proposed amendment will be discarded. All amendments will be enacted one week after ratification by the High Council.
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