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A bloc is formed

Sir Carlo

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5 minutes ago, Khai Jäger said:

Minimize dat possibility mate.

Good luck to you all.

Will do, thanks

7 minutes ago, Kosta said:

Without micros P&W would never exist.

Best of luck to you all. 

That is true.

Thank you

5 minutes ago, Unlimited said:

Tfw you havent heard of any of these alliances ?

But seriously good luck to whoever you are


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The only way blocs survive is when there are no other options to pair up with OR y'all just stay completely inactive in politics/game.

Put yourself in one of those categories and you're golden.

Very luck.

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5 minutes ago, Akuryo said:

It's not just that they're micros, it's that they're micro micros. 

Most of the Alliances top out at 10-12 members.

Hope to God one of you has a recruitment bot.

A bot isn't needed. These are hungry alliances. 

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6 minutes ago, Mao said:

A bot isn't needed. These are hungry alliances. 

Yes it is, that you don't think so, and that Carlo here took a much better version of this idea pitched to include him by people more experienced and skilled only to come out thinking alliances with sub 10 members and rankings as low as 129 are good choices tells me there's a severe lack of actual knowledge present here.

I'd wish them good luck if I thought luck had anything to do with the outcome that's gonna hit. 

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