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    It's been 6 days since Syndisphere and KERCHTOG have agreed to surrender to Coalition B, and yet no negotiations have taken place yet. It's almost as if they don't actually want the war to end. For a while they have been making claims that it has been the KERCHTOG leaders that have been stalling negotiations, and now that it's their time for action, they do nothing. Hell Aragorn and Roq didn't even bother replying to those threads. So the question is, what happens now that the leaders of Coalition B refuse to negotiate any sort of peace? Will the alliances who are sick of war on the Coalition B side end up peacing out and risk being attacked like OWR and Carthago?
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    I would like to instead propose Nine Million Nuke November where we try to reach the magic total of 9,000,000 nukes detonated and make everyone starve I think my proposal has a better chance of success
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    Inspired by the peace talks thread... 😛
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    Like many a one night stand, what seems like a good idea at 2 am at a bar quickly turns into a 8 am quick escape. Goons was like that for BK. While the dancing was fun, its time to dash (especially when she started talking politics). This has no effect on the war coalition and we will continue to cooperate till its conclusion. Pursuant to our treaty we have given our 72 hour notice. -Leo
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    An unknown nation has committed an act of terrorism against your country. They successfully detonated an explosive in your city, Udine, terrorizing civillians and destroying 1.00 infrastructure. why do this not my 1 infra oh noooooooooo 😭
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    Seems to me you are using pnw membership to pay for your webhosting services. Your culture might want to look into donations rather than money-grabbing schemes. Only 9.95$ boys.
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    Apparently people cancel you when you call them Nazis fifty times a day.
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    I mean Following on this, and having been fighting you lot in EVE for years this is true. You don't /NEED/ to be on SA to be a GOON.
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    We the disappearance of Keno, I'd like to recommend a new game called Go Fish! It's a pn easy to learn game, that requires little skill and a lot of luck. You start off with 5 cards and the goal is to get the most pairs of cards before the deck runs out. You ask any opponent if they have a certain card, if they have that card they hand it over if not they tell you to "Go Fish!" In which you grab a card. If you run out of cards, you grab from the deck. If the deck runs out, the one with the most pairs wins. implemented in PnW Played with real players (or AI if sought for) 2 modes 1 - Party Mode no money is used on the game, it is used just to pass time (useful during server wait times) and connect with other players. Maximum of 5 players, winner gains a stat but no money or rss gains. 2 - Casino Mode All plays bet an amount (AI aswell if impemented) from their nations. The winner receives the amount betted. Maximum of 5 players, This is of course not the full llan, feel free to share your own ideas. However it would be fun to have a game we could player with each other that actually had interaction, ik development time would take a bit, but itd be worth it.
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    WE ArnT ThE bAD GuYS A quick after note: I'd like to thank our allies and congratulate them on fighting so long! We know what we are fighting for!
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    Have you tried being less of a Nazi so they stop calling you mean names?
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    Wholesome VVarfare What's the most wholesome thing you've seen or experienced this war. And what about your enemies still makes yah smile. Meep: My nation's Ruby themed and I declared war on General Ironwood of Ming Empire for 'Rwby Season 7: Invasion of Atlas'. I otherwise noticed the United States of America declare war on Iraq for 'Oil', xD. Also because this kinda doesn't matter anymore, i noticed this random 0.5 score nation really early in the war with an alliance, so i posted in the coalition chat "This belong to anyone", 72 hours later "Sheepy might wanna investigate", nation gets banned and 20-30% of the bank deleted, apparently it was their main one. "So sheepy, out of curiosity who's bank did i report", "OWR", "... time to delete that coalition message real quick". As for opponents, hm, the forums always seem so sour but engaging. All the arguments on discord seem so kindly by comparison, reminds me of these cats. Now that i think about it, Akuryo's VC personality and Elijah being loud have made me smile. So what about you guys? Also, a moment of silence since it seems Empyrea / Roz Wei disbanded. https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=1742
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    It’s apparent that Coalition B doesn’t want peace. Why should we continue to ask for it then? We will never beg for it if that’s what they’re thinking. They want endless war, then that’s what they should receive. BK/NPO will know it was a mistake to mess with T$ and they should be the ones begging for peace next June when we’re still fighting and they’ve run out of resources/money with their military-only builds.
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    I was more inclined to simply publicize records internally and let t$ members draw their own conclusions. That has nothing to do with public proclamations and everything to do with t$ gov being held accountable. That style of transparency has been a cornerstone of t$ since its inception and a foundation of my own approach to this game. When facts get obfuscated by posturing on (both) sides, I believe in raw data and the ability of my members to think for themselves. We've both lost and gained people over it in the past, but our unity is ensured by it. I'm not drawing red lines. I'm requesting clarification and being as clear as possible in communicating t$' position on points of contention. You can keep holding vague statements which boil down to "shut up or peace might be dragged out" over my head if you wish. It changes little- my private inquiries remain constant, and my public inquiries sporadic. As I said, I still hope your representatives can actually contact me and we can move to a more fruitful stage.
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    I know Sphinx and TheNG are the negotiators for one side, who are the ones on the other? Perhaps instead of this public shit show that's just going in circles its time to let them work together privately to move towards a solution. Leave the hot-heads out of it and have an actual adult conversation about it. One side wanting a surrender before giving terms, and another side wanted to know the full list of terms is not a hard problem to solve. An example of this can be as simple as the representatives agreeing that the first term will be a surrender and no public statement of such will be given until the rest of the terms are decided upon. There's also different variations of such. The point is that it's a simple thing to fix in a conversation between a handful of people versus the public theater of these forums. I'm using the idea of "theater" very loosely here. It currently more closely represents the drunk crazy guy on the corner yelling at the street light. Don't have the limitations of "We'll ask you at the beginning of each month if you surrender, if not another month of war", or whatever exactly it is/was. We need a little dose of maturity, civility, or whatever you want to call it. Sure, trust has been hurt on both sides and some real bad blood will likely remain. But as things are, I feel like the person who wins this war is actually the side who actually makes some steps towards civility. You can be enemies and still civil. I know that I've not always acted that way in the past, but take that as I understand why it is important to take the gloves off and have an actual conversation. I'm not saying you have to end the war if you guys don't want to. It's your war. But the reason for the hang up is stupid. Either let the people negotiating solve it, because it's farking easy to solve, or keep warring and stop trying to convince one another your shit doesn't stink.
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    Introducing: Opus Dei Emotions We, the undersigned alliances; New Pacific Order (hereby referred to as “NPO”), Black Knights (hereby referred to as “BK”), and GOONSE.CX (hereby referred to as “GOONS”) admit that relationships can get complicated, especially as a throuple, and although we didn’t intend to, we’ve definitely caught feelings. I: Mutual Indulgence NPO, BK, and GOONS all agree that should one of the others start feeling frisky, they’ll give the others 24 hours to shit, shower and shave before we go to the hotel room for our romp. At the request of any of the other two, a camera and a craigslist personal can be provided. II: Self-Indulgence NPO, BK and GOONS, understand that nobody can love you like you. However, should one of the undersigned alliances send the others sexy snapchats when they feel lonely, the other signatories are obligated to come over and party. III: Living Our Best Life NPO, BK and GOONS all realize how important it is to live their best lives, and *insert current year* is coming up all us. As such, each signatory agrees that they’ll slide into them DMs before changing up our Friday night plans. IV: Jealousy is an ugly trait [Redacted] V:Don’t ghost me Sometimes friendships can get complicated, the signatory alliances promise not to ghost the others, and if they need to end the relationship promise to give the other(s) at least 96 hours to come over and clean out the draw in the nightstand. For the New Pacific Order, Roquentin, Emperor. For the Black Knights, For GOONS, Do Not Fear Jazz, El Presidente La Langosta, Blockade Runner, LLD, PMP, KBG, Esq, Shark Man the Second, Eater of Monitors, Healer of Spines, Fearless of Jazz, Conqueror of the Arrgh Lands in General and the Big Blue House in Particular, Also Hello Comrade Marx, Penile Envoy, Pilot Emeritus, Midnight Ribkid and Supreme Chairman of the Goonland Communist Party KrisWolfe AKA Da Wolfe Of PnW Street AKA Lard Commandante AKA Bread Line Distributor AKA Skynet Daddy
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    Literally Jesus needs to be sacked for posting this “GOONs Quitting Garbage” once again.
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    The talks aren't happening. Negotiating one of ten points, not including even presenting it to the surrendering party, then declaring a 24 hour recess, is not in good faith. That is a sign of despotism. There is no intention of peace. They don't want it, otherwise they'd show more urgency. They're hoping more opposition leave the game, and parties disband before they finally do allow peace. The whole situation is extremely one sided, and not for the benefit of their allies or the game.
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    Look what I did to akash, your #2 biggest nation, take that stupid heads. http://prntscr.com/pnq1di Who's next?
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    While we have Minesome in the court room, there's a few years of unpaid child support we have to address.
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    Mazel Tov! May this thread go the exact same way as every other one.
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    Just to, yet again, remind the community: - Moderation as a weapon refers specifically to someone "tricking" or extorting another person into doing something or giving something in-game under threat of "reporting them and getting them banned." - Moderation as a weapon does not include using the report button on the forums. The report button flags posts for us, the moderation team, to review and determine if rules are being broken. I can promise you that no matter how many times anyone spams the report button, you will never receive a warning unless a consensus was reached between at least two moderators that you broke a forum rule.
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    goons is a very left wing alliance, so this checks out.
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    Idk who they are
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    This isn’t Keno simulator. It was something added to the side of the actual game that was exploited. Since it’s irrelevant to this game it’s being removed, the question now becomes how will the people who abused it be handled. I encourage those with knowledge of the exploitation to come forward, we already know most of you.
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    I am starting to suffer from withdraws because I can't stimulate my gambling addiction. This is literally physiological abuse and I will sue if Keno is not brought back.
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    Saving this just in case you take that back too and start pretending we are all crazy again.
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    Can... Can someone explain this to me in very simple terms. Is this a NAP, a PIAT, a BK slayyyve, or a MDP? Bruv Can't you read. It's obviously in there. The alliances are And God dude. Get your crap together.
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    Inb4 NPO rolls the alliance because Citrus was an enemy combatant in Empy when the war started.
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    https://politicsandwar.com/alliances/ Gay space communist party 🎉
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    I'm gonna be honest with you, welcome to real life. Nobody gives a shit. People throw shit at people all the time, you just gotta learn not to get hurt when it does. Boomer.
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    I think in Discord i've repeatedly discussed potential exploits in Keno (i.e, pooball x 10,000,000, when the peak income from broken Keno is 500,000,000,000). It's possible that Keno HAS been broken and it's been taken down as a consequence. There have been no official comments on Keno, hence it can be assumed that the removal of Keno is an emergency fix, which implies the discovery of a game-breaking exploit.
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    For years I ignored this kind of posts because I wasn't in CN or any other game of this kind thinking was some kind of butthurt of the losing side or just a myth created by a combination of coincidences Now I saw it with my eyes and I feel like an idiot for not listening the warning and giving them the chance to do it Anyway I have the power to end everything
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    2010 called, it wanted its' bill reduction joke back.
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    So, BK's own party line is that there's a 50/50 chance they'll flatly delete? 🤔
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    I look forward to another 4 months of negotiations, so that we might see peace by March next year.
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    These forums are here for everyone. I like to think that the actual, genuine political discussions are actually happening between our leaders in a much less cluttered and private space than this. Perhaps that is where an obstacle to peace lies, in the conflation of this public space with where the genuine negotiations are supposed to take place. It would be very foolish indeed to allow the unregulated statements (trolling), and inadequately informed opinions (you may include mine if you like) that populate this forum to unduly influence political discussions between our leaders. I do hope the negotiators are above that!!
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    i feel like this is the best burn that could possibly have happened
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    Yes, because Aragorn is known for his politeness and chivalry.
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