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  1. Lmao, throws the shot and runs away immediately, very cool, very very cool.
  2. Oh no doubt it was a sizeable war, for sure. It just depends if there were 10 or more alliances in the top 20 range before they lost score for it to be truly classified as a global. Again, either way it was a big war
  3. Shrug, e404 accepting 150+ people inflates these numbers. I heard that the technical definition of a global is 10 or more alliances in the top 20 involved on both sides combined.
  4. Grats on peace Lol at people calling this a global
  5. I for one would welcome a new snake overlord. Crusty old pirates are smelly ayy lmao
  6. food producers rn
  7. Entertainment with your !@#$ at night like Nick Drake and Josh how we team your !@#$, uh-uh
  8. Round one, fightYeah, yeahThe PharmacyUh-uh
  9. its a little difficult to make an alliance quit if the majority of them war dodge, 20/10 milcom
  10. Lmfao, government permission to war dodge and return? God, what a shit fest.
  11. Quality dumpster fire, 10/10, please continue
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