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  1. The man fought against IQ, lol. He was apart of Soup Kitchen for the duration of the war. That's not to say I'm for or against the idea of rolling Acadia, but your statement of, "because of what you and your comrades did," is only partially correct.
  2. Casus Belli: Voluntary affiliation and interaction with UPN
  3. Image removed for violating forum rules.
  4. instructions unclear, buying soy milk
  5. the autism part, hit 1000 instead
  6. Why complicate this? It's already been demonstrated that drastic military changes such as OP's are silly. Why not just roll out the 'military perks' thats already coded into the game? Just has no effect currently* Your suggestions are resemblant of HoI4, its merely unnecessary to push the game in this direction militarily.
  7. Baux and iron is a plus. Coal and oil not so much. Uranium the real problem is, no one really produces it. 50% to 75% is good.
  8. @Prefonteen another pawn falls into place
  9. It was good working with you @Prefonteen all the best
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