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  1. Is that what you call sharing around to the general public raw chat logs of conversation that have OOC personally identifiable information in them, "entertainment"? What next, you going to contact someone abusive ex-husband to try to get dirt on one of us? Our "goal", you twit, was never to force disband or force delete anyone out of this damn game. Period. In a moment of utter frustration after months of war, playing whack-a-mole over and over again with members of your coalition while you went from claiming to be winning to claiming to be winning statistically, going months without any contact, to offering surrender but only under certain conditions, then breaking off all negotiations, I said the obvious--I speculated that the only way the members of my coalition were ever going to get peace was to end you as alliances, since it was apparent that you utterly refuse to talk peace. We set the terms for negotiations, you don't. That's what happens when you lose a war and no third party offers mediation. The really stupid part was that you don't have to be an e-lawyer to know that no peace treaty is done until it is signed. If by the time you saw all the provisions and the agreed to terms, and you didn't like what you saw, you could have walked away. What's the worst that happens, we keep fighting? We're doing that now. You might have gotten peace had you negotiated. Now, I could give a shit whether there is a peace of not.
  2. He's not your friend. Also, how is that "negotiating" an end to the war through the forums thing going for you? Everything you thought it would be? Closer to peace yet? When you actually want peace, you know what to do.
  3. If the people who think I'm "toxic" (whatever the hell that means), actually cared if their alliance mates were deleting, they'd do what was necessary to end the war on survivable terms, not extend it to the bitter end. My conscious is clean.
  4. I'm trying to figure out how this topic moves you closer to peace. I'm also trying to figure out how this moves the peace process beyond the constant whining about procedure that has taken place so far. Of course if you were actually engaged in something called 'negotiations' regarding the terms as they come up, that'd be great, but that's not happening at the moment either. Evidently, you like the current state of things, and don't want peace. So be it. I'm comfortable watching your members delete in frustration (R.I.P. G Nation) and your alliances slowly die. Are you?
  5. Lack of \m/ in this thread is disturbing. Someone go wake up NinjaR.
  6. Look on the bright side, one day when people talk about "The Great War", you can tell your alliance mates you were here for it, and regale them with tales about the days when the game didn't entirely suck. "It's true. All of it. The Black Knights. Guardians of the Galaxy. They're real."
  7. Logically speaking, you given us no reason to be serious about peace, or think you are serious about obtaining peace, so what would be the point in finalizing a list of terms to offer you? So you can firmly decline them and ask for our surrender? That's not going happen. You don't even understand your predicament, let alone anything else. Actually a few more months sounds like an overly optimistic goal for when peace will happen.
  8. While I favor ground forces and ships having some sort of AA capability, this proposal needs a whole lot more work before it is ready for prime time.
  9. Just limit the number of games you can play in a day to something reasonable like say 162 (the number of games in a Major League Baseball season) and be done. Of all the "exploits" in the game, this is small potatoes.
  10. You really ought to drop the in character act for a moment and recognize that what we have here is a reproducible issue with the game that is being exploited and the people doing so have been busted by other players. Maybe what you should be doing instead is telling your people to cut the shit before they all are staring a ban hammer in the face. But hey, if you would rather thin your herd of players a bit instead, by all means, sorry to have bothered your magnificence. Please continue calling people prairie dogs.
  11. From my perspective, NAC and its allies won, Arrgh lost. The End. Beyond that, there were zero Fs given by anyone at NAC. To take your analogy further, we didn't care, we had sex. Hot, sweaty teenage sex. The kind you look back fondly on years later and write a song about if you're Bob Seger. If people want to try to belittle what happened, I still can't manage to care. 😃
  12. Was speaking specifically about the Elton John fan. So how is your alliance doing now? Shot to hell and stuck in a war it desperately needs to quit, but can't or won't. Savor that.
  13. With 21 cities and a paltry 1,412.02 score, waiting to be put back into the sausage grinder at some point tomorrow...again...I hope it's everything you dream of, sport.
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