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  1. While I favor ground forces and ships having some sort of AA capability, this proposal needs a whole lot more work before it is ready for prime time.
  2. Just limit the number of games you can play in a day to something reasonable like say 162 (the number of games in a Major League Baseball season) and be done. Of all the "exploits" in the game, this is small potatoes.
  3. You really ought to drop the in character act for a moment and recognize that what we have here is a reproducible issue with the game that is being exploited and the people doing so have been busted by other players. Maybe what you should be doing instead is telling your people to cut the shit before they all are staring a ban hammer in the face. But hey, if you would rather thin your herd of players a bit instead, by all means, sorry to have bothered your magnificence. Please continue calling people prairie dogs.
  4. From my perspective, NAC and its allies won, Arrgh lost. The End. Beyond that, there were zero Fs given by anyone at NAC. To take your analogy further, we didn't care, we had sex. Hot, sweaty teenage sex. The kind you look back fondly on years later and write a song about if you're Bob Seger. If people want to try to belittle what happened, I still can't manage to care. 😃
  5. Was speaking specifically about the Elton John fan. So how is your alliance doing now? Shot to hell and stuck in a war it desperately needs to quit, but can't or won't. Savor that.
  6. With 21 cities and a paltry 1,412.02 score, waiting to be put back into the sausage grinder at some point tomorrow...again...I hope it's everything you dream of, sport.
  7. Ok, I've been reasonably quiet up until now, TheNG being the guy for Acadia who usually does the talking for Acadia on these forums, and he does an excellent job. But we can keep doing what we are doing for as long as we like, and your only tactical plan seems to be to sending your people out to be slaughtered over and over. You aren't proving anything other than you are too stubborn and prideful for your own good. If you can't being yourself to lead your alliance into an honorable surrender, step aside and allow someone else to do for the good of your people.
  8. This would be much funnier if gun wasn't still smoking.
  9. Achievement Name: Enola Gay Achievement Description (how to unlock): Launch a nuclear weapon. Achievement Name: Nuke 'Em! Achievement Description (how to unlock): Launch 5 nuclear weapons. Achievement Name: Tromaville Achievement Description (how to unlock): Launch 10 nuclear weapons. Achievement Name: Dr. Strangelove Achievement Description (how to unlock): Launch 50 nuclear weapons. Achievement Name: Tastes Like Chicken Achievement Description (how to unlock): Suffered a successful nuclear attack. Achievement Name: Swing and a Miss! Achievement Description (how to unlock): Had Vital Defense System Stop an attack on your nation.
  10. "Complete and Unconditional Surrender" does have a nice ring to it though. Pardon me while I scribble some notes for later.
  11. Aside from TheNG's, maybe rework my office, feng shui of the room just isn't working right now. Also, I've been listening to more Gibi on Youtube lately trying to reduce the stress levels in my life, perhaps do a meatless day here and there more often, though every time I see a good Philly cheese steak I gotta have it, ya know? Not that shitty one at Arby's but one made out of some good steak with onions and provolone on a hoagie roll. I'd have to say though think as an excellent stretch goal for the war would be to see some actual god damn genuine humility out of people on the other side. I know it's asking a lot, but then again, I'm really not.
  12. Recommended soundtrack for this post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_PxgSQ9Vf4
  13. The simulator doesn't take into account the presence of a Vital Defense System in the nation of the targeted city, though apparently it was designed to do so.
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