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  1. Achievement Name: Enola Gay Achievement Description (how to unlock): Launch a nuclear weapon. Achievement Name: Nuke 'Em! Achievement Description (how to unlock): Launch 5 nuclear weapons. Achievement Name: Tromaville Achievement Description (how to unlock): Launch 10 nuclear weapons. Achievement Name: Dr. Strangelove Achievement Description (how to unlock): Launch 50 nuclear weapons. Achievement Name: Tastes Like Chicken Achievement Description (how to unlock): Suffered a successful nuclear attack. Achievement Name: Swing and a Miss! Achievement Description (how to unlock): Had Vital Defense System Stop an attack on your nation.
  2. "Complete and Unconditional Surrender" does have a nice ring to it though. Pardon me while I scribble some notes for later.
  3. Aside from TheNG's, maybe rework my office, feng shui of the room just isn't working right now. Also, I've been listening to more Gibi on Youtube lately trying to reduce the stress levels in my life, perhaps do a meatless day here and there more often, though every time I see a good Philly cheese steak I gotta have it, ya know? Not that shitty one at Arby's but one made out of some good steak with onions and provolone on a hoagie roll. I'd have to say though think as an excellent stretch goal for the war would be to see some actual god damn genuine humility out of people on the other side. I know it's asking a lot, but then again, I'm really not.
  4. Recommended soundtrack for this post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_PxgSQ9Vf4
  5. The simulator doesn't take into account the presence of a Vital Defense System in the nation of the targeted city, though apparently it was designed to do so.
  6. I'll try Chrome and see if the issue pops up again and report back here if so.
  7. This is probably an Alex request (in that some database queries might be necessary), but I was wondering if anyone has done a study of the percentage of nukes that successfully land when the target nation has Vital Defense System. The "advertised" success rate of interceptions has always been 20%, but anecdotally at least, the percentage of intercepts has gone up fairly dramatically over the past year or so, and it would be interesting to see some numbers on a month by month basis since VDS was introduced into the game to see if that is in fact the case, or if people are simply complaining more about it.
  8. In Wars, when choosing Nuclear Attack option from the Select Action menu, nothing happens. Selecting another option immediately loads that page, then browsing back to the Wars menu and selecting Nuclear Attack again results in the appropriate page loading. It is a random thing in that it doesn't happen every time, but often enough that it is noticeable. Using Win 10 and version 68.0.1 of the Firefox browser if that helps troubleshooting.
  9. Hypothetically speaking, since I will not confirm any of your assumptions, if I knew a hit was planned, I'd pull out my trusty copy of the treaty web and have a long talk with my allies. Traditionally around here, the treaty web favors the defense. Planning and executing a successful offensive war is much more work, even if you are already stripped score inflating infra and have a full military. The attack on BK and TC was much more spur of the moment. So either those involved quickly figured that their diplomatic position was just that weak, and they might as well go out with a bang, or they acted in haste and now they'll pay the price.
  10. Two of which just emerged from a huge war and went in offensively against BK and TC, knowing the treaty web implications. You kinda of left that very important point out there, chief. Not sure if very brave or very stupid. We'll find out in the end. 😉 Nah man, it's simple. You're treating this as a playground. We're treating this as a gunfight.
  11. Looking forward to a good fight as soon as the server capacity is up to 2019 standards for a 10k nation simulation.
  12. Ok, make the case for why it's essentially a draw. Math says 'no', but let's hear it. Even if that were true, and it isn't, it'd be helpful if the other side made something resembling a serious counter offer, or even showed up in the formal Discord channel for peace talks. Perhaps there is something going on in some back channel, but so far as I can see, the slaughter will continue for as long as people remain overly optimistic about their position. I'm comfortable either way.
  13. How many alliances have gotten rolled because of "the idiocy of a few"? More than I care to count at the moment. Hopefully those responsible for BC getting rolled (and you know who you are) learn from their mistakes.
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