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  1. AwesomeNova

    New social issue

    Things like social policies are supplementary content that adds to P&W. They’re a lot like the Baseball and casino games on the site; you can play them if you want to, but you don’t have to. Some people, believe it or not, like to rp their nations and like to use the optional rp content of P&W. Telling someone to “go to Nationstates” is like telling someone that their favorite music genre is the worst genre ever. It’s very elitist. I don’t get why people are hostile towards rp elements in P&W. Are they afraid it would turn into Nationstates 2, filled with pixelhuggers?
  2. AwesomeNova

    Is the trade center project worth getting?

    It’s only worth it if you have 15-20+ cities, but right now I recommend you get either Center of Civil Engineering, Propaganda Bureau, or Iron Dome.
  3. AwesomeNova

    Recycling centers

    For a whale or upper-tier nation with production and 114-115% commerce, the only penalties to having high amount of pollution are either low disease rate or a slot filled by a hospital. The former can be easily negated by a hospital, and the latter is nothing if you have 20-30+ cities with 2.5k-3k infra. Lower- and mid-tier nation don’t have the luxury of high amounts of infra. While lower-tier can just deal with high amounts of pollution, as their primary source of income is raws, mid-tier nations can’t have high amount of pollution if they have a max manufacturing production and full 100% commerce, which lowers their income from commerce due to the disease from that pollution. With 1.5k-2k infra, they don’t have enough improvement slots to have this build and have the 4 or more recycling centers without getting rid of other essential improvements like military buildings, which is impossible considering many alliances have MMR’s that require a certain amount of military improvements. The Great Deflation severely punished the mid-tier, as it forces them to either have max manufacturing production with maybe some commerce or 100% commerce with maybe some manufacturing production. My point is the pollution for upper-tier nations/whales doesn’t affect them negatively, and I much prefer to have a fourth recycling center than have a dirty number that otherwise doesn’t affect me negatively.
  4. AwesomeNova

    Heroic Jet Fighter

    You need way more than 3 aircraft to take on a reasonably strong opponent. While it is possible to attack with 3, your airstrikes will fail because most people have max or near max planes.
  5. AwesomeNova

    Food production Stopped for few days

    You’re food production stopped because people are nuking, increasing the amount of radiation in the world. The more radiation, the less food can be produced. Radiation can increase so much that food production stops completely. You should know this, considering that you’ve been playing P&W longer than me.
  6. AwesomeNova

    Name the laggy global war

    1) The Great Laggy War 2) Players V. Server 3) Endgame
  7. If the purpose of this is to make managing cities easier, then I don’t think your metropolis/megalopolis idea is necessary, considering Alex can program a quality of life thing where you could sort your cities into categories. Also, I’m confused on the reductions. Can you explain it?
  8. AwesomeNova

    Discord Name In Nation Info

    Great quality of life improvement, especially when most, if not all, active players have a Discord account.
  9. Forum Name: TeldCemo Link to Post(s): Nature of Violation: Topics in wrong forums, spamming
  10. AwesomeNova

    Food Required for City Planning

    You could be right. Food prices have been rising since the new projects were introduced, but they may be rising due to the increased consumption of food rather than the project. Think about it. Do you want to spend $500 million, as @Roquentin said, on two project that give less than half that on city cost discounts? Since many don’t want to buy two projects with mores costs than benefits, increase in food production can be contributed to increased food consumption.
  11. AwesomeNova

    Food Required for City Planning

    The current price of food is mostly caused by the high amount of radiation that lowers food production. Let’s wait for radiation levels to return to normal.
  12. AwesomeNova

    Terrible Ideas that would break the game

    A countdown timer, when at zero, will delete a “random” city, but when I mean by “random,” I mean it’s skewed heavily towards the whales. So it basically deletes all of the whales’ cities.
  13. AwesomeNova

    Water to quench my thirst

    Of course he did. He doesn’t want to add things that make the game better.
  14. AwesomeNova

    Numbers fun

    Wow. We have more resources in the market than we could ever buy.
  15. AwesomeNova

    Emperor Jonas Is Right

    You don’t get the joke, do you? If you get rid of war, you get rid of the things that makes P&W interesting, which is politics and (of course) war. Although war is destructive, the fear of war and war itself makes the game interesting and worth coming back to. Btw, the point of Filmore’s original post was to show how war is a keystone to P&W. Without war, there’s no consequences.

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