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  1. AwesomeNova

    How are are market prices determined?

    The game doesn’t really determine a price, only calculates the average price of a resource. However, prices of products can stray from the average price, more or less, and people can even undercut it. In orbis, there are two types of people: the buyers and the sellers. The buyers wants to buy resources at the lowest price possible. They want the most bang for their buck. The sellers, on the other hand, wants to sell their resources at the highest price possible. They want to maximize their profits. Despite these desire, they can’t get exactly what they want. If the sellers price their products too high, then they could deter potential buyers. If the buyers demand too low of a price, then sellers would be discouraged from selling that product. So they make a compromise, as you will. What is the compromise? Well, it’s simple really: the market price. To answer your question, it is determined by people wanting to either find a cheap price or sell as high as a possible without deterring people. It’s basic economics, really, and it’s the closest we could get to pure capitalism, besides Monopoly.
  2. AwesomeNova

    Purity Society

  3. AwesomeNova

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    My headphones broke
  4. AwesomeNova

    The Fraggle Chaos Fund

    I'll put a censor bar over them.
  5. AwesomeNova

    The Fraggle Chaos Fund

    Does posting a video of me peeing on BK's flag count?
  6. AwesomeNova

    Image Rehost Requests

    Image Type: Nation Flag Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/0O6dlvd.jpg Nation ID: 63035
  7. AwesomeNova

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    is this still going?
  8. AwesomeNova

    [Bug?] Images In-game

    It's like that for me, too. I thought it was from my end (since I'm on a 2009-ish Mac with outdated Firefox), but after looking at this I think the website isn't rendering imgur images properly. As you can see here the portrait, and nation and alliance flags aren't being rendered on this page.
  9. AwesomeNova

    Nation name plural

    I think you mean demonym, right? Demonyms for our nations would be cool.
  10. AwesomeNova

    Tie military into city count instead of pop

    I find the current military cap a nice compromise between gameplay and realism. A nation with a large population can, and most likely would, have a large military. A city-based cap would harm nations with a small amount of 2k infra cities, as they can't defend their high-infra cities. Conversely, pirate nations with a high amount of low-infra cities would have a very large military to raid nations with lower city counts. your proposed system would cause unbalanced gameplay. For 'realism' though, I think a sort of manpower systems similar to HOI4's manpower system is better. It's simple, your manpower would consist of a chunk of your population, and you recruit from your manpower. Then, it replenishes slowly. This is a decent idea, but I don't think we need THIS much realism.
  11. AwesomeNova

    Break Down Alliance Score by Parts

    tbh, this would be useful. I support this.
  12. AwesomeNova

    Am I killing troops/tanks?

    I think your getting casualties from the resisting population.
  13. AwesomeNova

    Criticize the Above Nation

    Your nation score is below mine. lol Two of you cities are below 2k infra And so does yours.

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