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This is a club for all discussion of firearms, guns, and other weapons. Members are welcome from around the world! "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." - Thomas Jefferson

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  2. James II

    SilencerCo April Fools Videos

    Maxim was my second favorite. Didn't care for The Wizard Staff lol
  3. Every year, SilencerCo comes out with a new April Fools video. My question to PaW: which one do you like best? Vote now!

    Weapons of War ruling

    I know someone who bought 30 80% lowers and tens of thousands of rounds of M855 ahead of the election because he thought Hillary was going to win. He doesn't want to talk about it, either. Absolutely.

    Watcha Packin'?

    I don't have my NC CWP since I'll be moving in less than a year, so I carry a Springfield XD9 in my work bag (NC's Castle Doctrine extends to your workplace) and under my seat in my car (illegal to put it in your center console or glovebox). Once I move, I'll get my licence and get either a Sig P365, Glock 19, H&K P30SK, or Walther PPS and actually carry. I'll want my backup to be the same when I start carrying. I have no idea why people would do that. If you're used to carrying with one, I have no idea why you would change. I met someone who carried his backup once or twice a week since they were different platforms, but then he got a second Glock for his backup.
  6. So, in MA, our firearms permit is called an LTC (License to Carry). An LTC is required to purchase pistols and pretty much any long gun other than shotguns or bolt actions that cant hold 10 or more rounds. It also doubles (or triples) as a permit to buy ammo. I obtained my LTC with the sole purpose of concealed carry for personal protection outside the home. I guess my question is, Y'all concealed carry? whatcha packin? My EDC is a Gen5 Glock 19 with upgraded night sights (Truglo TFX Pro) and an APLc mounted light.. And I carry I spare mag. My backup (read: should my EDC not be physically available; not a 2nd gun that is carried on my person) is a Gen3 Glock 19 that I converted from a Glock 23 - also with TFX Pro sights and an APLc. I've read a lot about people having backups that are completely different from their EDC. For example, they carry a Glock 17 but occasionally toss in a 1911 or Sig Legion into the mix. That doesn't make any sense to me. If my EDC were to become unusable for whatever reason, I would want the same or very similar platform. Thats why I set up both of them the same way. Maybe I'm crazy.
  7. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180727/canada-toronto-politicians-push-nationwide-handgun-ban-feds-to-consider-proposal Not to marginalize the shooting in Toronto. But it's weird how Canada's gun laws were some of the 'strongest in the world' and they 'dont have the type of problems the US has' a week ago. Now all semi autos need banning. I'm just curious as to how they feel a ban on pistols would have changed the outcome, if they're already virtually banned?
  8. rollo

    Weapons of War ruling

    You're not wrong. I don't necessarily think bump stocks were 'stupid' - i think they were a neat little toy tbh. I never owned one for personal use. Though I did try to cash in on the ban hysteria and bought a bunch to sell on gunbroker. I don't want to talk about it.
  9. James II

    Weapons of War ruling

    The bump stock should have never existed, not because I'm opposed to it. I think it's a stupid invention. The reason I think it should have never been invented is because automatic rifles should have never been banned, thus the bump stock never invented.
  10. http://www.guns.news/2018-07-24-federal-government-declares-ar-15s-are-not-weapons-of-war.html Not sure I understand the .50 cal thing. There seems to be a movement in several states to ban it (including here in MA). I've never shot it, myself. So I don't have a dog in the fight. I'm typically against bans in general; especially when you consider that no crime (to my knowledge) was ever committed using a .50 BMG. Another example would be the Bump Stock ban - 1 person uses it with nefarious intentions and they suddenly need to be banned? Anti gunners often ask "why do you NEED an AR15?" "Why do you NEED a bump stock?" "Why do you NEED a .50 cal?" When you ask why anyone needs something, you're treating a right as a privilege.
  11. James II

    Favorite Gun

    Springfield XD(M) - Most reliable gun I've owned. 19 round magazine, comfortable grip. I've only had one FTE due to stock over greasing. The gun has never choked on me since best gun I've shot with. All moving parts are made of solid material, no plastic like some of it's competitors. Runner up would be the H&K P30. John Kelly from Tom Clancy had one. Everything about it is solid, just doesn't have the 19 round magazine the Springfield does. SKS - Honorable mention. Classic and fun gun to shoot. You can't break it, and it has mad range. It's the ultimate 'tuner gun.' I think I just made a term up.
  12. Actually hella surprised 9th circuit ruled in favor of open carry considering how incredibly liberal it is heh
  13. I've always seen open carry as the gay parades of the gun world. It's just a way to be publicly annoying and seen. I don't want an open carry ban, but I'd prioritize CC reciprocity over OC laws. I think they knew the entire 9th would overturn it, so they were just being lazy. Still, it provides a golden opportunity to go after Peruta vs San Diego if they shoot it down. Hopefully with Kavanaugh, SCOTUS picks up the case even though Kavanaugh's record on the 2nd hasn't been stellar. Who knows, though. Feinstein after Vegas said no law would have prevented the shooting (then proceeded to propose an extremely vague law that could be interpreted to ban a vast amount of guns).
  14. I'm concerned that they seemingly made a distinction between open carry & concealed carry. I'm also concerned that they made this ruling half heatedly, knowing that the full court would be likely to overturn it. Especially since emphasizing Open Carry opens the Pandora's box of people carrying rifles and shotguns at the mall (for example). Certainly, the full court could look at that and use it as reason to reject the ruling.
  15. lmao I was typing up a post while you posted this, so I'll post it here. What makes the case even more surprising is the fact that no gun rights group influenced the outcome. The NRA, GOA, SAF, and all the others had no role in it. A pro bono lawyer, a Vietnam vet, and the Constitution convinced the court. They found (emphasis added): In addition, they stated (emphasis added): I should also note that court documents show that no carry permits were issued in all of 2016 or 2017 in Hawaii. That's a de facto carry ban if you ask me. Even New Jersey, Illinois, California, and New York City (who has their own permits for some reason) issued at least one permit in those years.
  16. http://thefederalist.com/2018/07/24/liberal-ninth-circuit-says-open-carrying-gun-constitutional-right/ I fully expect the decision to be overturned En Banc. As to whether or not it makes it to the SCOTUS, they have punted on every 2nd Amendment case since Heller thus far. So I am not holding my breath. Still a long way to go here.
  17. rollo

    Favorite Gun

    Sig P320 Compact - was my carry gun through last summer when I replaced it with a Glock 19. It's got a great grip with perfect texture. The stock night sights are some of the best I've seen out of the box. And it had one of the sweetest triggers and resets I've ever experienced. The trigger that Sig replaced it with is even better. It's probably the pistol I shoot the best with. I also love that it's modular and had some fun changing it over to a Sub Compact & Carry sized configurations. The Sig P226 Legion or the P226 Elite is probably the one I droll the most over that I don't presently own.
  18. What's your favorite gun and why? It can be either one you have or want. Out of all my guns, mine has to be my M1A. I have a National Match model with the wood finish and swapped out my trigger for an aftermarket one. The trigger feels so crisp. I've been hesitant to put a scope on it since I want to be accurate with irons on it. For guns I don't have, it's probably the P99 since that was the first gun I shot. I've been looking to buy one, but no place near me has one for a reasonable price.

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