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  1. Kriegskoenig

    Back From The Upside Down (Swear RED alert!)

    Hmm. I didn't think Polaris was #4. Better pay more attention. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. --Kriegskoenig, Minister of Peace ...We've always been allied with Eurasia.
  2. Kriegskoenig

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    I agree that overtly plotting against your allies is pretty bad, but mate, for you to be the one saying that, REALLY? You pulled Kastor into your alliance, and let him have a role there, immediately after we dumped him for EXACTLY that kind of behavior...literally asking an alliance to, and I quote, "betray" their ally. We don't tolerate dishonorable, faithless, and reckless behavior, and we appreciate those who understand what it means to honor their word, regardless of personal cost. On the other hand, if you are overtly discussing who to attack next, and someone decides to hit you before you try to form a big coalition to hit them, well, I think they've made a smart move. I wouldn't consider it exactly a friendly gesture to be discussing, in-depth, not merely whether an alliance is a threat to you but whether and how to plan an attack on them. Hypothetical or not, those kind of logs don't arise from a momentary checkup on the status of your relationship to TKR. Now, as for your second attempt at moral equivalence, Polaris trashtalked TGH? Hmmmmmm. When would that be, and where was there any suggestion of hitting TGH, plotting to roll TGH, or hypothetically discussing hitting TGH? I'd be quite amused to see what you can come up with to justify that. Either TGH is way too credulous or deeply paranoid. I'm guessing paranoid; with the cast of derelicts that quickly assembled under TGH's roof, it'd make sense that you'd constantly be looking over your shoulder, but I think you had a lot more reason to be paranoid of other alliances that had a good CB on you.
  3. Kriegskoenig

    Plot Und Panzer

    Excellent. I've not presumed to put words in your mouth, thus the excess of "maybes" and "ors" in what I said. Crimes by Nazis against those who were born Jewish, crimes by soviets against those born Cossack or Polish. Same-Same. Not on the same plane? Seriously? In no way, shape, or form? That's quite a statement. Quite a reach. Quite an OVERreach, tbh. I'd like to see it defended rationally. And yes, my points re: Rommel apply equally to the many Soviet officers who were brilliant, career-motivated, and overlooked serious problems with the regime in their own interest. (FYI, I admire a number of Soviet military figures, despite the evils of their regime.) But I'm not the one suggesting your symbolism is deeply inappropriate and you should be censured or banned for using it, am I? That'd have been you, speaking about the symbolism of the Afrika Corps. I could not have painted a better picture of double standards had I spent several hours trying to find one. Thank you.
  4. Kriegskoenig

    Plot Und Panzer

    Oh, @durmij don't play into childishness. Your own behaviors and symbolism appear to mark you as a either a selective apologist for genocide and political purges, or someone who fails to recognize a double standard. "Fine for me, but not for thee," is hardly an appropriate stance to take on mass murder. The flag attached to your profile here bears the symbols of the regime that ordered the Red Terror, Lenin's Hanging Order, the anti-Cossack genocide, the Great Purge, the Katyn and Khatyn massacres, and the mass deportations of ethnic minorities. Either you are, by your own statements, supporting these actions, or you are recognizing something you admire in the regime and using the symbolism for that purpose. You're merely fortunate that by through a twist of history, thorough western hypocrisy, and cynical American complicity in covering up Soviet crimes and genocides, the symbol is not regarded as being as evil as a swastika: arguably, it should be.
  5. Kriegskoenig

    Plot Und Panzer

    Let's not slide into Germanophobia or German collective guilt simply because we cannot comprehend more than a simplistic view of human nature and the Second World War. There were criminals, rapists and murderers on both sides. War is ugly, and the chivalrous version in which no surrendering soldier is executed really barely exists. "War crimes" are commonplace in a close war. Genocide is much more rare. That being said, we should examine Erwin Rommel on his merits, and by his actions as a man of the time, rather than through the lens of all-knowing hindsight and anti-Nazi fervor. In so doing, we should remember that much of the US and European population ALSO admired Hitler in the early years, before knowing what he would do, that few believed that the camps were to be used for killing, and that until the first American troops arrived at the camps, we had no concept of how incomprehensibly horrible the hidden evils were. Of war crimes, Rommel was not guilty. He is known to have insisted on fair and honorable treatment of captured enemies. Rommel was neither a member of the Nazi party nor an adherent to it, rejecting some of its core philosophies and finding himself at extreme odds with the core of the party. Of greed, egotism, and hubris, Rommel was thoroughly guilty. He supported Hitler, a man whom he deeply appreciated for his own career advancement, but then conspired to kill the man when he thought Hitler's policies would lead to disastrous defeat. Rommel was an excellent field general, but, I suspect, not a man whom you would wish to have as a friend. His ambition, lust for glory, and love of militarism, chivalry and aristocracy led him into a number of poor decisions and, in the end, possibly to his death. It is unknown whether Rommel knew he was suggested as the replacement leader of Germany after Hitler's assassination in the 20 July plot, but had he known, it is likely he would more readily have agreed to the plot. It is known that it took him some time to agree to the plot, and that he did it in the belief that it was better for Germany to remove Hitler. Rommel apparently wanted Hitler brought to trial, but recognized the impossibility of arresting the (then) very popular leader with his very tight security. Rommel is known to hate despised the SS and the SA, and to have intervened against the SA after some of their attacks on Jews. However, it is likely that he was motivated rather by a preference for order and legal means of action than hatred for anti-semitism. It is likely that Rommel knew something, at least, of the SS-guided "Final Solution" and the death camps, though it is impossible to say how much he knew of what happened in the camps. It speaks in favor of Rommel that he was hated by the SS and the core of the Nazi party, but the reasons are likely to have been rivalry for Hitler's favor rather than any direct opposition by Rommel to their treatment of the Jewish population. Rommel was, by most accounts, a good general and a decent man, although he certainly had faults. If he ignored whatever he knew of the plight of Europe's Jewish population in favor of the Nazi party's glorification of militaristic tradition and the image of chivalry, I would not be surprised. It is telling that his inspiration for joining the 20 July plot was allegedly to save Germany from Hitler's reckless war decisions, rather than personal moral objections to any policies. Who knows what Rommel's end would have been had he not been arrested and forced into suicide. He would likely have escaped Nuremberg alive, but no doubt his reputation would have been irrevocably damaged. He benefits from the doubt today, as a man cannot be proved to have known of the destruction of Europe's Jewish population, and a man who died as a result of his attempt to end Hitler. I would not call him a German hero, but neither would I call him a true Nazi. He is certainly no worse than many of the other figures of history who ignored evils when it suited their ambitions. If that makes him and his celebrated military command impossible to use as a theme, we must also censure and erase all reference to Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Rodrigo Duterte, Winston Churchill, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and many others. There are certainly toxic players and ideas in PnW. One need only explore Discord to find them. But the difference between a theme reflecting one of the most recognizable elite fighting units of WWII, and overtly voicing support for genocide and extermination of entire people-groups, is vast indeed. I hope we have not become so simplistic and foolish as to be unable to recognize the brilliance of men such as Adolf Galland, an excellent pilot and chivalrous man who nonetheless killed other men in service of an expansionary evil empire.
  6. Kriegskoenig

    K.o.B DoE

    Errr....yeah, that ain't one of ours. Sorry folks, you've been snookered.
  7. Kriegskoenig

    Through Sacrifice and Unity Comes Strength

    Congrats! Should be a relatively good size, you'll have some weight to throw around now. @Cynic look at me while I acknowledge you, grumpy fella!
  8. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network-Viewer Discretion is Advised

    Bruh. M8. Boii. Son, I am disappoint. Did you REALLY think you were the nano I mentioned? That's deserving of a true Picard triple-facepalm. Look at the post again. Elysium. 11 members. 507 avg score. 5572 total score. Boy, get you some specs and reading comprehension. Now, since you've asked, I congratulate Frostbite and Defcon 1 on building a decent low-mid-tier alliance. Have you been in a good war yet? Got curbstomped yet? Let me know when you've been hit by bigger blocs of alliances twice, we'll check out your score then and see if your members have the same spine as ours. Until then, keep your boasting a little hushed and prepare yourselves for the storms that all larger alliances seemingly must partake of. Be careful, be thoughtful, be prepared, and have some serious balls-to-the-wall members, or you'll go the way of Cerberus, Night's Watch, and many other FORMER top-40 alliances. Best of luck. Do stop making assumptions so easily, it makes you look oversensitive and defensive, as if you feel insecure or inadequate, while I'm sure you have a great deal of confidence in your members and their capability to keep growing.
  9. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network-Viewer Discretion is Advised

    *Yawn* Is anything this old and mild really 'news'? Is anything involving nanoalliances really news? Come on, newpaper boiis. Do better. BE better. Make better choices.
  10. Kriegskoenig

    The End of a Reign of Terror in Orbis

    @Zeebrus ...but Smith has never shot me...yet. I did kill you once though. And @CuppyCakeYums But only because you both shot at me. (An maybe I wanted to, a little bit, because you and Cakey and @Smith shooting each other was drawing too much attention, and I wanted to live longer.) So... It was self-defense! P.S. I find Cakey and I do well as duos. So do Smith and I. I'm afraid you're just like naughty siblings, I can't have you all in the same game or you fight. P.P.S. -In the war, I will side with whoever wins me the most Chicken Dinners.
  11. Kriegskoenig

    Terminus Est Invitational

    Are you not entertained? Let the gladiator arena begin. ...also, who's going to be the bookie for our bets?
  12. Kriegskoenig

    Player created Religions

    This. This is fun. Religious wars when? 😂
  13. Kriegskoenig

    The End (of Orbis?!).

    .... I thought this was already over. Anywho, uh...Congrats on Peace, folks. Please sell me food at $70 now?
  14. Kriegskoenig

    I'm lost, what'd Boki do with the keys?

    *They're Thanks, that's all.
  15. Kriegskoenig

    Bad Pacifists

    Congrats @Quichwe10 and @HannaH. I don't know the rest of you so...*insert vague hand-waving speeches here*

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