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  1. Kriegskoenig

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    🤔🤔 ...are you suggesting that Rose dominates TSphere? Whew lad. You can call NPO/BK IQsphere and not have an issue because they're so aligned. But T$ and Rose?? the same hivemind? ...or did you legit forget "The Enterprise is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Syndicate."
  2. Kriegskoenig

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

  3. Kriegskoenig

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    I'm smirking so hard right now. A ) Polaris has no major sphere, we're not big enough to be the center of anything that important. Thanks for getting triggered though. B ) Rosesphere, NPO/BKsphere, and TKRsphere, arguably the 3 of the 4 most important groups in the game, haven't even had a visit yet. That's the point you apparently missed. Also @Buorhann Re: disbanding. Polaris will likely be around long after TGH is as dead as Mensa. We're older players, stubborn, and quite set in our ways, and oddly, we don't all want to be Emperor, so we remain supremely stable. You're welcome to explore a merger if you feel otherwise, but you'll need to make a stellar offer. We could offer you the official "Resident Grouch" position in The Polar Horde, though, since ours has recently vacated his post.
  4. Kriegskoenig

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    I'd offer them an invitation, @Buorhann, but you and I both know we'd just keep them isolated in a white padded room and give vague non-answers to any questions, so it'd likely be a waste of their time...and yours, if you were hoping they'd find anything out for you.
  5. Kriegskoenig

    The Hobo Express - Part 7

    Well. That's that, I guess. @Kevanovia I was starting to think this might get interesting, but y'all have a definite pattern. The coverage of KTsphere has been exceedingly thorough, and you're most of the way through the rest of the old "paperless" alliances. I had high hopes to see more spheres explored in detail when you went to The Enterprise, because I've discounted your stop at BC as comfortably visiting your old home, but no, back to the "paperless" comfort zone it is. 50/50 Arrgh or Valinor is next? Are you having trouble getting major alliances to let you in? Enjoy this crude illustration of your travels, and we'll see if anyone else can see the pattern I'm talking about.
  6. Bwahahahaha. I like. I'll buy stuff on the cheap all day. The only folks really hurting will be the pirates, bank thieves, etc who have no revenue and rely on sales. The rest of us can make an enormous warchest and prepare for Warmageddon, a 200-day war to end all wars...by taking us all to ZI.
  7. I would have been surprised, but SK leaked this months ago. ...grats, Skwidgy. Good luck!
  8. Kriegskoenig

    Alliances that don't raid

    @Angel Lara iirc, MOST alliances don't require participation in raiding. Some do not allow raiding. Pretty much every alliance except GPA (dead, but there are GPA wannabes) has always required members to engage in wars in defense of the alliance, or in furtherance of the alliance's goals. If you want to dodge wars entirely, you'll have to whale up super big and find a fatty-whale-alliance...but lately even THEY have been warring. NOBODY wants a war-dodger.
  9. Kriegskoenig

    Just Revenge

    Yawn. Also, do you English bro?
  10. Kriegskoenig

    A Very SK Christmas vol 3 - Tribute to TCW

    L M A O As expected. Thanks @Mikey and gang. Someone get the croaker a hot toddy.
  11. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network LLC-Highway to Hell

    #SeemsLegit. Kek. Shifty, you noob. Check your sources better.
  12. Kriegskoenig

    Ya'll better watch you investments at Azure!

    Lol. Color me totally unsurprised. Banks here often run like mob banks...just another criminal enterprise.
  13. Kriegskoenig

    IQ/tS is winning, but are they having fun?

    I suspect, too, that there's a visibility bias. Some people will VM. They won't be around to complain. The ones who stay active and keep fighting, and even make it fun while they lose, like @Smith and so on, are the ones you'll see. They're the heart of an alliance anyway, and the ones who will stick around, rebuild, and make something of an alliance while the fair-weather pixel-hugging pond scum floats off to the new #1, whoever that may be.
  14. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network LLC-Haunting the Chapel

    Wot. No. I unilaterally declare that all dem memey boiis should prepare their carbuncles for forcible puncturing, and scramble the jets to defend against our Shifty-Self-Sexually-Identifying Attack Helicopters. Prepare for the wrath of...something. In other news, I now get my war instructions from vague leaks and memes on the OWF. Inb4 I get fired for taking Shifty seriously. 😱🤯
  15. Kriegskoenig

    Once Upon a time, in the slums of UH

    ...the hell? Hier is kein grammatik und rechtschreibung. Please to check ze grammar und ze spellink bevore postink. Danke. P.S. Und also paying more attention to ze kepitalization.

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