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  1. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

    I think you missed the point... Outing them before IA gets to ask questions makes it hard to confirm anything that is punishable. Ideally, everyone on the same school/college/apartment network should get verified, but I don't think Alex requires that anymore unless they have contact.
  2. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network-The Replicants

    Interesting. 😏 Should have DMed before going public, because if there wasn't a good explanation before, they'll probably have one by the morning. But Shifty is a journalist (tabloid variety), not a detective...so we can't ask too much. Thanks for pointing these out anyway, IA will take a look.
  3. Kriegskoenig

    I see something... purple!

    Never change, Ripper. You were good Arrgh, I don't recall you ever trying to excuse a raid under any moral reason, you just raided "because I can." Also, where are the PnWballs, man? Those were great.
  4. Kriegskoenig

    The Cold Void of Sithis...

    New friends, what fun! o/
  5. Kriegskoenig

    I see something... purple!

    And THERE it is, finally...a tiny crack in the facade of "we're so innocent." You're a pirate. Ripper is a pirate. You saw a chance for free money. You figured you could take it without getting hurt, and if you keep your raids semi-transparently-faux-excusable, you won't get rekt by TKR like Arrgh did. Basically, once a pirate always a pirate, and your logic and excuses haven't improved since you left Arrgh. You've just found a place to grow safely while pretending to be respectable citizens. Just own it, guys, it's ballsier.
  6. Kriegskoenig

    I see something... purple!

    @Ripper Do you really think anyone in Orbis is this stupid? We can all see that you raided, got countered, and are now pretending that the counters were unprovoked "attacks." Damn, bro. You have 30 cities. Never thought I'd see an alliance with weight to throw around e-lawyering like a desperate micro. I guess it's true that Arrghians can change alliances, but never lose the micro-raider attitude. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.
  7. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network-Ayy lmao?

  8. Kriegskoenig

    MDOAP with UNSC

    Well. Can't say I know anyone involved, but congrats, hope your marriage lasts a lot longer than the average. Best of luck to you all!
  9. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network-Rant and Rave

    Naw, they wouldn't do some kinda Chinese counterfeit, would they?? Wow, they would. Foakleys, Goocci and Louie Vuitton, man. Is this like counterfeits on eBay? Cheaper than the real thing, but way worse?
  10. Kriegskoenig

    PnW Football Fantasy

    Count me in, then. I shall do my best to remember to set my lineup each week.
  11. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    It is an infantile neonazi-related thing, @Lairah. @Mitsuru has the meaning correct. But if Sheepy told anyone anything, he clearly overstepped here, and I think we all know why. He let something get personal, instead of being the distant, impartial, godlike observer that a good admin is.
  12. Kriegskoenig

    Shifty News Network-Sponsored by Viewers Like You

    Riiiiight. Imma pay you to sh*tpost, which you do anyway, because I want you to sh*tpost more and tell me useless rumors and innuendo like a gypsy fortune teller. I'll think about it. Don't call us, we'll call you. Thank you for discussing this opportunity with me. Btw, pls send a full prospectus, tax filings, and your expense reports for the last 2 years. Are you planning on selling shares? If so pls provide S-1 filing. If nonprofit, pls provide Form 990 or 990PF. Thanks.
  13. Kriegskoenig

    Back From The Upside Down (Swear RED alert!)

    Hmm. I didn't think Polaris was #4. Better pay more attention. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. --Kriegskoenig, Minister of Peace ...We've always been allied with Eurasia.
  14. Kriegskoenig

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    I agree that overtly plotting against your allies is pretty bad, but mate, for you to be the one saying that, REALLY? You pulled Kastor into your alliance, and let him have a role there, immediately after we dumped him for EXACTLY that kind of behavior...literally asking an alliance to, and I quote, "betray" their ally. We don't tolerate dishonorable, faithless, and reckless behavior, and we appreciate those who understand what it means to honor their word, regardless of personal cost. On the other hand, if you are overtly discussing who to attack next, and someone decides to hit you before you try to form a big coalition to hit them, well, I think they've made a smart move. I wouldn't consider it exactly a friendly gesture to be discussing, in-depth, not merely whether an alliance is a threat to you but whether and how to plan an attack on them. Hypothetical or not, those kind of logs don't arise from a momentary checkup on the status of your relationship to TKR. Now, as for your second attempt at moral equivalence, Polaris trashtalked TGH? Hmmmmmm. When would that be, and where was there any suggestion of hitting TGH, plotting to roll TGH, or hypothetically discussing hitting TGH? I'd be quite amused to see what you can come up with to justify that. Either TGH is way too credulous or deeply paranoid. I'm guessing paranoid; with the cast of derelicts that quickly assembled under TGH's roof, it'd make sense that you'd constantly be looking over your shoulder, but I think you had a lot more reason to be paranoid of other alliances that had a good CB on you.
  15. Kriegskoenig

    Plot Und Panzer

    Excellent. I've not presumed to put words in your mouth, thus the excess of "maybes" and "ors" in what I said. Crimes by Nazis against those who were born Jewish, crimes by soviets against those born Cossack or Polish. Same-Same. Not on the same plane? Seriously? In no way, shape, or form? That's quite a statement. Quite a reach. Quite an OVERreach, tbh. I'd like to see it defended rationally. And yes, my points re: Rommel apply equally to the many Soviet officers who were brilliant, career-motivated, and overlooked serious problems with the regime in their own interest. (FYI, I admire a number of Soviet military figures, despite the evils of their regime.) But I'm not the one suggesting your symbolism is deeply inappropriate and you should be censured or banned for using it, am I? That'd have been you, speaking about the symbolism of the Afrika Corps. I could not have painted a better picture of double standards had I spent several hours trying to find one. Thank you.

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