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  1. Lordship

    We Know What Thalmor Did

    Fire. Straight fire. @Django Jane Gotta lot of blood and cold!
  2. Lordship

    Please to help me understand....

    I was neither swarmed nor mauled, just had a very rough day at work/school so I didn’t check the game all day and they managed to do that. Went up to 100 iirc btw, not 200
  3. Lordship

    Let's Dance!

    We’re a threat to those who would see us and our allies harmed. Also, afaik only the people who were poached by war were messaged, (join ET or get rolled) so you’ll have to show me some evidence of the other ones. I’m also amused at your sudden love and outcry over the nukebloc war some of them disbanded of their own accord, nothing to do with us other than the war.
  4. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    I think the Thalmor thing was a joke lol
  5. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Sure, betrayal is worse, we can agree on that. My point is that the "hypothetical" defense is not an acceptable one based on the fact that we fought a massive war over it already. >with Polaris Not saying that as a general rule we hit whoever shit talks us. I'm saying that you of all people know best what could happen if you spend your time shit-talking alliance since you hit Polar over it!
  6. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    I'll take that as your surrendering of the point
  7. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Nah you can, and I would expect you to of course, but don't turn around and say that you hadn't signed yet so we should discard it
  8. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Don't be coy, you know exactly what I am talking about. All of the shit talk on the OWF and discord from Rickky, Kastor, Justin, Akiri, to name a few. We have talked about this specific thing several times now. I have been very vocal about OOC being terrible on both sides, and I have talked to both sides about this specific issue. Very consistent on this point. You guys have gone off the deep end, they have gone off the deep end as well, neither are in the right here because bringing OOC slurs and insults and when it seeps into IC things is terrible and we can all agree on that. Maybe that's true, maybe that's not, but the fact that you've had talks at all goes against your "this was before we signed" rhetoric. As you can see in this logs, KT have discussed extensively plans to isolate us from our allies with us being "obvious targets".
  9. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    1) It occurred a day before the treaty was posted on the OWF. Are you suggesting you had no FA conversations before the treaty went live? Yeah, we heard rumors of a plot on us by the end of the month, and so we milled defensively at first. 2) We did use protectorates, and we did use ODPs in the past. That doesn't mean it happens every time, nor that an ODP is equivalent to an MDP at all. I personally still am of the opinion that ODPs aren't that useful, other than being glorified NAPs, because aggression is always optional, and this has been my stance for a long time. Yeah, TCW and Guardian went in on some of the nukebloc alliances, and when they were countered, our MDP treaty was activated so we hit in defense on TCW. No plots, we just honored our treaty (as you would yours would we have just hit KT). I wouldn't say using anything, and inclusion in conflicts is always circumstantial. 3) Nah I was pointing out that everyone has protectorates, so to say we're resembling EMC/Syndisphere by taking on protectorates is too vague, since we're also resembling every alliance that takes on protectorates 4) Everyone signs protectorates is my point, not sure why you're pushing this reformed EMC/syndisphere narrative when our only ally is TCW/protectorates Buorhann, I consider you among the best at this game's war mechanics, so at the very least it's an honor to be fighting against you for the first time in TKR history heh, en garde!
  10. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    We just shared logs of your ally's high gov man. "There's literally no plot on TKR" come on! Tied via ODP, sure! Very much a stretch. So we have 1 treaty and that's equavalent to signing 6 interlocking treaties. huh? So it's wrong to take on protectorates now? Huh? They're all small, and just because tS had TKR/BK and we ended up growing to be massive doesn't mean it happens every time that way. Some alliances like to remain elite and small. It is not an absolute. If signing protectorates is similar to how EMC/Syndisphere did, then every alliance in the top 10 is similar to EMC/Syndisphere
  11. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    It's incredibly incriminating. The "brainstorming hypotheticals" line is bullshit because when Seeker pulled this exact excuse, we all made a mockery of him for that. If you're going to plot and scheme, and it gets out, don't be surprised when people show up at your door. He talked about us being a bigger threat than IQ randomly, out of the blue, if Panth merged into TCW (and only a handful of them, since TCW has standards for who they do and don't take in.) "You linked a screenshot of our deputy FA talking to another alliance leader and trying to justify rolling TKR, it's only a meme because he was joking!" Did you read the screenshots? "Which tells you who our obvious target is" Come on dude. You knew we were coming for you over the last few days and intentionally stayed low so that it would be harder for us to hit you. As confirmed by Hodor and a couple of other members in Smith's thread. I also have information from other sources that confirm this as well heh. It comes down to you guys plotting against us, and we responded. You also shit talk us constantly, and we responded. When you guys founded TGH, Buorhann told me you were gonna hit the first person who shit talked you. Why are you applying a double standard to us? 3 spheres? We're only hitting you and KT, (the only ones who we have screenshot of plotting against us) and the only ones who consistently shit talk us on the forums and in discord. Should we have waited for you to have an opportune moment? lol Uh, we're literally fighting KT, an alliance that has been in only one global war, and TGH, made up of ex-tkr and traditional allies in Buorhann, Sketchy, Justin, etc. How is this same old same old? Would you prefer we split into three alliances and wait for you to come at us?
  12. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    My reference to you was from the screenshot Adrienne posted about you considering us a bigger threat, even though we're 2 alliances with a couple of small protectorates. That sort of rhetoric made me question your intentions, even though once Sketchy posted the numbers, we were still significantly smaller than the others lol The DM was a day before, and in the log he specifically says that "this is the path we and TGH are going down" so I very much doubt you two hadn't discussed FA at any point before that, much less a single day. TCW did get a couple of Panth members to join them, but they did not merge. TKR being at 160+ members is a result of our excellent IA staff that put in the work every day to improve our community. MAGE is a merger of a couple of micros and we took in Admech from their first day, so let's not pretend like it's a massive increase in NS. We are friendly with some of the ex-emc alliances, but that seems only natural considering our long history together. You mentioned being tied to the treaty web twice, as if it would help your argument by changing the wording slightly. tS is paperless, Mensa is gone, Rose is nowhere near us in the web and Guardian has an ODP with our allies ally. Hardly reformed EMC/Syndisphere I will give you credit for not replying with some bs about Horsecock not holding any weight or something like that, I respect you recognizing KT plotting against us here. Consider this, were we to hit KT, would you be sitting out if we showed the same evidence? I think not! But yes, no secret our two alliances don't get along, even if the two of us are good friends. I warned you about Rickky/Kastor and all the heat you were getting from it man. Finally reached the boiling point. If you actively plot against us and shit talk us at every opportunity (on the forums and in our discord channels) then your alliance is probably not too high on our friends list. Buorhann, please. We both know that's bullshit. We have 1 ally and a couple of micro protectorates. Our ally has one other ally. But now we're becoming IQ. Come on.
  13. Lordship

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Thought you were a gov member Thought Horsecock was high gov for KT Thought Buorhann was the leader of your alliance lol
  14. Lordship

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    >Your alliance has dedicated itself to talking as much shit as feasibly possible about us and allies since inception. Small wonder we wouldn't get along >Little more than rumors weren't they >it's only a plot if me, Buorhann, says it is! >Just war stuff indeed. "Our FA isn't really our FA, I'm our FA! and if you have a problem with our high gov who are involved in our decision-making process and are privy to high-level information, who also consistently engage in OOC bullshit on the OWF, just block him! It is your fault, not mine. Stop whining and !@#$ing! Why should I be responsible for what my high gov does and says? I don't gag my members!" >didn't hit them while they were fighting IQ "TKR is just a bunch of IQ sympathizers, look at how they help IQ by very very far stretching proxy" >hit them while they aren't fighting IQ "TKR are a bunch of weaklings who hit us after we've decided to stick to KT/TGH as a unit!"
  15. Lordship

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    In the spirit of continuing to hold you accountable, allow me to point out one of this big reasons for this war: You guys talking endless amounts of shit about us. See, literally, everything Rickky has posted over the last month.

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