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  1. Add a project that increases your baseball cap back to 4mil. ...and as an added consequence of your increased baseball cap, you would also now have to watch 5 minutes of ads after making each million.
  2. I'm gonna vote no, because I don't want them to slip the baseball nerf anytime soon. Baseball makes great money and makes the game less pay-to-win.
  3. Oh, is it?? I didn't realize that lol. If so, /thread
  4. If you sanction a nation, then that person should be automatically barred from participating in any baseball match with you (whether it's away or at home). The reason I thought about this, is because a certain nation didn't pay me my tip. So, it would be nice to impose a sanction against them in response, so I don't accidentally play their game again.
  5. ...Maybe also add an additional type of fortification, against missiles, that increases the success rate of Iron Dome and Vital Defense System.
  6. Maybe instead of dedicating an entire project to this, we can add an option under nuclear weapons to target ships instead of cities. ...my idea behind this, is that the weapon would detonate under water, in the vicinity of the ships, and take out up to 35-40 ships (but no infrastructure). As far as planes attacking ships, that already exists.
  7. ...well technically if you're taking land, you're taking a bit of population too. So...
  8. Whenever I think of one country "raiding" another country, I think of them seizing control of land...So why not add the ability to also take land when you win a raid war? Maybe like 0.25% of the adversary's total land if you get an IT.
  9. I know this would be a game-changing suggestion, but I thought it'd be something nice to talk about: How about adding time delays to the gameplay experience? ...So that whenever you're doing a trades with a nation, there would be a time delay before the transaction is complete ...and that time delay would be dependent upon the geographical distance between your nation and the nation you're trading with. So you'd need to take into consideration how fast you need those resources, weighing the time vs cost factor.
  10. That'd be nice. A project that slightly increases the damage inflicted by your troops.
  11. I think that having the abilitiy to unblockade someone that you've decided to blockade, would be useful. Additionally, I think that if you blockade someone, that person should still be able to trade with YOU (but noone else). So people can kind of use it as an extortion type of thing, to make more money.
  12. Prettymuch yeah. It's the same idea with how you have to login over the course of several days, in order to build up your military to it's max capacity. If someone makes the effort to login over the course of many consecutive days, then they can be rewarded with a higher success rate when it comes time for war. Additionally, it would also give money and resources another "purpose" in P&W, rather than just sitting there waiting for the next war.
  13. I think something that'd be cool, is to add the "training" factor to warfare. Basically, under each section of the Military page, add a button called "Train Soldiers" (or pilots, sailors, etc) next to the Enlist Soldiers button. The more consecutive days that you log into P&W to train your troops, the higher their success rate (and damage) would be in battles. The more days that you don't log into P&W to train your troops, the lower their success rate (and damage) would be in battles. Each training operation costs money and a tiny bit of fuel/munitions. And you can only train once per day. What do you guys think?
  14. Sorry, it's been a while since I've logged into the forums. The success rate is up to the developers, but I would imagine that it should be similar to that of spy ops; with the success rate increasing depending on the amount of money you invest into the sabotage operation (think of it like spy ops where theres "Quick and Dirty" -> "Normal Precautions" -> "Covert"). As for your last question, what's the point of countries investing in missile defense systems, when an enemy can simply jam the radars, launch decoys, etc etc?
  15. I think it'd be useful to have the option to send spies into a nation to sabotage their Iron Dome missile defense and reduce it's effectiveness by up to 100%, depending on how successful the operation is. But it would only be valid for the very next missile being launched at that nation. Meaning that you would need to launch the sabotage operation prior to EACH missile strike, if you want to guarantee that your missile will have a high probability of successfully evading the iron dome.
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