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  1. I have all of the spy related projects. I would love to see an extra 1 or 2 offensive spy operations. Recruiting another spy during wartime would be nice as well. My spies seem to die 12-18 at a time and recover at 3 a day.
  2. Just make it so whatever color I am in gets a bonus and call it good.
  3. Okay we the users are less than happy with this feature
  4. It would be nice if we could get an extra offensive spy op with one of the spy projects. I get to get hit with 3 but can only counter with 2 as it sits today
  5. It seems self explanatory. I am one of the older player in the game.
  6. Not much help for spies or defense of nukes and missiles. I can take 3 spy attacks but can only perform 2 spy attacks. I would like spies that don't commit mass suicide every time a war starts
  7. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=1762539 Never got it after my first attack. My opponent even mentioned it to me in a message
  8. Time change and I got my food and money but no MAP in the war . So at 9 minutes after while typing this my MAP arrived
  9. Been the same food and cash since before the update
  10. Suiciding into a larger nation in an effort to bring them into range of more of your alliance for a counter attack has always been a thing here. It is a common technique for destroying planes and ships. bringing a larger nation down in score. In the 10-25 city range it is common. Is there some whining over this ?
  11. How much "Beige baiting "? and "slot filling"? is actually happening during war ? This seems like we are addressing a minor problem with big changes. I can not recall ever seeing a case of either one. I have had a few wars and have been here a minute. Are we talking 5% of all wars or 25%? This matters. It seems like you are trying to fix a minor problem with a hammer.
  12. I voted for it. I think there are better options for projects.
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