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    uh... roleplaying and stuff.
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    Amogus Random country that exists
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  1. applied for lighthouse as of april 14th, 2022.

    1. ADM


      around a few minutes later, I got in the lighthouse.

    2. Alistair Wilson

      Alistair Wilson

      Yes you did! Thanks

  2. alright, ima make a status game here. here's how it works:

    if you see my pfp as a blue egg with lines, heart this status.

    if you see it as the dave icon, upvote this status.

    if you see it as a children's drawing, downvote this status.

    anything else, this status gets the laughing emoji.

    now lets go. (make sure to reply with what you saw my pfp as before doing something with the status)

  3. welcome to the pnw forums

  4. 400 (number 400 let's gooooo)
  5. so the update is going to be a joke? /j edit: oh nice a reaction from alex meaning I got noticed for a joke-
  6. 398 398 (edit: forgor the quote and i hope I didn't break the chain-)
  7. (pffft-) cartoon person with a globe as their head with a few clouds surrounding the globe
  8. a man who's possibly from "game of thrones"
  9. changed my pfp 🥳

  10. just realized this isn't active rn... so CLUB B U M P (bump means "bring up my post")
  11. I just made a topic in "a random club that exists" where you can say hi to anyone

  12. just did some changes to my profile (such as putting a web URL, updating my about me a bit and changing my cover photo), may soon finally get a pfp.

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