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  1. Today 11/8/2022 marks the sixth anniversary of House Stark. Six years ago today the founders of House Stark set out on creating a game of thrones Themed alliance, and House Stark stood out as it reflected the values of Honor, Loyalty, and Valor which the alliance is built upon. In these six years we’ve fought in many wars, made many friends, lead a war on the McRib and proudly stood by our values. North over All /s/ Darth Ataxia, The King in the North Samani, Hand of the King Hobbs, Archmaester Darth Revan, Master of Coin M. Scott, Three-Eyed Raven Achilleus, Lord Commander Nero, Master of Tech
  2. It sucks to see an alliance go, especially one that houses so many friends. House Stark wishes you guys the best of luck in future endeavors, inside and outside of the game.
  3. The north is independent smh, someone clearly didn’t finish the show
  4. That’s what’s fun about micros, they can do things macros can’t
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