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[DoE] Eggclipse Rises


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1 minute ago, Sweden Ball said:

it really do be a banger theme, 


i must say i am quite the egg enjoyer  

circle fans in shambles RN.



It was a good post until I saw the b b*ll

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1 minute ago, Sweden Ball said:

ahh shoot your right, im outed :(

aern't you guys chess enjoyers? 


Yes we at eclipse enjoy Chess Bowling and Tennis in that order. CBT if you will.

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1 hour ago, KindaEpicMoah said:


Eggclipse is a renowned big alliance masked by an antimemetic egg field, which prevents any and all politics and war players from perceiving it or the situations surrounding it in any other way than Eggclipse. A comically large egg property prevents Eggclipse from being referred to as any other official designation.


Visually, Eggclipse appears to be an egg-shaped void, complete with appropriate egg parts and egg accessories that allow it to block out the sun's light almost entirely. It was, at one point, a much smaller egg, but has since increased in big since then to become big eggclipse. Nowadays, eggclipse is too egg to become any more of a clipse.


Limited research conducted using egg drugs has suggested that Eggclipse's true form might be an obese, naked man, who has been observed running throughout the EGG1 facility yelling "It worked! They'll never know I'm not Eggclipse!" These claims are in dispute, as a battery of scientific tests have shown the Eggclipse egg to only be a bird egg of unusual Big. Reports of egging, clipsing, and general mayhem throughout the Foundation related to SCP-Eggclipse are to be roundly ignored, as its egg properties of too much egg and too much big stifle any further reasearch.

TL;DR through pure skill, Eggclipse has made it through it's first year without being scrambled. Expect more egg related mayhem in the years to come.


This reminds me of that one egg that became the most liked Instagram post lmao

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Sultan of United Ummah, Head of Foreign Affairs.
Inshallah, I will get some sleep.


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