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  1. Palps

    Slot filling

    LOL this isn’t a court of law player reports have their own rules so maybe before posting you should consider reading them you Neanderthal. Go jack off to your fascist twink overlords you Cuck.
  2. Palps

    Slot filling

    Unless you are the accused you shouldn’t be talking you clown.
  3. THATS MY BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Strum you better watch your back ducc keeps 2 blickys on him.
  4. I wish yoso would pull me out of the washing machine I've been stuck in there for so long that they put me in the mature category.
  5. Rebel is a menace to society keep him off the forums. #SAVETHEFORUMSFROMREBEL
  6. As lil durk once said "New opp pack in the air, this gas or what?"
  7. Yes we at eclipse enjoy Chess Bowling and Tennis in that order. CBT if you will.
  8. It was a good post until I saw the b b*ll
  9. So glad to be part of the community at eggclipse. Without a doubt some of the best people you’ll ever meet.
  10. Make a multi so you can create a 2nd forum account and there you go.
  11. I feel bad for rose now inst is gonna be talking to himself about KT people leaving beige in your general chat.
  12. Congrats on the treaty friends.
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