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  1. Yes we at eclipse enjoy Chess Bowling and Tennis in that order. CBT if you will.
  2. It was a good post until I saw the b b*ll
  3. So glad to be part of the community at eggclipse. Without a doubt some of the best people you’ll ever meet.
  4. Make a multi so you can create a 2nd forum account and there you go.
  5. I feel bad for rose now inst is gonna be talking to himself about KT people leaving beige in your general chat.
  6. Congrats on the treaty friends.
  7. Bruh this is not the time or the place to start talking Secret HM leader.
  8. Poor choice of words considering Akuryo was the person who sat on these logs for months for what I can only assume was to blackmail MPO. Also the whole calling people who are allied to KT fascist is fairly new. Her wanting Thalmor to be shot was reported on. According to Kev you guys knew she was a loose cannon and kept her on a short leash what happened?
  9. In regards to the convo in RON nobody tried to paint CoTL as a place full of terrible people. You guys got a few bad apples really bad but its not like I blame your membership. The point trying to be made is that there was no way Akuryo was just doing this without anyone knowing either gov was purposefully ignorant or they never checked any server besides the CoTL one. Which made gov at the very least complicit in these actions. I applaud Lefty for the way he handled this even if the wording of this post could've been better.
  10. Lol at Kev for trying to twist the narrative both on the forums and RON that t$ is the one being toxic when they are defending themselves against outlandish OOC accusations which were made for IC political gain. One of the most scummy things I've seen in my time here.
  11. Calling people nazis based on people they are indirectly tied to is so brave thank you Akuryo your sacrifice will not be forgotten.
  12. lolok Mr. Our head of milcom got beiged cause he couldn't be bothered to buy a single ship.
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