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  1. (Secure the bag, know what I mean? Banrisk on the beat)(Ayo, Perish, this is hot, boy)I wear a mask with a smile for hours at a timeStare at the ceiling while I hold back what's on my mindAnd when they ask me how I'm doingI say, "I'm just fine"And when they ask me how I'm doingI say, "I'm just fine"But the fact isI can never get off of my mattressAnd all that they can ask is"Why are you so sad, kid?" (Why are you so sad, kid?)That's what the mask isThat's what the point of the mask is
  2. Leaving this here because I crave attention just as much as you guys. Also it might be cool to visit it if I ever decide to return later down the line but I probably won't. You can hit me up in dm's if I like you and you are willing to lose a few brain cells. This isn't the oscars so I won't be name dropping the people I like you know who you are as for the rest of you what are you doing here?
  3. Kev was obviously having a good day he didn’t deserve 🙄
  4. The funny thing is lol that you all decided to lol say the same thing lol. I don't even think lol Joe Schmo is a real person lol just a TKR propaganda machine lol. Who in their right mind lol would want to waste another 5 years lol on P&W lol?
  5. What’s your favorite manwha?
  6. Rip to all the new members who will be condemned to be c11 forever.
  7. P&W barely qualifies as a game not sure play is the word I would use to describe it more like torture yourself into talking to either some of the greatest or worst people on the face of the planet.
  8. >makes fun of people who talk in eclipse for being childish "Location:Roblox"
  9. Where was Hollywood's CB? It's not a secret treaty if oasis had already stated in private that they would "take action against any high tier smackdown". TLDR HM has given up the act they never really cared for minispheres and they were never a minisphere themselves considering they had GG. TKR is too insecure to go without someone else carrying them and they are incredibly insincere about their intentions. I applaud oasis for their choice.
  10. Palps

    Slot filling

    LOL this isn’t a court of law player reports have their own rules so maybe before posting you should consider reading them you Neanderthal. Go jack off to your fascist twink overlords you Cuck.
  11. Palps

    Slot filling

    Unless you are the accused you shouldn’t be talking you clown.
  12. THATS MY BOYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Strum you better watch your back ducc keeps 2 blickys on him.
  13. I wish yoso would pull me out of the washing machine I've been stuck in there for so long that they put me in the mature category.
  14. Rebel is a menace to society keep him off the forums. #SAVETHEFORUMSFROMREBEL
  15. As lil durk once said "New opp pack in the air, this gas or what?"
  16. Yes we at eclipse enjoy Chess Bowling and Tennis in that order. CBT if you will.
  17. It was a good post until I saw the b b*ll
  18. So glad to be part of the community at eggclipse. Without a doubt some of the best people you’ll ever meet.
  19. Make a multi so you can create a 2nd forum account and there you go.
  20. I feel bad for rose now inst is gonna be talking to himself about KT people leaving beige in your general chat.
  21. Congrats on the treaty friends.
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