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  1. This forum post is clean asf, props to the graphic designer. As for the sphere itself, uh, goodluck is all I have to say
  2. Vero

    Slot filling

    From a complete outsiders perspective, having joke wars declared is not uncommon and I have been accused of slot filling when I declared a joke war once. Alex told me I had to either continue on with the war or peace it out for him not to give me a strike because it was clearly a joke declaration. So from Alex's own perspective, if you peace it out it isn't slot filling because you aren't holding the slots for Rebel to do anything. If Rebel really did intend to deposit or trade or do anything, he wouldn't have accepted the peace after 1 minute of the declaration. He wasn't plotting anything.
  3. We call for justice motherf*ckers
  5. I nominate Vero for all categories
  6. Hope you liked it, was my first treaty theming I've made. Sadly Adam has banned from FA again since he hates me. Next time I'm let out of the basement I'll make sure to make it illegible.
  7. Beautiful singing, sad to see you guys go and good luck to those who are seeking new alliances. Cheers!
  8. Cold Empire of Ca$h Preamble: As the empire seeks to expand their empire, they look to enter a business partnership with a mysterious snek on the moon. The $yndicate promising cold hard cash and the Galactic Empire promising prospects of space capitalism, they agree to the following protectorate terms. Article 1: Mutual Respect and Peace The $yndicate and the Galactic Empire pinkie swear to respect one another in all settings and will not tolerate defamation of one party to the other. The $yndicate and the Galactic Empire will remain sovereign entities and will not interfere with domestic policy concerning either party. As partners in crime, both parties agree to non-aggression both directly and indirectly i.e. spy ops, hiring mercs etc. The $yndicate and the Galactic Empire do not wish to share their patents with others and will therefore not willingly and willfully send military, economic, informational, or any other form of foreign aid to the others enemies. Article 2: Security on Earth, the Moon, and Stars The $yndicate agrees to protect the Galactic Empire from any and all unwarranted attacks through direct political, economic, and/or military aid. The Galactic Empire are encouraged, but not required to defend The $yndicate from any unwarranted attacks through direct political, economic, and/or military aid. Article 3: Imperial March for Conquest The Galactic Empire will inform The $yndicate of offensive military actions to expand their empire within 72 hours of the official declaration of war. The Galactic Empire will not engage in any offensive military actions without first seeking the counsel of The $yndicate. The Galactic Empire will inform The $yndicate before they sign any treaties with other alliances and will discuss such decisions with them. Article 4: Further Investments, Withdrawals, and Termination Should The $yndicate and the Galactic Empire wish to invest further in each other, they may upgrade their treaty under mutual agreement from both parties. Should The $yndicate or the Galactic Empire withdraw from their business arrangement, they must give 72 hours notice before the official withdrawal and reason(s) must be given to the leader(s) of the opposite party. This arrangement may be terminated by The $yndicate if the Galactic Empire breaches the terms of this pact.
  9. Actually Parti and Adam both blocked Kev on Discord so he would stop DM'ing them if you could believe that. Lol
  10. They aren’t old grudges, in fact they are fairly recent. Nobody in t$ is denying the fact that Seb Svierge and whoever else was in those logs were bad and should be denounced. The reason Akuyro is the huge talking topic is because there is apparently some controversy over her actions which to me is ridiculous. *pats* I’ve made pasta in the fridge
  11. It's like you don't read what anyone says so you can claim it was never said and then label as gaslighting. Let me say this clearly. Akuyro made these OOC comments for IC purposes in the first place. Missed that? I'm not going to repeat myself for a 5th, probably 6th time so too bad. I am not referencing the comments she made as a fascist as you probably have read in RON, although those are equally as horrible. I'm commenting on how she accused t$ of being fascists not 3 months after she claims to be a changed person. I know not all of CotL are bad people, but as the 2IC Akuyro does represent CotL to an extent. Sure you may argue how much she truly represents the alliance back in your time, but she was very prominent as the face of CotL for a very long time, including during the time she accused us of being fascists. It is impossible to not hold people like LB responsible, as Aku was his subordinate. And LB has taken a step in the right direction with this, albeit late, and little. You on the other hand intend to be a pain in the ass for seemingly no other reason other than you can't admit you were wrong and move on with your life.
  12. The hypocrisy I am seeing from you accusing t$ of using OOC for IC gain. I'd love to know what this "IC gain" is because all I've seen so far is t$ burning bridges and doing nothing politically but defending themselves from the accusation of being fascists. Which btw, was an OOC attack for IC gain, something CotL did, not t$. ok. As for defending actions, do you really want me to scrounge for screenshots of you saying how Akuyro "was on a short leash" and "during my time, Akuryo was very soft spoken" or something along those lines. This conversation happened not even 24 hours ago, so don't pull some bullshit like "I forgot". You constantly contradicted yourself in RON, and now here. I don't even want to hear about your gaslighting when you are either consciously lying or legitimately that oblivious.
  13. Need I remind you Akuyro accusing t$ of being fascists happened 3 months ago. Those logs are from 6 months ago. Not only did she not send those logs to RON (she wanted to sit on them longer) she also accused t$ of being fascists (an OOC attack) for her IC agenda (trying to put a wedge between certain alliances in Quack in order for them to separate from Quack). I know you've been hiding in your toilet this entire time and know nothing of the situation though so I continually fail to see how you bring any relevance to this conversation. As for being toxic, if someone calls me and my fellow friends fascists on baseless accusations, and someone defends that person in saying "oh, but they weren't like this when I was playing the game.", yes, I am going to get pissed. I have every right to be. Have your grievances with me or other t$ gov members all you want, but I will not tolerate you tolerating OOC slander against me and my gov. I will also not tolerate the hypocrisy coming from either you or Akuryo. LB, sorry for any further tensions this may cause, I do not hold you accountable for any of this and think you have taken steps in the right direction, however if I or any other of my gov members are implied of using OOC for IC gain when Akuryo was the one to start it, I will not stand for it.
  14. For 6 months... as 2IC... Nvm, I have been informed otherwise, carry on
  15. Aku framed herself as a martyr to damage control for cotl
  16. Might want to get a protector fyi, gl
  17. Pal, you report multis, you send messages to recruit. Not that hard. Well maybe for some people. Good luck trying to figure out what I said and apply it to your gameplay.
  18. Horrible idea, we don't need people to hold our hand and restrict player freedom because noobs hit different people. Also I will have less meme content when during the next GW anti-quack hit their own allies. Jokes aside, this is not a qol suggestion, this is a suggestion to bolster the effectiveness of alliances who have mass members and no competency. Undeserved, let them figure out how to turn off friendly fire on their own.
  19. Pal, there's a section in the forums for farewells, alliance affairs isn't it. Goodbye anyways and goodluck
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