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  1. Also the topic of when to buy a new city. If you're like a c4 you shouldn't be buying cities until you've raided a substantial amount of money. If you want to build anyways the answer is as sooon as you can, unless you are trying to tier with your alliance. They should have a growth program for you.
  2. Bruh, don't be an idiot and we don't have to call you out on it. I'm not quite sure what you're arguing for. That Hime *cough Venom cough* was simply pointing out something that breaks our community guidelines that the mods have missed is somehow doubling down on you? If you were really sorry you'd just have said, my bad, didn't know that was acceptable here and change it right away without needing a mod/warns. The only reason you are arguing is trying to play innocent for an act that clearly was intentional, you just got defensive and hostile right off the bat for no real reason. And the rest of the conversation is just you grasping at any comeback you can think of to prove that you are right while backtracking as fast as you can to appear that you've been accused. Is the community toxic or are you just being difficult 😛
  3. No MeMbEr Of NpO oR gPwC gOvErNmEnT sHaReD aNy iLLEgAL mAnHwA sCaNLaTioNs. NoThiNg WaS sCaNnEd. ThE pErSoN wHo PrOviDeD sUmMaRieS oF aN uNLicEnSeD wOrK diD tHeiR rEsEaRcH LeGaLLY tO mAkE sUrE wHaT tHeY diD fELL uNdEr FaiR uSe. ALeX uNLaWfULLy DeFaMeD nPo AnD gPwC mEmBeRs As BeiNg RaCkEtEeRs Of MaNhWa ThAt WaS cOpYriGhTeD; tHis ALLeGaTioN is ObJeCtiVeLY fALsE aNd LiBeLOuS.
  4. Vero


    Interesting idea, do you have enough rough numbers for consumption rate, production rate of exsiting plants (and solar panels) and how the rate of consumption would scale with infra.
  5. How does the whole forum work, in terms of like, dots next to rank. What is that tied to and how many of the things do I need to do to get more etc. Same with community rep, anyone have numbers for when one rank goes into another?
  6. I suppose, but it would be hard to exploit that vulnerability especially if they are out of your tiering. Say a c35 gives like a fraction of his planes to a c12. And if you can't send units back because of a blockade, doesn't that makes blockades even more useless? Nerfing ships to hell and unuseable.
  7. Would this work with missiles and nukes as well? Because you can't realy er...return those lmao. Also I have an issue with the 1 hour rule, that means if you have 0 planes and your ally sends you the max amount of planes you can have, you use them to wreak havoc and then send them back (usually before or perhaps they don't have the MAP's) to respond. The exploitability of that even if you can only do it once a day is immense. Basically getting 5 days of military buy and sending them back with little to no casualties of planes.
  8. Amazing, time for a snek on moon achievement.
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